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 Marie - Werewolf

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PostSubject: Marie - Werewolf    Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:05 pm

How Did You Find Us?: Haven's Grove

Name: Marie Saros

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Female

Specialization: Primal form

Age:849, looks about 23

Rank Requested: Healer


Primal Photo:

Appearance: In human form, Marie has lovely hair that has a slight, gentle wave to it. It's not just brown, but a subtle blend of lighter and darker browns. Her locks frame a face that appears kind and happy, regardless of her inner emotions. Her eyes, blue as the blossom of a forget-me-not, sparkle when she's genuinely happy, amused, or up to mischief. She stands about 5'7'' and weighs about 135lbs. Her body, while not overweight, has a soft appearance and feel. Her skin is lightly tanned and she carries no major scars. As a wolf, Marie's topline is the exact shade as her hair. White stretches from the underside of her chin, down her belly, and all the way to the tips of her toes. Her eyes remain the same color. Were it not for these features, Marie would be unrecognizable in primal form. While her human form is kind, soft, and gentle, her primal form is hard, lean, and feral.

History: Born to a Klair and Devon Saros, Marie was their first and only child, named after the famous woman scientist, Marie Curie. Her very human parents were accomplished researchers whose combined efforts had provided vital information on subjects such as the limitations of the human body or the effects of weather on vampires, to name a few. They were not only scientists by trade, however, and Marie grew up in a household where beakers, test tubes, reports, and books were never far from reach.  Despite her parents’ research-oriented lifestyles, they always found time to spend with their little daughter, who already curious about everything she saw. As Marie grew older, it seemed like she had inherited her parents’ fascination with the non-human species. After squeezing out every last drop of information about her parents' studies as she could, she begged to be let into their secret lab. Due to the full time...residents..., the lab's location was a closely guarded secret. Security was heavy, and only people who had proven themselves to remain silent under torture were employed. Afraid and unwilling to put their daughter at risk, Mr. and Mrs. Saros gently but firmly refused Marie's request. 2000 times. Once per day with a few extra thrown in for five years.

During those long years, Marie resorted to books. After devouring the library in her house, she turned to the public library, and occasionally newspapers, but never tried the internet. The unreliability of the World Wide Web had been drilled into her as since she had asked her first question. She spent so much time gathering information that she almost didn't notice the ever decreasing 'family time' she had loved so much. Almost. There were times where she imagined the three of them, working together, on a project. They would spend time in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s presence. Maybe even go out to dinner after a successful breakthrough. Her father would tell her what a bright girl she was, and her mother would beam at her and smooth her hair, just like she did before. Fueled by these dreams, Marie asked and waited and learned. Finally, on Marie's 12th birthday, her parents presented her with a large box.

"Marie dear, inside this box are some of the answers you've been looking for. Additional instructions too. See you in a few hours." Her mother said with a smile. It turned out that they had taken notice of Marie's quest for knowledge and had gathered some notebooks documenting the work of colleagues as well as themselves. Marie's task was to analyze the data and write down what she hadn't previously known. More than a little confused but eager to please her parents, Marie dove into the notebooks. She was fascinated. Engrossed in her work, she was startled when her bedroom door opening to admit her mother and father.

"So, sweetheart. What do you think?" Her father asked. Marie showed them her notes, smiling brightly. Skimming over what his daughter had written down, he made a noise of approval.

"Goodness girl. How much is in that head of yours already?" He said, looking up from the paper with an impressed look. He glanced at his wife and nodded. From that day on, Marie accompanied her parents into their lab. At first, she was only allowed to watch from the security rooms. As time went on, she was allowed greater freedoms, until she was a few rungs short of working side by side with her parents, just as she had envisioned. When she was 14, her parents started on a werewolf study, documenting the effects of different metals. Marie helped them gather and analyze data already recorded, as well as develop some theories and experiments to try. Eventually they moved on to live subjects. Delighted as she was, she still felt something missing. One night, when she was fifteen, she realized what it was. Despite the fact that she now spent more time around her parents, they seemed even more distant than before. She sighed and turned over, trying to fall asleep. The next morning, she walked into the holding cells with her parents, feeling more isolated than usual.

"Alright. Klair, you've got the three to the left. I'll take those two straight ahead. Marie, how about you see to the new guy? He arrived only a few hours ago and should be still sleeping off the tranquilizer." Mr. Saros said authoritatively. Marie sighed quietly but went anyway. Shooed away again. However, when she turned the corner, she gasped in surprise. She shot a glance over her shoulder. Yep. Primal form all the way. She confirmed, unease shifting in her stomach. For while the creature inside the large cell was definitely still unconscious, he was also definitely human. At least, by all outward appearance. Marie walked up to the sleeping boy, who looked about her age, maybe a few years older. She couldn't help staring at him in shock. Of course she knew that werewolves had a human form as well as a primal one, but every single one she had seen had been great, hulking beasts. What caused them to change forms was still a mystery to the human world, but apparently whatever was affecting the other wolves didn't affect the boy in front of her. A sudden thought struck her, and her eyes darted to the paper that detailed arrival information. Brown fur. Brown eyes. She read. Her heartbeat quickened. If her assumption was correct, then she was the only one in this lab to see a live wolf in human form. Her eye also caught on some basic care instructions, and she remembered her job. She donned protective garments, grabbed a few tools, and walked in cautiously. Keeping an eye on the sleeping boy at all times, she made sure all surfaces were clean and that nothing could be used as a weapon. She hummed as she worked, filling the empty silence a little. After that, she arranged a platter of assorted foods and set it in the far corner. She placed a few plastic water bottles beside it as well. She glanced at the werewolf apprehensively before backing out and locking the door. She returned to her parents, taking one last glance over her shoulder.

“So it was you!” A low voice startled Marie as she was sweeping the aisle. She gasped, whipped her head towards the source. The werewolf that she thought was asleep was sitting up, staring at her. Not so asleep, apparently. She thought wryly. She didn’t respond, but the boy caught the flicker of confusion on her face. He laughed softly.

“You were humming. You’re the girl of my dreams.” He explained. Marie blinked, even more confused. The boy realized his mistake and his cheeks flushed pink.

“I didn't mean it like that. I’ve had the same dream the past few nights, and there’s always a girl humming. Apparently it was you.” He said. There was an awkward silence when Marie didn’t respond. Finally, she shot him an uncertain smile.

“Yeah. When you first came in here, I made sure to par.” She said softly. When the boy didn’t reply, she returned to sweeping. She reached for the dustpan only to be interrupted again.

“What are the words?”

She looked at the brown-haired boy with mixed feelings. She was supposed to make sure he was comfortable while her parents decided what to do with a werewolf that wouldn’t turn into primal form. She had never spoken to a werewolf before. Then again, she had never seen one in human form either.

“You would not believe your eyes. If ten million fireflies...” She sang, moving to sit down on the other side of the bars, just out of his reach. When she fell silent, the boy spoke up.

“I’m Logan.”

“Marie.” The two teenagers smiled at each other, and a friendship was sparked.

Joining Keys: Joining Keys have been removed for fair joining of others. ~This Was Not Eden

Example Post: Marie continued to provide for Logan, usually staying with him until she heard her parents beginning to wrap up a day’s work. The more time they spend with each other the more trust developed. They relied on each other for a shoulder to cry on or a hand to help them back onto their feet. Soon, their friendship blossomed into love. A love they worked hard to keep a secret. Finally, after a particularly rough week with her parents–or perhaps lack thereof– Marie snapped. She rushed straight to Logan’s cell and begged him to turn her into a werewolf so they could run away together. He complied, and after a few passionate, slightly bloody kisses, it was done. The transformation happened immediately, and Marie fell to the floor, screaming and writhing. The sound of his beloved in pain sent Logan over the edge, and he transformed as well. He bent over her body, holding her in place just enough so that she wouldn’t hurt herself. Marie’s parents burst into the room. The only thing they saw was a werewolf crouched over their daughter, who had blood on the corner of her mouth. In the rush of events that followed, Marie suddenly found herself on the brink of killing her own father. His voice, calling her name over and over, penetrated her battle haze. Her eyes widened in horror and she spun around, looking at the room. The guards all lay on the ground, either nursing their wounds or not moving at all. With mounting horror, Marie tried to ignore the claw marks that ripped across their bodies. Those still alive stared at her with a mix of fear and hatred. She looked down at herself and realized that she truly become a werewolf, like Logan. The thought of him made her realize that the huge lump shadowed in the corner was her dead boyfriend. She choked back a sob and turned back to her frightened parents. She tried to apologize, to say sorry that they had to see all this, but all that came out was an anguished whine. Without waiting to see their reactions, she bounded forward, scooped up Logan’s body, and escaped the place she had come to know as home.

After giving Logan a proper burial in the nearest forest, Marie hung around that area, still in primal form and lacking the knowledge to change back. After her heightened hearing caught the whispers of human soldiers tracking her down, she left the state. Before she crossed the border, she pictured her loved ones’ faces one more time, and found herself crouching at the edge of the forest, looking very human. She breathed a sigh of relief. Her beastly instincts had been almost too strong to resist, and after all that she had done… Marie was determined to remain in human form as long as possible. She traveled across the country, enrolling in high schools for two or three years before dropping out and moving again, lest her unnaturally young appearance give her away. By the time she had completed her circuit, she knew just about everything there was to know about calculus, physics, writing essays, and the like. She was afraid of being recognized by a former classmate, and so she moved out of the country. With her sharp mind and excellent memory, she picked up the various languages quickly, and gradually moved from country to country, continent to continent. Her brain swelled with languages and cultures until finally, she tired of it. She pushed back her reluctance and headed to the library to search in earnest the information she both dreaded and desired. About a week passed, which Marie devoted to her research. At last, she looked down at the final copy of the notes she made. Yes, I’ll find a pack. Become a healer. With all I know, they can’t turn me away, can they? Time to begin the life we’d planned to live, Logan. She thought, packing up her stuff. In the outskirts of town, she burned all her notes to prevent it from being read by the wrong eyes, and set off in search of those who would call her one of their own.

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Marie - Werewolf
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