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 Callista Autumn - Werewolf

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PostSubject: Callista Autumn - Werewolf   Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:41 pm

Name: Callista Autumn

Nickname: Cal or Cali. But only if you have permission

Age: Actual age: 3,423 | Looks about 28

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Occupation: Police dog handler and part time at the zoo

Appearance: The natural expression of her eyes, face and demeanour is of strength. Quite a tomboyish female, she has no muse for labouring over her appearance so her hair is kept short and styled so that the front sweeps back with flare. Although she takes no time for caring over her clothes or hair, keeping fit and in shape is high on her priorities. She works out often and has the body to show for it. Her figure is very trim and toned, though since she doesn't reveal much of it, others may be surprised at her strength. Belonging to the race that she does, her olive skin bears no scars or bruises, remaining a blank canvas except for some light freckles on her cheekbones.

All her clothes and accessories are dark in colour; it wouldn't be sensible for someone who lives outdoors to wear lighter outfits. Typical casual attire would consist of black jeans, grey plaid shirt and a pair of dark converse-style sneakers. For exercising she wears shorts, t-shirt and training shoes. If there ever was an occasion of formal dress it is most likely the Werewolf would slip into a flowy, mid-length dress, her favourite style being that which looks torn. The lack of imperfections on her inhuman skin allows for no cosmetics, though whenever the need arises she does apply some deep plum or raven eye make-up. She prefers not to wear jewellery, but sometimes wears small stud earrings and short necklaces with various charms and pendants that she likes.

When in primal form, it is as if all the frustrated anger dissipates. There is no fire in her eyes, instead just a calmness and a bright twinkle. However, it would be foolish to presume she is safer to approach when she is the beast. Standing with canines and claws a good five inches long, Callista is more than capable of killing almost anything if she feels it is necessary. Muscles are more apparent along her limbs and torso. Her pelt is a light bronze, thick yet neat, with fuller fur in a ruff around her neck and shoulders. A fairly short and well furred tail hangs at the bottom of her spine. The creature's face is almost exactly that of a large wolf's, with the exception of her brown eyes.

Human Photo:

Race: Werewolf

Rank Requested: Beta

Specialization: Ability to shift into a beast

Primal Form Photo:

Height: Human Form: 5ft 8in | Primal Form: 11ft 2in on hind legs

Weight: Human Form: 66kg | Primal Form: 196kg

Eye Color: Extremely dark brown, almost black. Small golden flecks

Hair Color: Human Form: Light bronze | Primal Form: Sandy cream and light bronze

Identifying Marks: Human Form: The shortness of her hair and her fit body | Primal Form: Ruff of fur around her neck and a very wolflike head

Face Claim: Emma Watson.

The female Werewolf has a tomboy attitude in the sense that she does not behave in a feminine way, nor will she give extra respect or be submissive to men simply because they are male. Instead, if anyone wants her respect or support they have to prove themselves worthy or she must feel like she owes them something. She is confident in her capabilities and anyone that challenges that will quickly be dismissed with a stern look, or worse if she's in a particularly unforgiving mood. Most of the time she has an uninterested and bold facade because quite frankly she doesn't care for anyone except those in her pack. It isn't that hard to annoy her, since most people are annoying in her opinion anyway, but if she feels a person is trying to annoy her on purpose then she will deliberately not show it. Almost everyone in her life so far has disappointed her; she feels as though anyone she allows close to her will eventually let her down in some way so is apprehensive to make friends. One of the only people she does trust and follows willingly is Alpha Lucian. He gave her the power and strength she now possesses, no longer feeling vulnerable to the world. Callista has no interest for those she considers weak, incapable or arrogant and would gladly kill such a whelp to save herself and everyone else any future trouble. Although she may seem very antisocial and unapproachable, if you can handle her and prove yourself she is a very loyal and protective friend, sympathetic even, and one who will always have your back until the moment you betray her (second chances aren't her thing). The beast does well in high ranks, for she is hardworking, determined, independent and yet pulls her weight to do the best for herself and the pack.


  • Other Werewolves and animalistic races.
  • Using technology and listening to music.
  • Fulfilling her duties to the best of her ability.
  • Drawing things she sees, particularly animals.
  • Occasionally teasing members of other races.
  • Physical training to improve her strength, endurance and speed.
  • Feeling wanted and pleasing people - as much as she denies it.


  • Vampires and Humans.
  • Dairy and sweet foods.
  • Lazy, useless, greedy and overly dominant asses.
  • Being called by a nickname without knowing them well.
  • Anyone who disrespects a Werewolf, particularly to higher ranks.
  • Anything that threatens her species or people she happens to like.
  • Socialising, especially in places like parties and clubs of the neutral grounds.

Most of the time Callista can be found roaming the forests, swamps or whatever other secluded place lies within the Werewolves haven and neutral grounds. This is because she tries to stay away from the non-beasts that annoy her greatly and the wilderness of the territory helps to keep her level-headed. During casual everyday life she walks with her hands tucked into her pockets and her thumbs hooked over the edge and her stroll is confident but not overbearing. However, when she is angry she will furrow her brows and a deathly look resides on her face and in her eyes and is often accompanied by an intense, low grumbling. If extremely angry then it is likely she will shift into the beast. Naturally, she closely observes things as she passes by, assisted by her acute senses of hearing and smell and that she can notice even the slightest of movement with her hunting adapted eyes. Her hobbies are listening to music, hunting, using technology, drawing and making rounds of the territory to ensure all is well. If she is relaxing then she usually lays down and folds her arms beneath her head and her legs are laid out with only her feet crossing over; don't disturb her when she is like this or you may get a mouthful of insults, or worse. Sometimes she will show affection to friends without realising it, in the form of hugs or kind words, but she normally quits it out as soon as she realises what she's doing. If she is unsure of a situation or stressed she will fiddle with her necklace or run her fingers through her hair. When she is depressed, frustrated or not feeling quite like herself then she will often go on a hunt or exercise to release any pent up energy or will very rarely console with her Alpha. At times when she's thinking or moving after a long time of resting she will often crack the joints in her fingers and her neck.

It was the time of Ancient Greeks. Living under the rule of a rich father was what most called idyllic. They imagined being bathed in riches and spoiled for choice in everything; but Ambrosios was not a generous nor pleasant man. No, he was strict, stubborn and unjust. His utmost priority was to feel powerful and he was very status conscious. Polymnia, was one of his two wives. She was kept very much as a slightly more important slave that paraded around with him and had to look pretty, but she wasn't to speak unless spoken to. Servants, he had at least thirty of those, particularly women which he used for his own pleasures. Ambrosios had made his money by inheriting land which he rented out to the local farmers and he had a business of breeding and training up horses for the Olympic Chariot Races then selling them to wealthy buyers prepared to spend a lot of their coins for one. Furthermore, he had a hobby, one that only the wealthy could partake in since it required much money to make it prosper. Gladiators. When his Gladiators won battles and were known as champions he could sell them on to others for a delicious profit. Even though he never did any labour he still harnessed all the cash that flowed in from his businesses, only giving out money to his workers sparingly.

A few months into the marriage with Polymnia when Ambrosios was aged thirty (which would be middle aged for an Ancient Greek) and Polymnia was nineteen, they discovered that she was pregnant and they hoped and plead to the Gods that the child would be male. They required an heir to his fortune and it was just generally easier to have a boy who would protect his family and look after them when they were elderly. Females were raised simply to be taught how to do the roles such as spinning thread and weaving cloth. Once they came of age at about fourteen years old they were married and it wasn't uncommon for her husband to be double her age or older even. A girl would then live with her husband at his abode so the girl would barely be seen again. The marriage was expensive for the bride's family for they were expected to pay a dowry to the groom's parents. A potential bride was assessed judging by the dowry paid, her skills in the feminine departments and her expected fertility. Overall, it was an unnecessary hassle to birth a girl. However, their prayers were ignored, as after the lady's labour, a good-sized, healthy little girl was born.

Ambrosios was completely disappointed, blaming his wife for he was never the one to blame for anything. He never had another child with her for fear of having any more girls. Feeling humiliated in front of the community, he considered dumping the newborn to the streets and leaving it for some lower citizen to nurture. But she carried his blood and anything that shared that of him was much too precious and destined for great things. When the female was seven days old her father finally named her Kallistê - meaning 'most beautiful'. It was a fairly sensible name to give to a daughter and that was his only reason for it. The girl never saw much of her father in her early years, though that was probably a good thing.

Polymnia and Kallistê lived in their own part of the large house and were allowed whatever they wished, paid for at their 'ruler's' expense. He did not mind as long as he didn't have to see them; they were worthless to him now that his other wife had provided him with three sons. The child was taught by her mother to do all the women's jobs as soon as she could walk and understand. But when she turned eight years old she admitted one night whilst her mother sang her to sleep that she wanted to learn the mathematics and literacy that her half-brothers were schooled in and that she hated wearing the feminine clothes and doing 'girly things'. The young mother smiled softly down at her child, tucking the long, soft brown strands of hair behind the girl's ears as she explained that it was not permitted for a little girl to be taught such things, but she would allow it for Kallistê as long as Ambrosios didn't find out. Inwardly, she hoped that the girl's dislike of behaving ladylike was just a phase and ignored it. A tutor was smuggled into the house everyday and no doubt a very bright, knowledgeable flame was sparked within her. The stubborn, horrid man never discovered his child's rebellious deed since the servants of the house assumed that whatever his family did was known to him and accepted, and he didn't keep tabs on what his money was spent on, only what money was coming in.

On the occasions where she was free from chores or tuition she enjoyed slipping out from the house and visiting her father's Gladiators at their training ground. Kallistê would spend hours watching their mock battles as they tested their strength and skill. Eventually the men came to accept her frequent visits and after her tenth birthday they even began to teach her some moves. Different Gladiators came and went as they were bought and sold so the only regular training she got was by the ones either too good to sell or not good enough. In her eyes, she was being treated as one of them and there was nothing more relieving after being shunned as a female for her whole life and not having any male influence. In their eyes, it was harmless fun to teach a young girl some fighting tips and it was beneficial to them to check their techniques when they demonstrated for her. Training with them and grappling with the heavy weapons and armour thrilled her, and she noticed herself getting stronger each week. Feeling strong and independent wasn't something she was familiar with but she loved it. Conversely, her mother was not so pleased and worried for her daughter. Polymnia had noticed her daughter behaving differently and acting more masculine over time.

By the time she was fifteen she knew she wanted to be a Gladiator. To fight against others of the same, or even wild animals and criminals. Once again, her gender prevented her from being free to do so. Sure, she was not capable of killing a man yet nor had she been trained to do so. The Gladiators had stopped training her after she had begun to learn how to inflict serious damage and she had told them of her career aspirations. Everyone had made an effort to hide all knowledge of the training sessions with the girl from Ambrosios, for they all knew how he would react. It was in light-hearted, general conversation that one of the Gladiators told his manager of how the daughter had said she wanted to be one of them. The other men laughed and joked about it, trying to quickly forget the slip up. But as expected, he was enraged. Kallistê had been rebellious and mocked him, his rules and his status behind his back. Furiously he stormed to his chariot and called to his men to ride sharply back to the house. Once there he marched along the corridors until he reached Polymnia's room, where she was quietly singing and repairing some garments. Ambrosios had barely entered the room when he started screaming and shouting at this wife, wanting to know how she had let this happen. He had tried his best to keep her behaving as a normal, socially acceptable girl, even keeping her from other children in case she was influenced by them. The woman knew better than to tell him that she knew nothing of it either and instead she silently listened to him. Ambrosios decided that the girl needed shaping up, fast, and so he decided to have her work as a slave and to be married as soon as possible.

Kallistê arrived home from her evening stroll to find her mother in tears. It troubled her greatly to see her normally calm and understanding mother in such a state of emotion. Placing a comforting hand on the shoulder of the only person she loved, she heard her mother explain how her father had arranged her to work as his servant and eventually be marriage to a good, wealthy man. Eyes widened in disbelief, the teenage girl's mind went blank as she sunk to her knees. It was a normal thing for a girl of her age back in that time, but Kallistê had not seen it coming. What made anyone think she ever wanted to get married? What gave her father the right to do this when he had been mostly absent in her life? Of course, it was simply the fact that he was male that he had the power to do so. The girl had inherited some of her father's traits and when she had thought over what was happening a furious anger overcame her. She cursed at her mother, interrogating why she had not tried to reason with him, why she was just going to let this happen. Seeing her daughter like that, obviously hurt and strangely behaving like a man, her father at that, frightened her terribly. "There is nothing I can do. He is your father and I am your mother. Kallistê, I can not dispute what he says" were along the lines of what Polymnia told her. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes to compose herself, she shook her head in disapproval and left the house and disappeared on the back of a well-bred strawberry roan mare that was in training for the chariots. She did not return until a few days later.

When she did finally return, all plans of her wedding had been arranged and the beginning feast and ceremony had been scheduled for that very evening. Everything she wanted in her life was not going to happen, she knew that much. If a woman wanted something she must have a man's permission. Trouble was, Kallistê did not wish for permission from anyone, she did what she pleased. But even she had to admit that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get herself out of this situation. As the sun disappeared on the horizon and she was being made beautiful with fancy clothes and styled hair, silent tears fell upon her cheeks and dripped down onto her clothing. Too phased by everything to even think about wiping them away, she stared at herself in the full length mirror, studying every inch. It was true, she looked like a stunningly elegant lady, but really she was an innocent young girl who just wished to be treated for who she was, not as a woman. Her brows furrowed as she contemplated how very dishonest the whole situation was. Her father lied to everyone that he was getting her married because she needed to be controlled and behave as a normal woman, but it was really because she was embarrassing him with her ways and he cared only for his status. Her mother had convinced herself that this was the right thing, when she knew it wasn't. And whoever marries her thinks that he is getting a lovely woman who will comply to his every want, which she isn't and she won't. Kallistê sighed and turned from the mirror, exiting to the banquet hall as her eyes stared indifferently to whatever happened from that moment onwards.

Her marriage had been declined by the groom. That didn't make her any happier though. Him and his family had not been impressed by the dowry her father had offered and he could see that Kallistê was not wife material. She had sat still in her seat for the whole evening, completely uninterested in her surroundings or making an effort to help out. Ambrosios was not happy at all, being embarrassed yet again. As soon as all the guests had left he turned on Polymnia and Kallistê, beating them until his daughter had regained her senses and fought back, attacking him in a frenzy of every manoeuvre any Gladiator had ever taught her. He had returned to his chamber with more damage than both her and her mother had combined, that was certain. Years had passed and Kallistê was mostly left to her own devices so long as she did her work as a servant of the house. She would have left years earlier, if it wasn't for her needing to stay with her family so that she could take money when Ambrosios died.

Casually meandering around the couches, she filled the empty mens goblets with wine as they discussed matters and enjoyed the music provided by female flute players. It was another feast held by her father, this time to celebrate his eldest son being married. Kallistê knew not of her half-brothers names or lives but she knew that this one was two years younger than she, so he was twenty-six, and his new wife was fourteen. Good luck to her, she figured. Blinking and staring uninterestingly around at the guests, she lingered by the wall until she was required again, not behaving as a slave who hovers around trying to impress her master like some of the other women servants did. Though that was likely because her father sweet talked and did other business with them behind closed doors. Her mind drifted away to how much longer she would be kept like this, when it was reeled back in by one of the men. The dark hair and hazel green eyes were intriguing about him, but there was something else. Men were more what she despised for their controlling and overly dominant nature to women, but she made sure to keep tabs on him during the night's events.

After rounds of wine and food, the guests were all in high spirits and many were dancing around the hall. Even the group of men had dispersed into the singing and dancing or indeed some had sneaked away with ladies for the night. Meanwhile, Kallistê was clearing the tables, going between the kitchen and the main hall as she collected the mess. Each time she entered the hall her eyes strayed around the room as she looked for the mysterious young man. When all that was left was for the remaining guests to leave, the young woman moved to the brightly lit torches attached to the walls around the room. Since the room did not need to be well-lit now she put out most of them using a vase of water. After killing the flame on one final torch, she turned around and was surprised to see the man walking towards her. Setting the water vase on a close table, she stared politely to him as he neared her and introduced himself as Lucian. Everyone else was too engrossed with the entertainment to notice them speaking and her mother and father were nowhere to be seen, which they usually were in her life by now anyway. So she allowed herself to speak to this man. It became apparent to him that she was strong minded and unhappy with her current life. Following a short while of talking and getting to know each other, Kallistê realised it was time she headed back to the servant quarters to get to bed. As she turned to leave, the man gently took her wrist and leaned in close to her ear to whisper to her. She did not flinch, but stared calmly ahead as he told her of how he could help her. She expected something ridiculous or unwanted. However, he reached into his clothing and withdrew a moderately sized vial. If she drank the contents then she would see improvement in her life, he said. It was very secretive and could be a poison for all she knew, but to be honest with herself even if it was she had nothing to lose. Popping the cork from the vials mouth, she looked down at the contents before placing the rim to her parted lips. The liquid was a dark colour, almost black in the night of the room. As it slipped down her throat she recognised the slightly metallic taste and the thin-yet-thick warm liquid. It was blood. Swallowing the last drop and wiping her mouth, she then returned the vial to him, bid him her thanks and a farewell and then retired to her bed chamber.

The weeks following those events Kallistê fell very ill. She had a high fever and felt unbearably hot with sweat constantly dampening her skin. Incredibly sharp migraines stung her head and she felt sure she was going to die. Little did she know it was the effects of her body attempting to reject the Werewolf DNA that was spawning and taking over each cell in her body. After about a month of being bedbound, she awoke feeling completely rejuvenated. So suddenly the pain had gone and was replaced by a feeling of strength and power, like when she had trained with the Gladiators. That evening was a night of the full moon and also the night her father proposed getting her married again in fear she was falling ill and would spread disease in his household and it would grow late to get married and have children. In a rage she sat on her pillowed couch that served as a bed in her sleeping area, the anger boiling up more inside her until it overflowed. Skin contorted, bones and muscles enlarged and fur sprouted all over her olive toned body. She could not think through what was happening since her mind was blotted out with the intense pain convulsing through her. Screaming and growling, by the end of it she stood at over 11 feet tall. A foreign calm engulfed her as soon as the new form was complete. It was the first of many transformations over the thousands of years ahead.

Needless to say, following her first transformation Kallistê tore through the halls, her claws scratching down the tiled floors as she skidded around corners in search of her father. Furniture toppled over and many possessions smashed. The servants abandoned whatever they held, physically or conversationally and ran for their life. When she found him rising from his seat and attempting to escape when he heard the commotion, the hatred flashed behind her beastly eyes and she loped towards him. Towering over him, it was empowering to see his fear, to watch him tremble beneath her like so many had done to him. She locked her eye contact with him as she bayed like a hound in pursuit, the glint in her eyes showing her anger and a sick thrill coursed through her when he realised it was his daughter. "Kal-". He was silenced before he could finish her name. Ambrosios was a bloody mess in a matter of seconds. The creature observed at how his body slumped on the floor then huffed through her nostrils and turned away. A fire had been lit within her.

The Greek lady knew not what she was and could only guess how she came to be the creature that she had become. After killing her father and before anyone discovered it was her, she took almost all the money from his savings and fled without looking back. Polymnia and anyone else she knew mattered no longer, they had all disappointed or betrayed her in some form, yet some part of her still did not wish for her mother to be in poverty so she had left a decent amount of money in a location where only she would find it. If her mother was intelligent enough she would take the money and disappear like Kallistê herself had done.

At the beginning shifting was out of her control, extremely random and excruciatingly painful, like being stabbed from within with a thousand daggers. With experience and acceptance from her body to this new form, she found that she only phased when very angry, upset, hungry or otherwise weakened and that she could almost ignore the pain. After transforming she felt at peace like she was a completely different being and she would try to stay in her primal form as long as possible. Possessing so much strength and being capable of doing much damage was great, but she never harmed a human from greed or abusing her power.

For over a thousand years she roamed alone, not wanting to be near people or having any real purpose. One priority was to keep her true identity hidden, people could not be trusted and could have her killed. Constant travel meant it was impossible for permanent jobs or relationships and her gender restricted which occupations were allowed. It soon was obvious that this beast was either incredibly long lived or immortal, she was leaning towards the latter after she had survived and completely healed following an attack by Vampire thieves which involved being bitten multiple times. She learned the Vampire scent and despised them after that. Eras passed, cultures formed, countries were discovered and languages created. Everything changed. And so did she.

A further thousand years later she reflected over things she lost: family, memories and money. The money she took had been converted into new currencies many times and she had little of what she started with. However, things were gained: more knowledge, new language, new appearance, new name. Inevitably she had to be able to speak and write in the language that was in use so changing language happened naturally, as did gaining more knowledge as time passed. She also had to change her clothes and style with the times. It all helped to forget her past and there was nothing sentimental to be lost. The two last things that reminded her of her history was her hair and her name. Long and bronze, her hair flowed down so the tips reached just below midway of her back. In a spontaneous and emotionless decision she cut it all off so it was a short "boy length". Content with the new hairstyle she kept it that length as it remains today. Furthermore, when Latin had come into existence, she changed her alias to the related name with the same meaning- Callista. She chose her surname because the Fall is her favourite season.

By this time Callista had travelled across oceans, through woods and over desert. Fulfilling her prey drive and hunger for meat as she went.
The Werewolf continued to travel, this time searching for the man that she believed had changed her. He had answers to her questions and she wished to know. Her memory failed her of his name but if she ever saw him again she would know his face for certain. Besides, she had tired of concealing herself from everyone and needed to be around someone who was the same creature as her and knew what she was so she could be free to be as she pleased. He could also have changed more people. Could there be more of her kind?

Father: Name: Ambrosios | Status: Deceased - murdered.

Mother: Name: Polymnia | Status: Deceased - disease.

Siblings: Three half brothers | Status: All Deceased - battle, old age, disease.

Spouse/Mate: None| Status: N/A

Offspring: None | Status: N/A

Pets: Name: Karma | Breed: Malinois Belgian Shepherd Dog | Status: Healthy. Working dog.

Other Important People: Names: Alpha Lucian and Sydney | Status: Both Alive

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys... You know the rest... - Alpha Lucian

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I'm also on Age of the Wolves, the owners other site.
What Would You Like To Be Called? Cali, Cal, Lissie, Silly Brit...anything goes! (and MB)
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of the Wolves, A Perfect World.
What Characters Do You Play?
Age of the Wolves: Lead Hunter Eclipse, Apprentice Maia
A Perfect World: Cynric Kenway
How Long Have You Been RPing? Since May 2013.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Finnlay
Will You Refer Us To Friends? I would.

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Callista Autumn - Werewolf
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