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 History Of Lunari Addunt

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PostSubject: History Of Lunari Addunt   Thu May 30, 2013 5:10 pm

From The Beginning To Present.
When the dinosaurs roamed the earth, many creatures had evolved from that time and show up in our lifetime. There are many that spawned from them, which still exist among us. The age of the humans soon came after the asteroids killed many of the dinosaurs, and spread the land into many different countries. Humans started their technology with the wheel and progressed to things such as fire. For hundreds of years, humans started to take over the world, overpopulating many of the lands they possessed, even taking more land from other humans. The race became greedy, wanting more and more of anything they could get their hands on. They would start wars over little things such as oil or tea. It was rather ridiculous to see, but all the lives that were lost, that was terrible. Not just warriors and soldiers, but women and children, all died by the greed their males shared. In the early stages of the 1900's the humans were learning and creating many great things. They discovered vehicles and flying contraptions. In the new era of the early 2000's they progressed their technology even more so. Now they have obtained rather powerful weapons for the ability to kill those who do not look the same, or are different in any way.

With the discovery of the Vampire race in the early 7000 BC, the humans had no idea they had even existed. Reports of strange beasts killing humans sent a shock around the world. Nobody was safe, but it was not until thousands of years later that some had discovered the life of Vampires. Demetri Anton Sebastion Julian Marincea was the first vampire to be discovered, having been started by an unknown source, to the humans and other creatures that walked the earth.Only he truly knows the story of his creation. Over the years Vampires started to arise more and more, humans began to discover them and think of ways to kill them. Many of their efforts failed. Their technology was not strong enough, the vampires were too advanced for them. When the race had first begun, they had many disadvantages to the humans. They could not enter the daylight without burning up into ash, they slept during the day, trying to give their bodies strength to push through the night, and lastly, garlic was a big deal. The humans exploited the things they could control, but after years of evolution and technological advances from the Vampires, they learned to overpower those ways. Baffled by the changes, the humans returned to the drawing boards of life. The Vampires can now do more than they could before, growing and learning more as each year passed.

But even as the humans tried to discover ways to stop the Vampires, a new race was born. The Werewolves came into the world in mid 2000 BC. Immediately, a deep hatred was built between the Vampires and the Werewolves. But like the other, they had unbalances as well. Sunlight did not effect them, but they were controlled by the moon. When the moon was out, whether indoors or not, they would phase to their primal form. There was no stopping or slowing down the process. Werewolves required to feed once per day, sometimes more, depending on the moon. Once the humans discovered they were not large "wolves" or "dogs", they started their hunt. Hundreds of Werewolves were slaughtered, and they also killed tons of people for suspicion of being a Werewolf. Silver was the main thing used to hunt them down, which they used on arrowheads, bullets, and even blades for the smallest knife. For this, the Werewolves felt outnumbered, both the Vampires and humans were after them. The Vampires would hunt them down for taking their prey or entering lands they had controlled. Werewolves were not accustomed to terrain not controlled by scent markers, so they never really knew when and where they were crossing the line. With time and Werewolf scientists, the population started to change, as well as their primal form. When the evolving happened, it was no longer a large canine, but now a wolf with the body of a human. They could stand up right like a human and since taking on this attribute, were no longer controlled by the moon. Beware the Lunar Eclipse. Only during that time will the werewolves be their strongest during the day. But on the Solar Eclipse, the werewolves will not be able to phase. The Vampires are aware of this fact, as they have been for years, using these days to their advantages, but the human, they are unaware still.

Thousands of years passed and the humans could not combat with the different races. Putting their spending in to their military development, the scientists were at work to create their own breed of humans. Watching the Vampires and Werewolves in their every day lives got them to think of adding wild animals with a human. The idea seemed to be a good one, having it very difficult for a Werewolf to fight a full grown tiger. And so they captured two full grown tigers. Working in a secret location, they hid the tigers from the rest of the world, performing many experiments on them. The tigers were a mated pair, but when they birthed their first litter, the results were negative. The humans took the young tigers from their mother, forcing them to do lots of experiments as well. The tigress became angry, threatening any human that came into their cage. Litter after litter did not come up with positive results, their efforts had failed. That was until one scientist from France flew to the United States in 2542. After indoctrinating his plans to their uses, it finally worked. The tigress gave birth to two cubs, both of which could turn into humans. With the success of their work, they tagged the tigers and released them to the wild, allowing them to live, seeing how they would handle their new lives. The tigers breed more and more, causing more perfect offspring. Once they had confirmed results, they sent the information to all the countries all over the globe. Scientists gave the effects to many animals of the wild. Werewolves did not mind them at first, but once they started taking their kills, it became an issue. Werewolves are the only kind to be able to tell a shifter is a shifter from an animal in primal form. Once the shifters became aware of the studies, they fought the humans, trying to kill them for the lives they killed all for the name of science.

With now three races to kill the humans, they had to do something and had to do it quick. But they would not be successful until the year 2711. Back to the laboratory the humans went, searching for any way to mix animal genes with humans. Taking three core animals: cat, dog, and fox, the started their tests. They did not know the outcome, only that the feline mixed humans would be agile, intelligent, and perfect for spying. The humans with dog genes would have impeccable sense of smell, their tracking skills could match that of a Werewolves, and they were far more loyal than your average dog or human. The humans infused with foxes would be quick on their feet, silent predators, and able to jump heights even a dog could not. There were many more benefits to be determined later on. Their first attempts failed horribly. But then one day it all started to come together. Choosing three females, they infused the genes into their eggs. For nine long months the embryos grew and fused with the animal genes. When they were born, they each had their animal's ears and a tiny tail. The scientists took the young creatures and ran tests on them. They grew up, all the same age, but their differences were astonishing. Thinking they had more control over the majority human, they did more testing, implanting more humans with the genes. But when they watched the young ones, they discovered they had the ability to take form of their actual animal. This would be perfect for spying on others. Nobody would suspect a cat perched on a window sill or a dog lying by the door. But like the Shifters, the "Mora" as they came to be called, revolted. They fought back and fought against the humans which tried to control them.The Mora seem to have little trouble with the other races, although the Vampires look to them as being "tarnished".

The year is currently 2869. The humans have developed more and more technology to fight off the other races, the ones that originated from the forest and the others they created. For more information on the species thus far, click here. But having read all this you shall find one joining key - 'defeat is not an option'. Thank you for joining Lunari Addunt. We hope you enjoy it here, in the world we have created.
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History Of Lunari Addunt
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