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 Calise Dragomir - Shifter

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PostSubject: Calise Dragomir - Shifter    Calise Dragomir - Shifter  Icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 4:29 am

Name: Calise Draogmir

Nickname: Cal or Cali is fine

Age: 250 years | Looks to be 23 years

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation:

Occupation: Professional Dancer

Appearance: Calise has a medium sized build with feminine curves to complete it. Years of dancing have molded muscles to her frame and gave her grace with signifigant strength. Her eyes are a smoldering gold that darkens to black around the rims, but are often expressionless or dull. Her hair is full of tousled brunette waves that she doesn't bother to tame most of the time. She has a slightly angular face and often wears black eyeliner to complete her appearance. The shifter rarely ever smiles, but you know that when she does there is a good reason. In her primal form, she is a caramel colored diamondback rattlesnake. Her body is long and slender, with a head shaped like an arrow. Accents of silver line her scales and black diamond-shapes run down the center of her body. Thick scales protect her as well as her venom, with fangs as sharp as needles.

Human Photo: WIP

Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Dux

Specialization: Ability to shift into a diamondback rattlesnake

Primal Form Photo: WIP

Height: Human Form: 5'7 | Primal Form: 8 ft long

Weight: Human Form: 125 lbs | Primal Form: 195 lbs

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Human Form: burnette | Primal Form: has scales

Identifying Marks: Birthmark on the back on her ear | Diamond shaped scales along her back

Face Claim: Kaya Scodelario

Personality: Calise has a, what society would call a 'flexing' personality. With her, it varies greatly with the energy of what is happening around her. The shifter's loyalties are strong and solid when it comes to family. She can be shifty and shady when she feels as if she needs to. Calise thinks with her brain rather than any other part of her body. She believes thinking things through is the way to stay alive. Love does not come easy and she often fights with the emotion unless it feels absolutely right. She is not shy in the least and will say what she is thinking or do what she wants at any given moment. Being a dancer, she is extremely comfortable with her body. Nothing really scares her and she is usually mellow unless she has set a goal for the day. Calise does have a slight case of OCD, she likes things neat and even. This shifter is one to take her duties seriously and will perform them immediately.


-Anything too messy

Habits: When something is out of place, Calise will automatically pick it up. She tends to wind her finger around one of the curls in her hair for no reason other than she is thinking. The shifter shows irritation by simply moving away from the things she doesn't like. One can tell she it lying by how she nearly crosses her index and middle finger as she does. When cold, Calise will do whatever possible to become warm again. She often rubs her palms on her thighs when she is nervous. Calise will show when she is happy by giving a tiny smile. Is she were to feel threatened, she would shift and rattle her tail like any creature of her primal form. In human form she does something similar, like glaring and tensing in one place. If she were to like someone, one could tell by how much she is around them. In her primal form, Calise often will wind up her body or wrap herself around the nearest thing she can find. Calise often grips an object with her hand like she is constricting it in her primal form without noticing. Gotta love those habits, right?

History: Calise was born beneath a rock, literally. The young snakes would slither around with their parents, unknowing of what they were. Dead rats and other small mammals filled their stomachs every day for five years. When it was their time to shift, the process wasn’t painful. In fact, Calise enjoyed the tickle it left her feeling. Suddenly, the thermal images became as a human would see them. They kids were scared at first, but their parents had already bought them what they would need for when this occasion would come. Calise and her siblings were well taken care of and shown how to change back. The family enjoyed their primal forms better, finding it easier to find food that way. Though since they were now part human, of course the children would have a taste for exploring. Calise and her siblings remained in their snake forms, only changing when they got the thirst of adventure and wanted to explore the town. Their parents would go with them until they were deemed old enough, but that didn’t stop her from being alone. Calise, being the rattlesnake she is, was more solitary then her siblings and enjoyed exploring on her own. Not only that, but she was very touchy from the start. Calise did not enjoy even the simplest of hugs, not wanting to be touched like her snake nature. The young shifter was human though, and even she had to enjoy how her parents nurtured her and her siblings. It was the smallest acts of kindness that Calise enjoyed, not much else.

It was one of those adventures in the city when she came across her passion. She was only thirteen, walking around and trying to be rid of her siblings. Her mind was in another place like it always was, but the pounding of a beat brought her back. The group of people and the sound of music made her slightly curious. Calise had shoved with her elbows to the front of the crowd and her eyes widened at the sight before her. The dancers were baggily clad but still graceful in their movements. They moved like she would if she had shifted, bending their bodies at the oddest angles. Each movement was in perfect rhythm with the music, even as it changed drastically. Calise couldn’t help but stare as they moved, though the woman in front had caught her eye. She seemed to be leading everything with the subtle cues she gave. The other dancers were focused on her, moving at certain moves she made. As Calise moved up to the woman’s eyes, she realized that the woman was staring back. The music came to a slow stop along with the dancers. Calise watched as the woman grabbed a bottle and walked over to her. She introduced herself as Wren, lead dancer of their group. Calise left a distance between them but spoke with her, and in the end she had gotten Wren’s business card for the dance studio. She was a choreographer for professional dancers and had her own crew to work with. Wren had said Calise had potential and asked that the shifter come to the studio. Calise came to the studio a few days later, saying that she was going to explore like every day. Finding the address, she walked up to the secretary at the front desk and gave the card she was given. The woman directed her to a room with a door that was shaking from the music. Calise opened it to find rows of dancers following Wren’s movements. She nearly jumped as the door slammed behind her and silenced the music. Wren turned to her and a smile came across her face, clapping her hands for the dancers to gain formation again. Going up to Calise, Wren told her to follow along with the moves when she was ready. The shifter had nodded and watched as everyone else continued with their dancing, some sort of hip hop routine. Slowly, Calise placed her feet with everyone else and copied their movements. She learned to move with the beat and was soon following along with everyone else. As the practice came to a close, Wren walked up to her for the second time that week. This time she offered to teach Calise the art of dance, and the snake couldn’t refuse.

For seven years Calise trained with Wren. She slowly began to spend less and less time as a snake and more in her human form. Wren had given her the job of working at the studio and sometimes had Calise help with the teaching. The shifter hung around after practices, cleaning up and watching as Wren and her crew practiced for their competitions. Now twenty years of age, some of the crew had began to wonder about Calise. During one of the crew’s practices, Wren had asked for her to dance with them. Calise had learned their routines by now and could follow the moves they wanted her to do. She was offered a position in their crew after a few of the practices with her dancing, and she jumped on the opportunity. The moments before a competition were some of the most nerve-racking, especially the first one. At first, she felt as if she were going to be sick and went to find some of the others. She found them in a smoke filled room, taking hits of both cigarettes and whatever else they could smoke. They called them ‘nerve calmers’, though Calise didn’t really know what kind of drug it was. Her amped nerves caused her to act and take the joint when one was offered to her. After one drag, she could feel herself start to relax. After a few more minutes, their crew was called and Calise felt slightly weightless. They performed a mix of hip hop and contemporary, with each member having a partner. Calise did the moves that they had planned, but with slightly more grace as she relaxed further. Their performance came to a close and the audience clapped crazily. A few hours after that and she was resting, Calise started to feel a need for what she had smoked earlier. One of the members has given her a small bag of it, telling her that she would need it to calm her nerves later on. At first she hadn’t believed them, but she found herself sitting against a wall and smoking a small portion of what she was given. In the practices after, she met up with the members of Wren’s crew and smoked with them. She would return home with that weightless feeling, but a need to have more of what she was given. All money she was paid for her job was spent on getting more of whatever they could give her, but that was only the start of her addiction.

Calise slowly stopped spending time in the caves of home, instead going into the city and to whatever new party the crew would take her to. She’d smoke, drink, and dance with all of them. The shifter had no clue what high and weightless abyss she had fallen into, the dangers of the places she went. It was all dancing and parties, getting high and drunk until she passed out. Calise woke up in a new place every day, but always came back to her home where her things were stored. With each new high, she slowly began to lose control of her shifting. She had gone into the bathroom during a party because she felt sick, and came out slithering down the halls. At first only a few of the girls screamed, others were high and thought it was her scales were awesome. High herself, the rattlesnake slithered around the room and watched the red figures of humans. A group of guys, obviously drunk, decided to ‘play’ with the snake. Receiving a kick to her scaled body, Calise immediately lashed out and bit into the leg of one. Before she could stop it, her venom as being released into his system and the guy was screaming. Immediately and stupidly, the rest of them went to attack the snake. Calise bit into as much as she could to defend herself, feeling herself come down from her high and growing irritated. She didn’t bother to be careful with her venom anymore, instead biting blindly and angrily at anything in her way. Finally she slithered into an empty bedroom and shifted as everything went to go black. Calise woke up that morning to eight people dead, and she being the cause for it. For once in her life, Calise was terrified of what she had done. She ran to Wren, tears in her eyes though she knew she couldn’t speak of what she was. Though Wren didn’t know what had happened, she offered to take Calise to one last party and tell them that she was through. That night just happened to be when a vampire found her.

The crew wasn’t so happy with her wanting to quit, they had come so far in their dancing. Wren was there to comfort her as she told them she was quitting it all, that she needed to go back home. After her made up explanation, they forgave her and allowed her to stay with them for one last night. They brought out the needles, something she had never tried before. All she had done was smoking, but this time it was different. It was a rush beneath her skin, something that brought her higher than she had ever been before. This time, she shifted without even realizing it. It was all a haze within her mind. More biting, more fighting, more of everything until she shifted back. She found herself in an ally, looking at a couple who appeared to be in a passionate embrace. Taking a closer look, it seemed like something red was dripping from her neck. Calise had no idea what was going on, and she screamed in fear. Before she could collapse against the wall she saw fangs and the eyes of the man who was catching her.

His name was Demetri, or at leas that was what he told her when she awoke on his couch. She blearily addressed herself and wanted to know what was happening and what had happened. At first, she thought he had kidnapped her and what she had seen was an illusion. He had calmly explained to her what he was, all the people she had killed, and that she was going to stay with him. Every time she asked why, he wouldn’t give her a straight answer. She would, over time, grow used to the hiding nature of the vampire. Calise tried to convince him to let her go home at first, but he was relentless. When the need for the drugs tried to take over her, he refused to let her go out. As of that day, she had quit the drugs and drinking because of Demetri’s command. How he knew what she was thinking every day was creepy in her opinion, but she knew not to question it. A week after staying with him, the cravings were significantly less. Demetri packed their bags early one morning, telling her he was taking her back to America. Knowing she wouldn’t really have a choice, she went with him. The plane ride made her uneasy, but it was mostly a blur. Next thing she knew, they had arrived at his house. It was very victorian looking to her, but she stayed in it all the same. The day he let her out was the day she went in search for a place to dance. The fifth place she looked was successful, with an instructor named Madame. She was extremely impresses with the skill Calise had shown, along with heart and raw attitude. Madame was strict, telling her what her new diet was and how long she would practice each day. Demetri was going to teach her to fight as well, and her days were busy. Dance, then training in a repeat cycle. Slowly, Calise’s craving left her and she poured herself into what she did. She knew she couldn’t live with Demetri forever. When her training with him was done, she seemed to disappear off of the grid.

Father: Marcus Dragomir | Status: Unknown

Mother: Della Dragomir | Status: Unknown

Siblings: Too many to name them all, but all unknown

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: None

Joining Keys: Membership Accepted!

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Calise Dragomir - Shifter
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