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PostSubject: Aremet - Shifter   Aremet - Shifter Icon_minitimeSun Jul 28, 2013 2:36 pm

How Did You Find Us?: A private message from Warrior Tragedy from another roleplaying site.

Name: Aremet Rae Nuvina

Race: Shifter

Gender: Female

Specialization: Ability to phase into a wolf

Age: 212 years old, though she looks 22.

Rank Requested: Dux


Aremet - Shifter 31-25

Primal Photo:

Aremet - Shifter 31-17
Aremet - Shifter 31-82
Aremet - Shifter 31-57

Appearance: As a human, Aremet has wavy bleach blonde hair, but in direct sunlight it looks like a light blonde. Her eyes are ice-blue, with a usual far away look to them, unless she is completely focused. In her wolf form, she is a pale white wolf. Her eyes are a little darker than the ones in her human form, but they have the similar far away look. Her pelt is groomed constantly, and her ears are perked very often. Aremet has a short muzzle and a straight face. Her tail is long and fluffy, but is usually curled around her body.

History: At age two, Aremet was in the back seat of her parents car, sitting in her little baby-carrier. Her father, who was driving the car on the interstate, looked back at her, remarking about how beautiful she was. Aremet giggled as her father grinned, reaching out slightly, grasping at the air. Her mother glanced back too, smiling softly.  The day was so perfect, and her parents had seized that opportunity to go to the park, taking their daughter with them.

When her mother turned back around, she looked at the road, to make sure her husband was driving straight while he was turned around. She let out a scream and Aremet's father went pale. He whipped his head around, looking at where his wife was looking at. Aremet peered past them, seeing a car coming at them. It was going to wrong way, and swerving so quickly her father couldn't get out of its path. Her parents started talking quickly with raised voices, while she tilted her head, confused. Only being two, Aremet had no idea what was happening, but she had a slight idea in the next few seconds.

The two cars clashed, head to head. The parents were flung forward, both hitting their heads on the windshield, while the man driving the other car was slumped down in his seat, head hanging down. Aremet was jostled a bit, nothing had harmed her, but she started crying. She heard screeching of tired behind her and sirens in the distance. She struggled out of her carrier, and got free after a few moments of doing so. She crawled over to her father and poked him gently. He looked up, face covered in blood, and eyes glazing over. Her murmured for her to be a good girl, and then his eyes went life-less. Aremet stared at him for another moment, then turned to her mother. She poked her mother, also, and her mother glanced up, looking as her father did, but covered in more blood. Her mother had told her that she was different than other kids, then her eyes completely glazed over as Aremet's father's eyes had done, too. She started to sob, as she understood something terrible had happened. When the police got there, they took her out of the car and rushed her parents to the hospital. But even the little two year old knew there was nothing the hospital could do.

At age seven, she ran away from her foster home at night, because she knew her mother's words had been right when she said Aremet was different. That morning, she had dropped on all fours, crying in pain, as her body shifted into a smaller form. She had knocked over a mirror, and through the cracked glass she saw an animal she only saw in books; a wolf. She had been on her own for about a week, when she found a little cottage alone in the woods. She found a couple, who had known exactly what she meant when she said she changed into an animal. They told her about everything; about shifters, werewolves, vampires, moras, and how some humans did and didn't know about them. She lived with them for most of her life, which was over one hundred years, as luck had it, they were shifters like her.

Aremet left 'home' when she was 22 years old. She got a job and got her own apartment. She is currently 212 years, but looks 22.

Joining Keys: Joining keys have been removed for the purpose of fair joining in the future. ~ThisWasNotEden

Example Post: Aremet lowered herself, feeling the cushioned ground and the coarse grass between her thumb and index finger. She gazed up at the sky, watching the red, orange, and purple colors expand across the sky like a wave does on a beach. She closed her eyes, leaning back as she thought about a beach. In all her 212 years, she's never been to a beach, but she had seen it in movies, and when she was a kid she saw it in books. She could just picture the white froth moving along the shore, staying ahead of the water. She could hear the pounding of the waves, the cries of the seagulls, and she could smell salt, wafting up to her from the water. She slowly opened her eyes, sitting up. She decided she would visit a beach soon--at least in the next 200 years--as shifters don't usually live to be a little more than 400.

She stood up from her spot, glancing down at her indented shape in the grass. I have to get back soon, she thought to herself. She sighed, knowing her shift at work would be due soon. Her job as a lawyer paid good, but the hours were ridiculous. They are completely random and sometimes it's hard to get to them, as she could be called in at any point in time. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts. She needed to get home, which was more than 4 miles away. She crouched down, and closed her eyes, letting images of wolves fill her mind. She could feel herself shrinking, and when she opened her eyes, she looked down to find paws. She looked up and took off, sprinting as fast as her little animal body would let her.

About 10 minutes later, she was sitting on her couch, panting. For some reason, at that moment, she wondered if she would ever make it into a shifter pack. It wasn't uncommon for shifter packs, so she thought about the prospect of it. She shrugged, letting herself unconsciously get to her feet and walk to the fridge. She giggled, opening the fridge and looking inside to find her eyes straying on a single apple on the top shelf. Aremet reached inside and grasped her hand around the smooth red fruit, moving to the sink to wash it off. She took a bite out of it, and her mouth started to water. In a few moments all that was left was the core of the delicious fruit. She wiped off her mouth, took her brief case and walked out the door, ready for another boring day.
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