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 Affiliate Application

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PostSubject: Affiliate Application   Thu May 30, 2013 6:03 pm

To be an Affiliate, we have a couple rules that must be followed. If your site checks out and does follow this criteria, then you may be accepted.

  1. Your site must have been open for at least 3 MONTHS, and we will check to make sure.

  2. It must be ACTIVE! It does not matter how many members you have, but there needs to be a good amount of posting occurring.

  3. For being an Affiliate, we require the same in exchange. Our button must be visible in a secluded spot with other important sites.


Name Of Site:
Owner's Character: (Ex: Alpha or what have you)
Date it Opened:
Type Of Site: (Canine, Fantasy, Feline?)
Description Of Site: (Can be as long as you like)
(place the picture here)
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Affiliate Application
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