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 Luani - Mora

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PostSubject: Luani - Mora   Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:04 pm

How Did You Find Us?: On the Top 100 RP sites page.

Name: Luani

Race: Mora

Gender: Female

Specialization: Luani shifts into an Arctic Fox.

Age: Newly made, around 18

Rank Requested: Alchemist

Name Claim: Taylor Momsen



Primal Photo:

Appearance: As a human Luani is fairly petite, yet nicely curved. She is the average height of 5'6'' and has extremely long legs compared to her torso. Her skin has a natural glow, although she is pale with has light freckles splattered across her nose and has temptious pink lips. Her light blue eyes are usually ringed with a darker shade at the edge of the iris. She has long, wavy natural blonde hair that reaches just below her shoulders and she prefers it to be in an updo.
As a fox Luani is tiny, only about a foot tall and almost three feet long with her tail. Her bushy white coat helps protect her during the winter and her thinner brown coat helps hide her in the summer. Her eyes keep their unusual shade of gray throughout her change.

History: There was only one place a woman could go to get a large amount of money for a simple-seeming process. Women could give up their eggs for scientific testing of placing multiple strands of DNA from different species. They already had success in the same field with two other species, cats and dogs, so they began to ponder over new ideas. They wanted more variety. They wanted versatility, cunning, and speed of a fox. They chose the one best suited for the most extreme climate, the Arctic Fox. But they ran into trouble with the DNA of this animal. The eggs they implanted didn't survive long, and it left a toll on the woman tester. Every once in a while they'd get a breakthrough, and with this breakthrough they helped five subjects survive.
The scientists created a life simulation for them to go through, and it was especially hard for Number two to go through everyday problems. She over-thought simple problems, expected greater results, and even demanded harder work. The others struggled, but she excelled. And she was shunned for it. She'd lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling, until she realized that the tiles could be moved. Every night after they put her to bed, she worked at the ceiling.
Each year she grew older and even wiser, calculating how difficult it'd be to break out. She noticed patterns and maps and plans, focusing on the few years until she'd be an 'adult'. On her sixteenth birthday, she followed her plan. And now, as she stood at the edge of the forest, she wondered if she even made the right choice.
She knew how to transform and how to defend herself. She knew how to search for food and water, it was instinct. But she was unprepared when she found others like her, but with different names. They were canines, Inu, and felines, Neko. She was surprised and excited, yet she felt fear and worry. They brought her in with open arms, and she finally found a home.

Joining Keys: Member posted all joining keys, but have been removed for fair joining of future applicants. - Dominus Demetri

Example Post: It took a few months for Luani to come to the conclusion that she could trust the new family that accepted her. She appreciated their food and housing, and they valued her intelligent mind. She found alliances, and even found someone she didn't care for, and she finally felt alive. But Luani never felt accepted until they gave her a name, after her favorite animal, the lion. She loved the group she was with and would do anything for them. And now, as she stood at the edge of the forest looking into this so-called town. The bright lights blinded her easily and the loud sounds assaulted her sensitive ears. Her heart was pounding with joy and excitement, but she was trembling with fear and anticipation. But as she took those first few steps onto the asphalt, the ground rumbling with traffic, she felt, for the second time, free

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PostSubject: Re: Luani - Mora   Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:09 pm

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Luani - Mora
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