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 Wesley Xavier Harding - Human

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Lieutenant Wesley
Lieutenant Wesley

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PostSubject: Wesley Xavier Harding - Human   Wesley Xavier Harding - Human Icon_minitimeSun Aug 04, 2013 5:09 pm

Name: Wesley Xavier Harding

Nickname: Wes, Wesley, LT, Lieutenant

Age: 28 years old

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Lieutenant For The Armed Forces

Appearance: Standing at 5'11", he is a rather taller than average man. He is thin, but his muscles are cut, and chiseled. Dark brown hair covers his eyes from time to time, keeping it cut or long, he can never truly decide on the style. His eyes are a chocolate brown, smoldering as he stares into others. He tends to strut the un-shaved look, making him look tough and exotic to some. His body is built for running and fighting. He trains constantly, always working to make his body stronger and better.

Human Photo:

Wesley Xavier Harding - Human 4byn

Wesley Xavier Harding - Human I1y2

Wesley Xavier Harding - Human 58dw

Wesley Xavier Harding - Human Gmew

Race: Human

Rank Requested: Lieutenant

Specialization: Pistols/Handguns

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Identifying Marks: Tattoos on his arm, shoulder, and leg.
Wesley Xavier Harding - Human Oite
Wesley Xavier Harding - Human V8at
Wesley Xavier Harding - Human Cevb

Face Claim: Josh Hartnett

Personality: Many call his personality, most reflecting of an asshole. He is conceded, completely full of himself, and thinks the world should be happy he was born. He loves to flirt and speak to any lady. She could be of any race, just as long as she is not a bear shifter. He hates bear shifters, any and all of them! He is cocky and very skilled in his weaponry. He does not trust easy, but he will sleep with anything on two legs and has lady parts. Wesley is smart, when he wants to be. But he is a jerk to many, sarcastic, and clever to all. If you insult him, he will insult you right back. If you start a fight with him, or he starts one with you, he will not stop until he knows he won. Though he's not built for fighting large adversaries in hand to hand, he will try.


  • Sex. Sex is the very first thing on his mind every morning.
  • Tattoos. He is addicted to tattoos, loves the feeling they give him.
  • Sleep. Sleeping is so the third best thing in the world.
  • Boobs. I don't think I could live in a world without boobs.
  • Alcohol. I love to drink, like a fish!


  • Bear Shifters. Fuck them.
  • Work. Yeah, my job sucks... but I need money..
  • Socks. I wear them with my boots because I have to... But I would rather not wear them at all.
  • Dentists. I have perfect teeth, but I hate the sounds they make with the drills..
  • Kiss Asses. Don't try and suck up to me or any higher ranks.. it's disgusting..

Habits: Pyromaniac in heart, he loves to play with fire when he is bored. If fire is around, why not play with it? He is loyal, but he has a problem with lying now and then. It is never for anything important, just like giving the false name to girls or even a fake number. He is a player by nature, just wanting to add another woman to his long line of sexual encounters. He will do or say anything to convince a woman to sleep with him. He often has issues with showing up to places on time. It's a horrible habit being late, but he often finds himself doing it very frequently. Along with being late, he normally makes a false excuse up as well. He's a heavy sleeper, so in most cases, he over slept his alarm or didn't even hear it to begin with. Laziness occurs sometimes, especially when he is super bored with what is going on. He hates his job, but loves money, often finding himself in trouble for not working as hard as Liara wishes.

History: Born an Army brat, his father was a General for many years as he grew up. His mother was also a Medic in the Army. Together, they toured across the globe, widening the intelligence of Wesley and his siblings. They lived all over the world, his father actually led many attacks against the vampires and werewolves alike. When Wesley was 12 years old, his father was killed in battle. Wesley spent the rest of his years building up to his father’s expectations. As the oldest son, he was granted the most responsibility. When he speaks on his life, you get a sense of lost childhood, creating the Wesley we know today. Once he was in high school, he worked a job after work to help his mother with the bills. He was always expected to watch his younger siblings as well, feeding them and putting them to bed each night. When he finally graduated from high school, he immediately went to the recruiter and signed his life away. His mother protested, but it was too late. That following autumn, Wesley shipped out to boot camp.

Sixteen long and difficult weeks awaited the boy and the rest of his platoon. There was one boy he got very close to, some called them inseparable. His name was Tyler Gavin. Tyler and Wesley went through the hardest times together, making it to the very end. They exercised with each other, pushed each other to the limits. When graduation day came, they stood side by side, promising they would always be friends. In the next couple of months, they went through technical school together, learning the ropes to Infantry life. Wesley excelled in the physical sense, while Tyler excelled in the mental obstacles. Together they shared their knowledge and progressed. Months after leaving the technical school, they were rushed to battle. For this particular fight, the humans had discovered a Shifter encampment which was stealing supplies from the humans. It would be their job to infiltrate their pack and weed out the thieves.

As the units assembled and prepared for the assault, Wesley and Tyler stood side by side. They waited patiently as they prepared their weapons, loading them and strapping as much ammo as they could to themselves. They carried the automatic rifles as forced by their leaders, but Wesley always carried his handgun, tucked away from the eyes of his superior. As they were released to the trees, Tyler and Wesley moved together, keeping each other in sight. When they found a large den, shots were fired behind them. It seemed their squad had discovered the Shifters. Lowering their weapons, they turned their backs to the den and looked to one another. Without warning, Tyler was thrown across the clearing. Before Wesley could react, he saw a large brown beast running on all fours after the fallen comrade. Wesley shouted to try and stop the animal from harming his best friend, but it was useless. The bear did not lift her head until blood was smeared over her face, and she roared to the last standing human. Aiming his rifle at her, she lunged and knocked it from his hands. Turning away from her, he scurried to grab his weapon. But the bear was right on his hind legs. As he reached for it, crawling on the ground, she swiped her claws over his calf, cutting into him with such intense pain. When his hand was finally around the weapon, the bear stood on it, applying all her weight and pressure, breaking it in half.

Thinking quickly, Wesley pulled his handgun out and shot her right in the head. The bear released a roar and soon came tumbling down to the ground. As the body lay lifeless, it shifted back to a human girl. In a fit of rage, he walked inside the den where she came from. What he saw lying on the ground before him, forced the male to lift his weapon and point it at their tiny heads. Three small bear cubs slept peacefully, unaware their lives were in danger. The first shot was fired and the other two stirred awake. One cub ran for its life, while the other tried to hide in the den. He killed the second cub and wandered from the den, looking for the last cub. When no traces of it could be found, he went back to the humans, grabbing Tyler's dog tags on his way out. He had to report the news and contact the family himself.

Months passed and his wound healed to leave a nasty scar. In remembrance of Tyler, he tattooed a bear's paw print over it, so he would never forget the loss he suffered. He vowed he would never allow another bear shifter to make a difference in his life, and he would kill all of them, if even possible.

Father: Ret. General Samael L. Harding | Status: Dead - Killed By Vampires

Mother: Medic Brenda Harding | Status: Alive

Kathrine Harding | Status: Alive
Alexander Harding | Status: Alive
Lilly Harding | Status: Alive

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: Tyler Gavin | Status: Deceased - Killed By Bear Shifter - Life long best friend

Joining Keys: Member posted joining keys... you know the rest.. - Alpha Lucian

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Diallo is my friend
What Would You Like To Be Called? Wes or Wesley is cool
What Other Sites Do You Play On? None, others shut down
What Characters Do You Play? N/A
How Long Have You Been RPing? A while
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Sure
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PostSubject: Re: Wesley Xavier Harding - Human   Wesley Xavier Harding - Human Icon_minitimeSun Aug 04, 2013 7:48 pm

Welcome and Accepted Lieutenant Wesley!
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Wesley Xavier Harding - Human
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