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PostSubject: Casamir - Mora   Casamir - Mora Icon_minitimeMon Aug 05, 2013 9:28 pm

How Did You Find Us?: Epror Jagara referenced me here from Age of the Wolves.

Name: Casamir 'Cas' Lirian


Gender: Male

Specialization: Inu - Border Collie

Age: appears to be 30 years

Rank Requested: Maston

Face Claim: Casamir Lirian


Casamir - Mora 625631_343577449096201_1346248050_n_zps14226d59

Primal Photo:

Casamir - Mora 1c546449-5925-4f6f-a230-cd3b0132cd91_zpsbb067f50

Appearance: Casamir stands at 6'3", with sharp blue eyes staring out from his face. His hair is a shiny light blue to dark blue fade, which he regularly dyes to upkeep. His ears and tail are black, showing off just a hint of his primal form. That form is of a black and white border collie, standing 29 cm tall and 58 cm in length from nose to tail. Other than that his clothing consists of blue and white, ranging from his sneakers to his jeans, to his belt and jacket. His shirt is a standard t-shirt that is grey, surprisingly, but he will never tell you exactly why. His jacket is fur lined to keep himself warm when it is cold and he does not have the convenience of his primal form, the fur-lining being blue like his jacket and hair.

History: Casamir Lirian was born the son of Alanoth and Belinda Lirian, two Mora who unfortunately were forced out of their home not long after Casamir's birth. The unfortunate circumstances being the loss of Alanoth's job, and Belinda's declining health, which only raised their regular bills. Thus he was raised living on the streets, most frequently in his primal form due to the lack of easily obtained food when in human form. His mother died of illness from malnutrition, his father three months later from grief, both when Casamir was a scarce 16 years old. He lived alone for years, learning how best to acquire a job despite his homeless situation, and how to survive on the streets. He never once envied those who had their own place to call home, his home was the streets, alleys, and backways of the urbanscape. By age 30, he is now well adapted, having learned how to make his own clothing, which is its signature blue and white, in contrast to his collie ears and tail, both of which are black. He uses his primal form scarcely now, preferring not to hide what he is: a Mora.

Joining Keys: Joining keys have been removed for the fair purpose of joining in the future to others. ~Eden

Example Post: Cas glanced around to make sure no one was going to bother him, then he leaned back with a sigh of relief against the alley wall. It was his favorite alley really, right near the center of town, so he saw all sorts of different people pass by. That, and it was usually calm here at night, which made it an ideal place for a homeless Inu to sleep.

Some wondered why he continued to live homeless, instead of buying a house. Well, it was hard for an Inu- wearing all blue with a head of blue hair -to be taken seriously by an employer of any kind. Even other Moras for that matter. That was fine, so long as he could eat, and sleep, he didn't mind not having a house or money. It just didn't matter to him.

As he leaned against the wall of the store which he had never taken the time to find out about, Cas closed his eyes and slowly began to relax. Just as he was about to sink into actual relaxation, a sharp pain came crashing into the side of his nose and he found himself tumbling to the ground. Blinking his eyes open, his vision was somewhat blurry at first, but he could tell from looking around that he was surrounded by three humanoids. Whether they were humans or Mora in their humanesque form, he could not tell. His instincts, driven by his dog-like genes, kicked in anyway, and he readied himself for a fight.

They surrounded him in a circle, as best as could be achieved in the narrow alley. Unafraid of the odds that were against him, Casamir crouched low and readied for the inevitable assault. First came an attack from behind by two assailants, which he managed to dodge, causing them both to trip and tumble to the ground. Another assailant charged him from the front, but Casamir used the man's momentum against himself to slam his head into a dumpster, knocking him out cold. The other three drew weapons, two had broken bottles, one a knife. This was completely unfair, but it mattered little. Casamir crouched on all fours and changed into his collie form, growling at them. They charged stupidly and he attacked their legs, followed by their faces once they were down. Soon those who could stood and ran off, knowing their fight was futile. Cas changed back into his human form and sighed, walking off to find a new alley.

One thing that non-homeless Mora didn't have which Cas did: every day is interesting.

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