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 Species Information

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PostSubject: Species Information   Tue May 21, 2013 10:31 am

Here on Lunari Addunt, we have FIVE very different species!  Look closely to find TWO Joining Keys. Here is their information:


  • Since the Humans no longer walk the earth, Vampires are the longest living species on Lunari. They have lived for close to ten thousand years.

  • Vampires do not have any powers like the others in the "different" category. They have super human strength, can withstand great deals of pain, and have even become immune to sunlight. Although, they can be in the daylight, their abilities are hindered. They are still stronger than a human, but they will require rest to regain full strength.

  • There is no such thing as "vegetarian" vampires. With the humans being gone, all they rely on are animals and other species. Since Mora are the most like humans, they can be a high target. Before the passing of humans, the Vampires had created "Blood Banks". These are facilities that gather blood from people all over the world. If a Vampire has a particular blood type they enjoy, they can find it for a reasonable price.

  • Vampires' number one enemy is the Werewolf. Their dislike for one another has been going on since the birth of the Werewolves, centuries after the Vampires were created by Demetri himself. Vampires do not mind the Shifters, but the Mora, they see as prey since the humans no longer exist.

  • To become a Vampire, you do not get bit. You must ingest Vampire blood. From time to time, Vampires will turn the humans they wish. But if a player(human) does not wish to be a Vampire, then they cannot be changed. This is also the case for those who wish to be Hybrids. If you would like to be changed (IC), it can only be done by Demetri himself.


  1. DOMINUS/DOMINA (Alpha) - Leader's of the race. They control where the Vampires live, what they eat, where they hunt. If any vampire wishes to challenge Demetri for his position, they shall die. Being the longest living Vampire has its perks.
  2. PROREX (Beta) - Second hand to the Dominus, they hold the duties of accepting members, training the new borns, and coordinating with the Dominus.
  3. MARCHIONEM (Elite) - Patrol the borders for the most part and accept Vampires to the clan. If the Dominus has requested new borns, the Marchionem is tasked just for that purpose.
  4. VICECOME (Delta) - Help the Marchionem with their duties, helping with the new borns, as well as patrolling the borders from time to time.  
  5. KNIGHT (Warriors) - Knights are the brute force of the clan. They do as they are asked have the tendency to start fights among the Werewolves. They are not the youngest Vampires, but they are very close.
  6. AGRESTIS (Omega) - Agrestis are the "peasants" or newborns of the clan. They do not completely understand their abilities, nor do they know how to control them. They are wild and intense, needing training to reach maturity.
  7. QUAESITOR (Healer) - Vampires do not need healing, this much is true, but they do need research and ways to combat the growing technology of man. The Quaesitor will be in charge of all research projects and enhancing Vampire life. In the event a Vampire does become injured, they will have a solution.
  8. NUTRIX (Caretaker) - Normally Vampires take care of their young (yes, Vampires can breed! Thank your Quaesitor for that!), but when the line of duty is required or the mother needs assistance, she can request some help.
  9. DISCIPULUS (Too Young For A Rank) - Discipulus is a rank given to those who have either been born a vampire, bitten at a young age, or are young in their years, wishing to become a higher rank. When they are ready to be more responsible, they will be promoted.
  10. NUNTIUS (Spy) - With the up-rise in the other races, the Vampires have to be even more aware of their surroundings. What better way to know the ins and outs of the streets, than to send their own spies into the streets.


  • Werewolves were created from the very first human who was bitten and ravaged by a rabid wolf. Lucian's life changed from that moment on, creating other Werewolves as he grew lonely. Some call him a selfish leader, will other glorify what he has created. Werewolves were created centuries after the Vampires and quickly became their most hated rival. Their lifespan is rather long.

  • Werewolves are no longer controlled by the moon. They have conquered this obstacle, learning to rival the humans' technology. In the event a Werewolf becomes extremely emotional, it is VERY likely they will change. When a Werewolf changes to their "primal" form, their bodies contort and go through a horrifyingly painful transformation. Their bodies grow about two times in size and appear as they do in movies. Their human form is strong, but not nearly as strong when they are in their "primal" form or when the moon is out.

  • Werewolves do not hunt humans. They eat purely meat from animals. There are times when a youngling (young Werewolf) will accidentally consume parts of a human, but the Werewolves try their best to keep off the humans' agenda. But since humans no longer exist, they continue to feed on animals.

  • If a human player wishes to become a Werewolf, they must ingest Werewolf blood, or transfer saliva (when in Primal Form). Being bitten will give a human nothing, but a sharp burning sensation. This also goes for those who wish to become hybrids. If this is the case, only Lucian can change you (IC) - no other Werewolf can.

  • Werewolves hate Vampires with a passion. Many years ago, Werewolves were not very fond of Shifters, but now that Alpha Lucian and Regina Eden are mated, there is no hatred between the two races. It is common place for them to connect with one another. Werewolves do not really have a stand against the Mora or the Hybrids, just as long as they do not harm their own race.

  • Younglings who are born Werewolves, go through the transformation process at the age of 10. That is the first time they will ever learn to shift. Before then they are considered "very strong humans".


  1. ALPHA/ALPHESS - Control the pack.
  2. BETA - Right paw to the Alphas. Helps control the pack as well as aiding the other Werewolves.
  3. ELITE - Best fighters in the pack. can serve as Alpha guardians. Aid with anything Alphas need.
  4. DELTA - They are not the lowest rank in the pack, but a Warrior moves to the rank of Delta, when a higher ranking member believes that wolf to some day take a higher position. It is more of a training position. They will work along with the Elites and learn from
  5. WARRIOR - Although they have the name of "Warriors" they are not only fighters. They hunt along with the Alpha, Betas, and Elites. They can do many other functions within the pack, but their main job is to defend the pack.
  6. OMEGA - Just because they are the lowest ranking, does not make them less important. This position is for new Werewolves to the pack life. They may have been lone Werewolves for far too long and need time adjusting to pack life. Elites and Deltas keep a close eyes on them.
  7. HEALER - Just as the name says, these wolves focus on healing the pack. If a member is wounded (which is unlikely, but just in case), they will have all the knowledge necessary to heal the sick and lame. They have intense training, sometimes taking years to master the art.
  8. CARETAKER - These Werewolves care for the pups of the pack. They make sure they are fed and when they grow older, they will start the pups' training. They aid in the transformation process.
  9. APPRENTICE - Young wolves within the pack need a place to start out at. Apprentice is the perfect position to help them adjust to their new life, or if they are born into it. Apprentices choose their own mentors to help them increase in rank for the future.
  10. SCOUT - Scouts will go out into the city, the forests, or anywhere required of them. They search for any news, trackers near the pack, or if anyone is close to discovering their home.


  • Although they appear to be humans, they are not. Shifters are actually animals which can turn into humans, for blending purposes and surviving.

  • Shifters can turn into only ONE animal from their birth. There is no way for a human to change into a Shifter. It's just not in their genes or saliva. A Shifter shares the animal of their parents.

  • Since they are animals, they do not live in human made buildings. In fact, they only go to the human towns for spying operations. Since the humans no longer exist, they still do not live in human buildings.

  • Shifters shift for the first time at age 5. Their animals will be adults even though their minds are young. Their bodies age quickly as the animals they are. 'From them'

  • Other species can tell what they are. It will be harder for Mora as they are more so human than anything else.


  1. REX/REGINA (Alpha) - These people my friend are the highest ranking individuals who control the shifter race. If anyone is to treat Eden with disrespect she would not think twice into killing them where they stand.
  2. AUXILIARY (Beta) - Second in command and Rex/Regina's sub if they are away. They assist the leaders with giving them certain information and give orders to the Bellators when readying for war.
  3. EPROR (Elite) - Most superior fighter of the Shifters we have the Eprors. They are protectors of the leaders and aid the Rex/Reginas for whatever they wish.
  4. DUX (Delta) - These are the lead hunters of the race who take part in training Bellators and work along side the Eprors.
  5. BELLATORS (Warrior/Hunters) - They help feed the pack, patrol the borderline and defend the pack from danger. They are one of the most important ranks of the pack aside from the rest. Without them, the race would more or less be no longer safe.
  6. BARON/BARONESS (Omega) - Lowest and least appreciated rank within the pack. This rank is closely watched from the Duxes and Eprors. These ranks are given to those who have either disrespected or disturbed the pack and those loners who have not been a pack in ages that don't know the ways anymore. This rank is only temporary until they have proven themselves worthy to be a Bellator.
  7. MENDER (Healer) - Shifters with this rank are given the ability to aid those who have become sick, injured, or expecting children. The rank is only given to the individuals who have experience in healing most overall and have proven they treat others with perfect care and trust.
  8. AUTAY (Caretaker) - Trained in the arts of dealing with young, and they specialize in caring for the babies of the pack. They can be used as babysitters, or watching babies full time.
  9. INCEPTOR (Apprentice) - Someone who is either learning or being taught certain skills in order to officially work as that rank or job.
  10. VIGILATE (Spy) - Even though Shifters are used to being among the humans, there is a special rank which will be used to spy on the other races. They will let their leaders know of any details which need to be relayed.


  • Moras as actually THREE different breeds that have joined together to help one another. They are made up of Nekos, Inus, and Kitsunes. Nekos appear human, but have cat ears and cat tail. Inus appear human, but have dog ears and dog tail. Kitsunes appear human, but have fox ears and fox tail. Moras can shift into the animal they had DNA of.

  • Created by scientists in a lab, they have not been around for very long, just a little under 100 years. The Human scientists took human embryos and injected animal DNA into them. They were only expected to have the skills of either a cat, dog, or a fox. Instead, what they got were children that not only developed the skills of their animals, but body parts too. The ability to change into their animal form was part of another series of experiments.

  • Mora are born with the ability to shift into their "primal" form. They also cannot hide their ears or tail without the use of something else.

  • Since they are majorly human, the have the abilities of animals, but they are not as strong as Shifters. They are not as in-tune with nature.

  • Mora live inside of human buildings as this is the only way they know. They are the most human of all the species.


  1. KING/QUEEN (Alpha) - This is the leader of all the Mora. The King/Queen's orders are not to be dismissed and must be followed. The reasons for this is because of safety precautions.
  2. BRIGADIER (Beta) - This is the second in command. They have earned the right to hold the Queen's trust in them and are not to be messed with. If the Queen is absent or dead, they must take her place. This job is not easy. They must work their best to keep others of their kind safe as well as themselves.  
  3. NOBLE (Elite) - The Nobles are third in command and have also gained the Queen's trust. Their job is to enforce the rules and keep members safe when the Brigadiers have their hands full. Nobles are sort of like supervisors.
  4. DREG (Delta) - Dreg are fourth in command. When the higher ranks are busy, they will handle pack functions. If border acceptances are required, they will be asked to handle them in times of need.
  5. MASTON (Warrior) - These are the brave Mora who have chosen to fight for their species to exist. They are given orders by the Brigadiers and the Nobles. Mastons are in charge of keeping the Mora territories safe and keeping their Queen protected.
  6. PEON (Omega) - This is the lowest rank possible. It is given to rule breakers and others who are not seen fit to have any other rank. You can work your way up in the ranks, but may not become anything above a Maston.
  7. ALCHEMIST (Healer) - This is the healer of the Mora. He/she will take care of any member and nurse them back to health. Not only must they know medicine, but they must know how to fight and protect the injured.
  8. COINCIERGE (Caretaker) - Responsible for taking care the young in the pack. They can be used as babysitters or for a full-time agenda for those who have very productive schedules.
  9. LEARNER (Apprentice)- Learners are just as their ranks are. They have mentors who teach them in any skill they are suited to learn. Training will not be easy, they have to go through a test before being accepted as anything above learner rank. Final decisions are made by the Queen.
  10. HERALD (Messenger) - This job is of extreme importance. They give messages to the Queen herself through a conference. Heralds are in charge of digging up any information they can find and reporting it to the Queen.


  • Newest to the lands of Lunari, they are created by the mixing genetics of Alpha Lucian and Regina Eden. Sovereign Calvin is the very first Hybrid to be created.

  • They are mixed between the genetics of TWO different races. No more than that is allowed. There will NEVER be a Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid as they natural reject one another.

  • Hybrids take the dominant genetics from their father - normally meaning their "primal" form is dominant. For instance, a Werewolf father and Shifter mother would create a creature which walks on two legs (Werewolf), but it would feature the looks of the mother - whether it be by coat/flesh/color.

  • Depending on the mix of the Hybrid, they can have several different abilities. To learn more about this, please look at Specialties Of Each Race.

  • If you wish to become a Hybrid (IC), you can purchase the serum from The Dark Passenger in the Black Market. Or if you wish to do it for MUCH cheaper, PM either Alpha Lucian or Dominus Demetri to role play the change. 'we run'


  1. SOVEREIGN (Alpha) - The absolute ruler(s) of the Hybrids, currently the first Hybrid in existence and possibly a future mate. The Sovereign’s orders are to be followed without question or hesitation.
  2. GUARDIAN (Beta) - Right hand of the Sovereigns and assistant governors of pack behavior. They are the leaders of the pack in the absence of the Sovereign as well.
  3. VANGUARD (Elite) - The unquestioned superior fighters of the pack. The Vanguard are given the responsibility of protecting the pack in its entirety and more specifically, the Sovereigns.
  4. SENTINEL (Delta) - A training position for a candidate of a possible higher rank. A Sentinel will work closely with the Vanguard for the duration of their training, and will be expected to assume more leadership positions within the pack.
  5. CHAMPION (Warriors) - They are the bulk of the pack. Champions are expected to hunt, fight, and patrol for their pack, protecting their borders and helping their pack prosper.
  6. SERVUS (Omega) - At the very bottom of the pack structure, they are forced to do everything they are told. Often times they are used and abused. Champions keep a close eye on them, fine tuning them to become one of them.
  7. SHAMAN (Healer) - In the event that a Hybrid becomes hurt, the Shaman is responsible to bring them back to normal. They are highly skilled in medicine, as well as mending wounds. They are essential to the pack for they alone can save a life.
  8. KEEPER (Caretaker) - Much like the name states, they keep track of the young Hybrids. They are to be a helping hand to any parents. Parenting can be rough for many. This allows their parents to do their responsibilities in the pack still.
  9. ROOKIE (Apprentice) - This rank is for those who do not have the experience to be a Champion. They will partner up with one Champion and learn as much as they can from them. Eventually they will earn the rank they learned from.
  10. PIONEER (Spy) - Ordered to scout the terrain about their home lands, they gather all important intelligence and deliver it to the Sovereign themselves. They are well skilled in disappearing and illusions.

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