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Rex Edaelion
Rex Edaelion

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PostSubject: Expectations...   Expectations... Icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 5:06 pm

Since it has come around that time of year where it leaves a numerous amount of most of us, it is time for me to be putting pauses between posts for a while. Mom has made the decision to take down our Wifi due to costs and time for me, as well as Dysis, my younger sister, for us to worry about our studies and getting ready for school. This week, I will not be sure as to how much I will be able to get one, but I promise you during the weekends I will have more access if I go to my Dad's. And, if you can keep a secret, which I know you all can, I'll sneak out of the house with Dysis when the parents have gone to work and try to see ya guys when I go to McDonald's. Just know, you guys are that important to me, Haha. Anyway, love you all, and thanks for understanding! I will however be on for about a few hours, maybe even an hour if anyone wishes to speak with me. Border posts will be left for Epror Jagara to do while I'm gone, no one else please. C:

With great love,
~Ze Tigress

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