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 Loch Radke - Human

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Sergeant Loch
Sergeant Loch

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PostSubject: Loch Radke - Human   Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:13 pm

Name: Loch Radke

Nickname: Doesn't matter

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Medic

Appearance: He is a tall, handsome man with a quite seductive smile. Standing at 6'1", he has emerald green eyes, which look bright in the sunlight. He has curly, chocolate brown hair. He has a single scar, along his left jawline. Usually Loch will wear a simple tee with khakis, but occasionally he will wear jeans. He has scruff, but never enough to be considered ever close to a beard or mustache.

Human Photo:

Race: Human

Rank Requested: Major (it has been approved by General Liara)

Specialization: Throwing knives

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190 lbs

Eye Color: Emerald green

Hair Color: Brown

Identifying Marks: A small scar along his left jaw line

Face Claim: Josh Turner

Personality: If you are friends with Loch, you will notice he is kind and upbeat. Usually, he is reserved, though. He keeps to himself unless spoken to, then he speaks up. In the army, he keeps his head high and his voice stays strong, not letting the pain of previous suffering show. If he sees werewolves, the anger and hatred surfaces to him immediately and most times he has to restrain himself from getting to close in fear he'll hurt them and they will kill him in return. He is quiet and sometimes anti-social. Unfortunately he keeps himself so reserved he doesn't have a female accomplice, so he is lonely, too. He is never rude to any creatures, including werewolves, though he would like to be. He is calm and collected, showing kindness to everyone. He hates to fight, and will never start one. He, actually, likes to end them in the most peaceful way possible. If he offends you, he will say or do anything to make up for what he just said. Loch is slightly overprotective, depending on who it is. If a woman becomes involved in anything, he usually seems nervous or quiet, but if he is attached, he will be very close to them.


  • Nature
  • Humans
  • Ice cream
  • Flying (as in an airplane or such)
  • Hiking


  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Swimming, at times
  • Being in enclosed spaces
  • Being disregarded as unimportant
  • Being alone

Habits: He gets jittery around werewolves, as well as agitated, and fiddles with his fingers if he is alone. When with people, if it's awkward, he'll reach his hand up and run his finger along his scar. When he's alone with someone he likes, he runs his index finer along his knuckles. Also, in a crowd, he taps his wrist, as if tapping a watch. Loch can never stay still, always tapping his foot or nodding his head slightly. He always glances around, as if someone is watching him, and looks peculiar when he does so. While in a forest, even if he's with someone, he tends to stop frequently to check the surroundings around him. With a clock, he will stare at it for a while, almost getting memorized, unless someone brings him back to 'reality'. He tends to always wear a jacket, keeping his hands exposed so he can react quickly if needed and fiddles with the sleeves. He hides his throwing knives and crossbow under his jacket, on his back, angled in a way so he has easy access, and always reaches back to make sure they're there. When he is sad, he shuffles his feet and when he is mad he keeps a stern, emotionless face.

History: As a little kid, Loch always looked up to his older brother, a major in the army, in the most respected way. In his eyes, his Keev was a general. Keev had treated Loch like the most prized kid, so it was only natural to him to want to stay by his brother’s side. It was all he knew for many years. Keev had to leave after being about to spend a few years with his little brother, and had to go back to the army in a midst of tears and hugs. Loch had stayed in his closet, staying in a little corner of it, and world stare into the darkness. Often times he saw figures of him and his brother playing together, dancing among the clothes that were neatly hung up. He would stay there for hours on end, not eating, and rarely sleeping, though sometimes he would doze off, dreaming of standing alongside Keev in battle. His nightmares arise frequently, and they were most gruesome. The visions--of werewolves running up to the older brother, claws outstretched, picking him up by its claws which protruded through his stomach—were enough to send Loch screaming, eyes wide with terror. He always knew werewolves and a few other supernatural creatures were real, which led to his curiosity and fear.

As he grew older, he rarely saw Keev, as he had gotten promoted to general from his father being killed by a vampire, or multiple. Loch joined the army soon after and moved up the ranks quickly, proving his worth in a matter of weeks. He was promoted to major and stood before the army proudly, knowing he was following in his brother’s footsteps. One day, the brothers were in the woods, smiling and talking. Loch leaped graciously over a fallen log and Keev did the same, laughing about an old story Loch was telling. Keev paused and turned to his younger brother, giving him a steady gaze. “Loch, how would you like to be general? I’m thinking about retiring..” Loch looked at him with wide eyes in disbelief. “But.. why?” Keev turned away slightly. “It’s time.” Loch took a double take, staring at Keev. He noticed the gray almost covering all his hair and remembered his age. Keev was 75, Loch being 52 years younger -- at the age of 23 at the time -- because he was an ‘oopsie-child’ and Loch’s mother being a lot younger than Keev’s was. “I’ll miss you, Keev..” he murmured, keeping a composed face as he realized his brother was ready to go. Loch used the excuse of rustling behind a wall of bushes to turn away, letting his eyes waver in his sadness.

Suddenly, claws poked throw the bushes, pushing them apart to reveal a large, frightening beast. Loch’s eyes widened in terror, but he pulled the cross bow off his back, aiming it at the werewolf which stood in front of the two. “Get back!” Keev barked, but Loch ignored his general’s command, standing his ground. The werewolf let out a roar and more piled out from behind him, making Loch take a small step back in awe. They seemed to come out of everywhere. He glanced at Keev who had eyes glazed over in fear. They were outnumbered by too many to count. “Run!” Loch yelled to his brother, watching as his brother stumbled into one of the creatures surrounding them. “No,” Loch murmured, dazed, watching as the werewolf let a toothy grin show, plunging his claws into the middle of Keev’s chest. The memories of Loch in his closet, staring into the darkness plunged into his thoughts, canceling out every other thing he could possibly think of. It was like deja vu, the visions of this exact moment happening when he was just a child. It was impossible, but yet it was possible at the same time. Loch blinked, coming back into reality just to hear his brother scream in pain. Blood bubbled into his mouth, dripping down his body from the claws of the beast. “Keev!” Loch screamed with the pain in his voice very apparent. The claws retracted from his brother’s body, letting him drop to the ground. Loch scrambled to him, shuddering at the werewolves not stopping him; doing nothing but watching him suffer. The younger brother placed a hand on Keev’s shoulder, his voice shaking. “Are you okay?” He knew the answer, but he was going to ask just to make himself feel better.

Keev spit out some blood, wincing at the pain that caused him. “Loch..” his eyes began to glaze over. “It’s time.” Loch shook, blinking away the tears that threatened to spill over. In all the moments he wanted to be faded, he wanted this one to be clear. It would help him be reminded of how the creatures around him made him suffer; how much he despised them now. Loch blinked once more, revealing his brother unmoving. Dead. Loch looked up at the beasts, hatred in his eyes. He stood up, his body shaking now from rage. His gaze was steady now. He was able to see clear now. They didn’t want to hurt him, physically that is. They just wanted to show their dominance. He had to resist the urge to try to kill them all, knowing he would get himself killed if he tried. “Get out of here,” he spat as they laughed at him. Without a reply, they started to disappear behind the plants. One werewolf stood still, not moving. Loch kept a steady, angered gaze to it and the beast walked slowly up to him. It stuck a claw into his skin, on his left jawline, and Loch winced. It dragged it slightly forward, causing blood to trickle on it's claw. It turned away and Loch put his hand to his jaw, feeling the blood seep in between his fingers. Loch dropped to his knees again, once he saw the last one leave, though he knew they were still watching. He pushed his arms under Keev, scooping him up and began to carry him back to camp. He kept his eyes straight, not looking at the gasping faces of the army. The army he now commanded.

He set Keev down in the front of where the general would have discussions. Everyone gathered around him, not needing a whistle to tell them to come. They word spread like a wildfire and soon everyone was standing before him, staring at the dead body in despair and surprise. Loch raised his head high; making sure no emotion was in his voice. “Keev Radke was an amazing man.. a true leader. He was killed by the werewolves.” He paused, letting gasps fill the crowd. “He will be greatly missed, by not only me but I presume, if not all of you, most of you. I will be the new general. As for the werewolves.. this means war.”

In the next 12 years, he met many people, including women. He got attached to some of them, just for them to break his heart. He was always loyal to them, but he could not always say the same for them. He was quiet, keeping to himself, which made him lose some friends. He learned about his mother, before his father died of vampires which gave him the hatred to the creatures. His step-mother had left his father, though, so he had no desire to find her. He lived on his own for a while, dropping out of the army to get a real job. He went to college, getting a degree, and joining medical school. He soon became a Medic, with a high respect from others. A few years later, he packed his bags and got ready to move. He came to a place called Lunari Addunt, and settled down, deciding he would find someone he could love. All he had to do was wait, but in the mean time, he found another Medic job there and got the position quickly. He knew there were other creatures here besides humans, but he didn't mind. Loch even decided to let the werewolves here have another chance, as he couldn't be sure whether or not they were the same. He sought out to join the army here, after getting bored of being a Medic. He was ready to meet other people, and recover his position as General in the army.. all he had to do, was work for it.

Father: Koda Radke | Status: Deceased due to vampires

Mother: Kela Radke | Status: Deceased due to sickness

Siblings: Keev Radke | Status: Deceased due to werewolves

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: N/A

Joining Keys: Joining keys have been posted by user and removed to ensure the fair joining of future members. ~ Svet


How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I'm Reme ^-^

What Would You Like To Be Called? Reme or Loch, I guess.

What Other Sites Do You Play On? Havens Grove and Soulless Guardians

What Characters Do You Play? Havens Grove: Spirit - Wolf. Soulless Guardians: Accacia - Were-hunter, Katagaria wolf.

How Long Have You Been RPing? 1 - 2 years

Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Bellator Aremet

Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes! I like this place! :DD

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Loch Radke - Human
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