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 Viska Ziwia - Shifter

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PostSubject: Viska Ziwia - Shifter   Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:11 pm

Name: Viska Ziwia

Nickname: Visk

Age: 17 years old | Looks her age

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: N/A

Appearance: Tall and relatively bony. As a human, she would be what many call, pretty or perhaps even beautiful. Her skin has no blemishes but perhaps a few scars scattered around at different places on her body. Her feet are always seen barefooted, not caring for shoes or the things called socks. Her legs appear to be all muscle, and her skin relatively pale though not as much so as an albino. It is rare to see her in anything other than short shorts and a tank top of varying colors of either. In her animal form, she has very faint stripes covering her body. The only places they can be truly seen are on her stomach, on the inside of her legs, and along her tail. The pattern on her face is only a little bit more distinctive than those on her back and sides. Being a Bengal tiger, she belongs to the largest member of the cat family that is known for their power and strength.

Human Photo:


Rank Requested: Bellator

Specialization: Bengal Tiger

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 5' 9" | 3' 6" and 8' long

Weight: 135lbs | 300lbs

Eye Color: Bright green.

Hair Color: Naturally white hair | Very light stripes, almost faded look except for on her tail and inside her legs.

Identifying Marks: No obvious identifying marks.

Face Claim: Nobody well known.

Personality: She's well known to be as innocent and gentle in her human form as it would appear, though the exact opposite in her tiger form. She makes it obvious whenever she's near one, that she despises the human race.  She's cautious around any race that is not a Tiger shifter, or otherwise tries to befriend them. She stays alert even if in friendly territory. Quite playful in snow. She masks what she's feeling unless the person/animal is a friend. She is neutral towards a werewolf. She borders close to friendly towards Mora, and other species shifters. She would stay away from humans at almost any and all cost. She would swim underwater whenever the oppertunity presents it's self. She stalks her prey a long ways while staying down wind. She likes to wander or explore alone but feels crowded in a very large group.

Likes: Human food, hunting, other shifters, Mora, swimming

Dislikes: Humans, houses, vampires, vegetables, and ninety degree weather.

Habits: She has a tendency to swim when stressed or otherwise upset. She climbs trees when the scent of something odd, new, or wrong is in the air. In the Winter, she has a tendency to hide herself in snow and wait for prey to pass by using her ears to detect movement with eyes closed. Whenever there is fresh snow, she will take time to play in it and favors it greatly over heat. Be playful towards other tiger shifters. She will growl/hiss at humans. She will eat human foods so long as there are no vegetables. She makes a chuffing noise towards other tigers or lions. She would remove her trail so as to not be tracked. Cautious around canines(feline/canine feud). She picks her teeth with a bone of her prey when she's finished eating. If she hears a young one being punished too severely she monitors the parents as closely as possible.

History: The father, Vardored, was albino. The mother, Sevewen,  was a fully striped white Bengal. Both were outcasts because they chose to mate. They produced a fully white tiger whose name is Viska, as well as three other normal black striped white Bengal cubs. Her parents were killed by humans when she was young as they were forced to hunt closer to human hunting grounds. Shortly after this, she had hoped to reason with the humans of a different area, hoping to provide her services in exchange for protection. She gained the job of an enforcer for a somewhat less than legal employer. This had begun when she was nearly seven, though still an adept hunter as she was taught at an early age. She had found early in life that she may be good at it, though she had a tendency to favor killing humans over prey. She held a great dislike for these beings and had yet to find a nice one.

Two and a half years after taking this job, she makes it appear as though she had simply vanished, having enough money to get food or clothing if it was hard enough to come across. She had few belongings when she had begun searching for her siblings. They had been told to run, as well as herself, before the hunters had actually arrived. They had scattered, frightened further by the yowls of pain made by the great tigers that were their parents. As it was, their father was already fairly weak as albinos usually are compared to other Bengals. And so they ran, never looking back in fear they would be caught, but while doing so, split up. When she had turned ten, she had still seen little to no signs as to where her siblings lived or whether or not they remembered her. She continues searching, not minding the solitude though also eager for a bit of company at some point. For the most of her journey, she holds a leather bag that holds what she had been given for her hard work from time to time.

She had searched for many years after her tenth birthday, though decided to give it a rest for a while as she caught signs of other life that were neither shifter nor human, and began to explore a bit. At all times she stayed silent, cautious of whatever lay about her be it night or day. Her ears as well as nose and eyes were all very active no matter the time of day. Her instincts had told her that day to back off and so she did. Still she wanders, doing nothing but travel, staying in the forests and away from humans. No matter what.

Father: Vardored | Deceased

Mother: Sevewen | Deceased

Ethoret(M) | Unknown
Palemas(M) | Deceased
Rhima(F) | Unknown

Spouse/Mate: None Currently.

Offspring: None currently.

Pets: None.

Other Important People: None.

Joining Keys: Joining keys have been posted and removed! ~ Svet

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Healer Marie on
What Would You Like To Be Called? Call me Ghost.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Recently joined on Ruins of Wildwood.
What Characters Do You Play?If you accept me, a character named Viska.
How Long Have You Been RPing? Six years.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes, I already have on a site called chatango. And he said that he may join.

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PostSubject: Re: Viska Ziwia - Shifter   Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:18 pm

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Viska Ziwia - Shifter
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