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 Melissa Carthur - Human

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PostSubject: Melissa Carthur - Human   Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:30 am

Name: Name of your character: Melissa Izabelle Carthur
Nickname: Mel
Age: Actual Age: 27 Appears: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Occupation: Voluntary Medic; but is a waitress full time.
Appearance: Melissa is a short girl of about 5’1” and weighs a small 120 lbs, but most of that weight is muscle. Her skin color is tan and can be an olive color at times. She has chocolate brown orbs and full rosy lips with dark black hair that goes down to the small of her back. A build that is small and lean, but curvy in the all the right places. On her hip bone, is an outlining of a butterfly tattoo with a tiger lily, and the words in cursive ‘Freedom, beauty, wisdom’. She only has one piercing on her ear and likes to stick to just that.

Race: Human
Rank Requested: Medic
Specialization: Hand gun and Sniper Rifle

Height: 5'1

Weight: 120 lbs

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: Black

Identifying Marks: Tattoo on her left hip
Face Claim: Juggan Kazim
Personality: Melissa, is probably one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. With a heart of gold, she will do anything for her comrades and go so far as to put her own life at risk. But underneath that heart of gold is a steel persona when it comes to her job. She takes it very seriously, and even something as a simple cut needs to be cleaned. If you mess with her job, she won’t hesitate to bop you upside the head for something stupid. But don’t underestimate this girl, for not only is she a good medic, but she is able to take care of herself. And sometimes hates being protected by overbearing men. Always with a hand gun under her jacket, she is ready for anything at any moment in time.
However, she is also very strange, and would rather try to find peace before fighting. Strangely enough, she likes interacting with non-humans, and treats them with kindness rather than with weapons. So often times, you might find this short little medic in the neutral lands just simply walking around. She is a curious one indeed, and is all about research as well.
-Reading/Writing- anything about medicine and research she loves.
-Exercising- there is nothing this girl wouldn’t do to get her daily exercise in
-Shooting- just to keep her aim up, she likes to go to the shooting range every so often
-Nature- through tough times, or even to clear her head, Mel likes ot get out and relax in the peaceful outdoors
-Humanoid Creatures-though she is a human, she does like to do some research and learn about these rather interesting creatures. As they peak interest, and common ground in Melissa’s heart.
-Stupid people- if there is one thing this girl dislikes even more, is people getting hurt on purpose, or telling her it’s not that bad, because she’s going to worry whether you want her to or not.
-War/Battles over something stupid
-Humans who think they are better than everyone, as well as other creatures- again, she won’t hesitate to bop you upside the head
-chocolate- something about the flavor makes her reel in disgust
-Hateful people- Mel is totally against biased people, and will do anything to make things fair and appropriate
Habits: Melissa has a bad habit of always biting her lip and or sticking out her tongue whenever she is concentrating on something. It could be anything really, but she normally does this for no reason at all. Not only that, but she is really bad about believing that everyone is good no matter what. That there is always a soft spot or a goodness in everyone, no matter the creature. This often gets her in trouble that is not wanted and or unnecessary.Bopping people upside the head is one of her infamous moves, it makes sure that whoever gets bopped, that she is dead serious. Often times, it will be placed with a face of unamusement, and or knitted brows. Melissa almost always has two hand guns located on her thighs underneath her medic jacket, and is always ready to pull them out if need be. Not only that, but when mad, she usually walks out and starts shooting things. Not at live things or needed things, but more like trees, and cans. Anything to release her mind of anger. She is definitely not one to get angry, because when she gets angry you know it, and she holds grudges pretty long too. So that would mean a ton of sucking up to do.
As a child growing up in Spain, Melissa was always the odd one, and deeply unliked by most of the school children, and even bullied by them. But only because she would often talked about the creatures she read in her books. While the other school children aspired to work for the government, Melissa only wanted to research the strange creatures. But as she got older, and was raised by her mother, she became a bit more interested, and took often daily walks as a teen to the neutral areas. Often with a notebook in hand to write occurances down. She would lose herself in the neutral areas, and not knowing why either, she just did. Eventually, she ended up volunteering for a lot of shelters, and any place she could to help out. It was like a calling for her to help people, creatures, anything, just as long as she was helping them. And she was extremely happy doing so, for about five years until she turned 17, and then things started to go down hill for Melissa. Her caring and helpful life didn’t change, but her priorities did.
It was a dark night, when she came back from her usual walks in the Nuetral area. Looking up at the place she called home, she soon became terrified, as there were many people and government workers surrounding her house, and going inside. Rushing to the scene, Melissa came to a dead body on the floor in her kitchen. The black raven hair was prominent against the white tiled floor. “Mom…” she cried, and dropped to the floor, moving her body, but not getting a good look at her face, as she was quickly pulled away by men in suits. The only thing she saw were the two marks on her mothers neck, it imprinted on her, and caused her to sway a bit, as she was taken outside. Shock driven, and ultimately hopeless, Melissa didn’t know where to go from there, and with her head in her hands, she watched as her mothers lifeless body was carried to a truck. Right then and there, Melissa became determined, she knew that if she was going to make a living for herself and do something to make her mother proud, she would then enlist for a government job as a medic. However, she needed training first, and got it through a top notch school. Spending up until 23 finishing out school.
After school, she then became determined to be one of the best medics on the field, and volunteered all over the world for different organizations. Dealing with many awful things, but not minding them in the least. She was often praised by medic’s older than her, and would even be better than them. Melissa, in a sense devoted her life to becoming a medic, and so she would do so, and continues to do so. Yet, her determination, also gave way for her to be interested in the other species again. And as she volunteered, she would slip away in her free time to observe these wonderful creatures. Or at least she thought they were wonderful. However, she refused and often ran away whenever a vampire came around. Especially after finding out that her mother was killed by one of them, she definitely likes to keep her distance. Her mind is a simple one indeed, full of care and love and curiosity, but deep down she keeps her true dark past in chains.

Father: Amadeus Carthur | Status:Unknown
Mother: Belarus Rosalyn | Status: Dead
Siblings: N/A
Spouse/Mate: None as of this moment

Offspring: N/A
Pets: N/A
Other Important People: N/A
Joining Keys: Joining keys have been posted and removed! ~ Svet
How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? A link I found
What Would You Like To Be Called? Bex or Becca
What Other Sites Do You Play On?
-Night of the Blood Moon
-Lurking Outcasts
-The Pack Roleplay
-Realm of Light
-Dusk Valley Pack
-The Mirrors Edge
-Asylum de Ethos
-Celestial Wolf Realm
What Characters Do You Play? More than I can count
How Long Have You Been RPing? Exactly 9 months
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Sure, but I’d like to be affiliates first

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Melissa Carthur - Human
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