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 The Lost Ones - Werewolf RPG

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PostSubject: The Lost Ones - Werewolf RPG   Fri May 31, 2013 1:35 pm

Site Name: The Lost Ones
Date Established: o3/22/13
Site Owner: Alpha Gabriel
Theme: Literate Fantasy Werewolf RPG

About Us: Welcome to New York City, wereling. You have the choice of two different packs; the Braveheart Pack ran by Alpha Gabriel whom resides within the forests outside of the city limits in a large cabin and follow the code of strength, integrity and courage. Then we have the enemy pack; Eternal Darkness, the pack of evil and pure darkness, controlled by the slyly cunning Alphess Noctavia. They run the streets at night terrorizing innocent beings and live in a luxurious hotel towards the center of the city. Along the shores of Long Island is the most recent pack. Venantium ; a clan created from Braveheart's previous Beta Male, Jace and Female, Teimhnin due to a disruption from an Eternal Darkness member, whom now lives in the ground. They are the neutral, nor good or bad. What'll it be wereling?

...Choose your path... choose your pack... and begin your destiny....

M Y - C H A R A C T E R S
Rex Edaelion - Brigadier Nikolai - Knight Leviticus

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The Lost Ones - Werewolf RPG
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