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 In Need of a Vacation

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PostSubject: In Need of a Vacation   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:25 pm

Vixin laid in her bed, tossing and turning as the night rolled on by. Finally she threw back the covers and opened the double doors to her bedroom in the lovely Dominus home, and headed out onto the balcony. With a sigh she leaned against the railing and crossed her arms, leaning her head back and looking at the stars as her blue eyes slightly teared from all the stress. Granted she loved it here, among her own kind and with the Dominus, it was just alot to take in. She was so use to being independent and on her own. But for a vampire like Vixin, her feelings were always open. For she dealt with them all the time, tugging at her and always at the surface of her skin. So she had to be quite careful about who she was around, some people cut deeper into her feelings then most. So she closed her eyes and let her head hang once again, her blonde locks acting as a hood adn covering her face from the sides. Fighting the tears for a moment she moved from the rail and entered the room again. While looking around her room, she spotted the certificate she had gotten to the acceptance of the island, Astridax. A small smile crossed her lips as she walked towards the piece of paper in the golden frame she had bought. Taking it off the wall and looking at it she had an idea,"I shall go to Astridax and hopefully release some of this stress. Yes, that is what I shall do." Vixin placed the framed paper back on the wall and moved towards her closet and dresser. Taking out her black suitcase from the top of the closet and throwing it of the bed. She grabbed some tank tops and shorts from the dresser, along with other clothing and placed the neatly folded items in her suitcase. Then moved to the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom and grabbed showering items, placing them in the suitcase as well.

Vixin got dressed in a pair of black shorts and a white tank top, throwing her blonde hair up in a pony tail, and sliding on some flip flops. Just as she was about to head out of the door in the middle of the night she thought,"I might want to let the other vampires or whom ever shall be looking for me know where I am going. For if I don't, I might come back to a lot of mad people who have been looking for me." So she sat down adn took out a piece of paper and wrote:

To whom it may concern,

I have gone to the island of Astridax to relax. If you are looking for me I have a cell with me and you may reach me that way. Here is my number: 342-756-9786. If you shall need me for an emergency, call that number. If you just wish to see me, come and join me or wait till I return to the Dominus's home.

Yours truly,
   Prorex Vixin.

And with that she laid the written note down on the nightstand and left the room. Hers suitcase and purse in hand. Stopping at the door she grabbed her keys to her car and exited the house. Entering the garage she hit the unlock button, the car light flashed as it unlocked. Popping open then trunk she placed her bag inside of it and closed it again. Opening the door to the driver side she lowered herself into the bucket seat and ignited the car engine. The Lamborghini's engine purred to life, Vixin smiled and backed out of the garage and into the street. Soon she was on the highway and zooming towards the airport for catch her flight.

An hour went by as she entered the parking lot for the air port and looked for a spot to park her car, finding one close to the door of the building she smiled and whipped into the spot. Getting out she popped the trunk once more and retrieved her bag from it then headed into the air port building. Looking at her ticket she found what dock she was to go to so she could board the plane. Happily she made her way to dock A7 and walked onto the private plane with awe. Vixin placed her bags in the seat across from her since no one accompanied her on this journey, then sat in her own seat. Soon as she sat down and buckled up the plane took off and lifted into the air. Amazed she looked out of the window like a little kid on their first flight, which for her this was only the second time she had flown to the island, and it still amazed her. But as Vixin got comfortable in her seat she soon drifted to sleep on the plane, dreaming about her time on the beach that was soon to come.

What seemed like moments later a hand was placed on her shoulder, along with the hand a voice spoke to her,"Miss Vixin, we have arrived at the island." Vixin wakes with a start and nods to the older man then gives him a small grin and stands,"thank you good sir." The pilot nods and heads back to the control center of the aircraft. Getting off the plane the sand glittered and sparkled as she moonlight hit it just perfectly. She took off her flip flops and dug her toes into the warm sand and walked on wards towards the house. Entering it moments later and heading for her room upstairs. She placed the suitcase on the floor adn ran out of the double doors to her balcony and then to the railing of the balcony and looked over the ocean as it shined in the moonlight,"this is, gorgeous." But for now she needed to unpack and sleep so she would be rested for tomorrow. So Vixin went back inside the room, leaving the doors open to let the warm breeze flow intot eh room, and began to unpack and then hopped into bed and fell asleep.
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In Need of a Vacation
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