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 Kusunoki Kogane - Human

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PostSubject: Kusunoki Kogane - Human   Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:44 pm

Name: Kusunoki Kogane

Nickname: Kusu

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter/Spy/Assassin - basically any job that pays money (is that allowed?)

Appearance: Kusunoki is a relatively tall, young man who has brown hair and brown eyes. His normal attire is somewhat business-like in that he wears a sort of formal outfit. This consists of a black coat with whit trim, a beige, high-collared button up shirt, a red tie, black slacks and black shoes. When on a job, he dresses to match the situation he will be going into, so his clothing varies accordingly. One physical trait that is apparent is that his facial structure causes it to appear that he is glaring almost all the time.

Human Photo:

Race: Human

Rank Requested: Airman

Specialization: Knives (Best), Guns (Sniper Rifles Specifically)

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 300 lbs

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Identifying Marks: Has a tattoo on his back that looks like this:

Face Claim: ?Anime? Character (don't know if he's fan Made or fan Art)

Personality: Kusunoki tends to be very serious at all times, when he's not on a job. Though he has been known to joke and is very sarcastic a lot of the time. While on a job, his personality will morph to fit the situation that his job has placed him in. He is very suspicious of those he has been assigned to work with, as he never knows who's really working for whom. However, he does not allow his suspicions to interfere with his performance. His suspicions, however, don't end when the job is done. He knows that he's very well likely got some hits on his head as well. This causes Kusunoki to never truly feel safe at any time, place or occasion. Due to the kinds of jobs that he takes, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. "There is no point in being noble whilst doing such ignoble work." Also likely due to the work he does, Kusunoki has a rather dim view of the world and the nature of other sentient beings. "It isn't just Humans that are terrible creatures. Anything that can feel any of the Seven Deadly Sins can be corrupted just as badly." Because he has met a variety of creatures from every race he sees no point in any sort of racism, as he's seen the best and worst parts of every race, though mostly the worst.

1) Getting a job over with as quickly as possible
2) Getting paid for a completed job
3) Others owing him favors
4) Having a blade on him at all times
5) A good book

1) His line of work (ironic, no?)
2) Not knowing something related to a job
3) Getting emotionally attached
4) Not ever feeling safe
5) Stupidity

Habits: Kusunoki has a habit of always moving some part of his body, he is simply incapable of being completely still. This habit makes it difficult for him to pull of stealth missions that require he go completely unnoticed. He also has a habit of talking to himself when deep in thought or trying to work out a difficult problem. This usually appears to others as Kusunoki simply muttering to himself, which could be interpreted a number of ways depending on the observer. He has a habit of asking questions right when whomever it was he was speaking to is lead to believe that the conversation is over or that he is leaving. His speech is also laced rather heavily in sarcasm. It is unclear if he is aware of his sarcasm and questioning. Pretty much all of his habits are almost completely involuntary. If he has any voluntary habits, he is as unaware of them as he is the involuntary habits. There are no obvious dietary habits that he has. Nor are there any obvious habits in terms of recreation or shopping. Despite his involuntary habits he is capable of keeping himself from falling into his habits during a job, with the exception of his inability to remain still.

History: The Kogane house had always been one filled with secrets. It had been a norm since before Kusunoki and Kashiwagi were born. Keeping secrets and gathering information was little more than a hobby for them. Of course all the secrecy eventually came at a price. One day, after being out for one reason or another, Kusunoki came home to find the house he had grown up in all be completely destroyed. All that stood was the brittle, charred skeleton of the building. He entered it cautiously, going through were the front door used to stand. In what had once been the family room, Kusunoki found his father's body. Matsu Kogane had never had what appeared to be an important job, had never appeared to be a man with any sort of sway in politics, nor had he ever seemed to be much more than a Grunt or Airman as far as the military seemed concerned. Yet the state of the house and his father's body told Kusunoki that this was not some arbitrary kill. This had all the hallmarks of a vengeance kill, or a hit made to look like one.

And no matter how hard Kusunoki searched, he could find no trace of his mother, Mominoki Kogane, nor of his sibling. There was no sign of them having been taken, killed or of them having gotten away either. Kusunoki searched until he was completely exhausted and had to rest. That's when they showed up. Some men and women dressed in disposal suites. They didn't ask any questions. They didn't say a word. They just set to work erasing what little was left of Kusunoki's home and past.
Then a voice behind him spoke up. "A shame, really. He had always done such a fine job working for us."

Kusunoki turned to face the voice, but all he could see was another disposal suite. He couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman who was speaking, neither by voice nor by physical appearance. "What are you talking about?" he asked. For a long time the person in the suite didn't say a word. They just stood there, as if measuring Kusunoki up, the way one judges meat at the butcher's before purchase. Feeling like that made Kusunoki extremely uncomfortable and angry, but he was too tired to do anything about it. Finally, after what felt like hours, the suite answered. "Your father worked for me. He collected sensitive information, took out troublemakers and made trouble for others." This answer, of course, raised far more questions than it had answered.

"Impossible. My father couldn't have been much more than an Airman." Kusunoki had retorted. The suite merely shrugged at his disbelief. They then took a few steps around so they were then standing in front of Kusunoki. "Believe whatever you want to believe. But the fact remains: Your father was killed by someone who was very well trained. And you mother and sibling are missing as well, aren't they?" Kusunoki only nodded in response. How had this suite gotten information about his father than he, after fifteen years of looking, hadn't even caught a whiff of? "Who are you?" Kusunoki asked. A simple approach to getting information. However, it usually got an answer. It was an odd question for someone to avoid answering. "You, Kusunoki, may call me 'Boss.'"

"Why would I call you 'Boss?'" Kusunoki asked. Another shrug. Damn this suite was getting on his nerves. "You would call me 'Boss' or you could just disappear and die like the rest of your family." the suite answered. An offer that he couldn't very well refuse. Kusunoki sighed in defeat and agreed to call the suite 'Boss.' From that day on, starting at the age of 15, Kusunoki was trained in the various arts of subterfuge and assassination. He was sent into every territory to kill, start rebellions or to simply gather vital information. "To the public and the government, you'll be considered an Airman." the suite told him. "But officially, you no longer exist." Kusunoki couldn't really argue with this information, but he had always felt that Airman was a rather low rank, considering the work he had been doing for the last seven years. At the same time, no one ever suspected an Airman of being at the heart of the incidents he was either. "Low or not, the rank works in my favor."

Father: Matsu Kogane | Status: Dead

Mother: Mominoki Kogane | Status: Unknown

Siblings: Kashiwagi Konage | Status: Unknown

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: "Boss" | Status: Alive

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Kusunoki Kogane - Human
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