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 Alpha Lucian - Werewolf

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Alpha Lucian
Alpha Lucian

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PostSubject: Alpha Lucian - Werewolf   Fri May 31, 2013 7:31 pm

Name: Lucian Cassius Silviu

Nickname: Lucian or Alpha

Age: 4,569 | Appears 25

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Runs a business: Silver Gauntlet - Produces Weapons/Devices to kill Vampires

Appearance: Hazel green eyes shine bright in the light of the moon. He is not the tallest man in his human form, but once he shifts to his Primal Form, he is the largest beast of them all. His forms are both very muscular, lined with muscles up and down. It's funny, with or without the beast, Lucian is rather hairy. As a child he was made fun of for it, but he does not mind. The opinions of sheep do not affect the wolf. In his primal form, he stands at about 15 feet tall, fully extended on his rear paws. His fur is thin, all times of the year, but he does not feel the cold as humans do. His body temperature is always very hot.

Human Photo:

Race: Werewolf

Rank Requested: Alpha

Specialization: Shifts into a large beast

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 5'11" | 15'3"

Weight: 173 lbs | 369 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color:  Brown | Black Fur

Identifying Marks: None | Scars tattered over his fur

Face Claim: Robert Downey Jr. or RDJ

Personality: Many who have been "privileged" to have a pleasant conversation with Lucian, have said he is a charmer. Though he is also an asshole to most he meets. He keeps his friends close, but his enemies closer. If he hates you, you will know. He is not fake or gives off a fake impression to others. He does not care what others think of him, only his own happiness. He is selfish and conceded, thinking he is the best damn thing to walk the earth. He has one main goal in life - to destroy all the vampires. He will do anything to get what he wants, even kill. As a young boy he had nothing, but now that he has everything he could want, he only wishes to keep it all for himself. He has an addictive personality, normally finding a cigarette or bottle of liquor tight in his hands. He does not take kindly to disrespectful people, and he punishes for those things with a hard fist. He will not stand down to an argument if he believes he is correct. Though most will stay away from Lucian for his height and power, he will never back down from any fight.

A. Sex
B. Women
C. Killing
D. Fast Cars
E. Danger

A. Vampires
B. Homosexuals
C. Weakness
D. Humans
E. Silver

Habits: He is addicted to smoking and drinking. He will often do both things at the same time. When he gets bored, he likes to take out his small knife and play with it, carving things symbols or words in trees or anything able to hold his etching. His hands often find themselves in his pockets, but not for the cold. He often does not know what to do with his hands. When he patrols his border, he does it in primal form, about ninety percent of the time. He loves to scare humans and terrorize them. He does not read literature or do anything of that nature. He would rather be running in the wilds or walking along the streets, watching people interact with every day life. He does enjoy going to the movies and watching horror films. He has a habit of sleeping on his back. He has tried to break it, but along with his slumber comes snoring. He snores loudly, uncontrollable by man or beast. If he had the choice, he would choose to sleep all day.

History: Born to a lone mother, Lucian was abandoned by his father, even before he was born. She raised him to best she could for the start of their lives together. Lucian was a smart boy, picking up things as he quickly went about. But when the economy changed and his mother could no longer afford to live in their nice house, they moved to the forest. In the middle of the woods, their house hid in the trees. Too young for school, Lucian stayed home alone most days, waiting for his mother to come home and be with him. At the young age of five, he was preparing his own meals. When he was old enough for first grade, he started going to school. But most of the time he would walk alone. One night when he was coming home from work, he heard a noise behind his back. His eyes focused as he held his bag to his chest. His heart rate increased as well as his breathing. The crunching of dead leaves stalked behind him. He quickened his pace and then turned to run. As he moved about the land, his mouth opened wide, breathing in and out. As the chilled breath escaped from his lips, he could hear his follower doing the same. About a couple feet from his home, he tripped over a root sticking from the ground. As he fell, he could feel the creature approaching even closer. Gasps and whines escaped from his lips as he tried to crawl from his position, the leaves slipping under each move from the beast. But before he could slip away, a large paw pressed down on his back, forcing him to stay. Tears fell from his eyes as he he tried his hardest to get away. The beast weighed him down, lifting his head and howling to the night sky. On the back of Lucian's neck, he could feel drops of something cold and wet. As he slowly rolled over, he looked up to it. With the reflection of the moon, the boy could barely see the build up of foam around its mouth. Before the boy could leave or do anything at all, the beast lowered his muzzle to the boy and wrapped his gnarly jaws around his neck. With a hard press and snarls, the brute punctured Lucian's skin, transferring saliva and other fluids with the boy's own blood.

With the taste of fresh blood in it's mouth the creature went for another bite, but before it could strike, the boy had grabbed hold of a large rock and bashed it against his skull. Feeling the pain of the blunt force, the beast moved from the boy, backing away with a whine. The boy gathered to his feet, leaving his bag behind and dashing towards his house. The beast did not come after the boy. As he got to the door, he ran inside and locked it behind him. He moved through the back of the house, making it to the bathroom. As the seven year old looked at his wound in the mirror, he was confused and scared. What attacked him? A dog? A wolf? There was nothing he could do. Taking the medicine kit from the cabinet, he grabbed the wraps and went to secure himself, stopping the bleeding that came from his fresh wound. Covering it up, he grabbed a new shirt from his wound and tried his best to forget about it. Late that night when he went to bed, he dreamed of the whole ordeal and would for the rest of his days in this skin.

Years passed, the old wound, now a scar, would flash with heat now and then, causing the boy to groan and wince in pain. But it was not until the tenth birthday of the boy that things really started to change. It was the night that things were strange. As he laid in his bed, he stared out the window, peering off into the distance. His eyes turned up to the sky, peering at the clouds as they lazily moved from their positions. But as he stared, a small glimmer of light peeked through the clouds, his attention was drawn. But as soon as the moon showed itself in completion, Lucian felt a sharp pain shoot throughout his body. He could feel a sharp and tugging pain throughout his whole body. Pushing himself to the floor, the light of the moon illuminated on his skin. His eyes watched as everything started to change. First it was the hair on his body, it changed quickly, growing more and more. As the pain coursed through his small body, it started to grow and expand. His legs grew longer, as well as his arms. His hands stretched to an unusual shape and his snout followed afterwards. As his bones stretched and grew much larger, his muscles followed suit. With horrible screams and then a long howl, the transformation was completed. Looking to the window, he snarled and bounded through it, crashing into the glass and sending it flying about the room.

As four paws hit the floor, the young boy lifted his head into the night and released a blood-curdling howl into the night. After that, his mother never saw him again, at least, not to her knowledge. Afraid to come home to her, he lived within the woods around her house, watching and waiting for anything to happen. One night as he watched a gentleman approached her door. He was greeted with a hug and a kiss upon his cheek. Lucian snarled in his primal form, watching as the scene played on. Behind his back, he held flowers and a small box. The beast neared his old home, watching intently. But as he got closer, he could smell something strange about the man. He was not alive. Curious by this stranger, he neared even closer, but it was too late. His mother had already accepted his entrance into her home. But as the door closed, the werewolf made eye contact with the undead man, his eyes were bright blue. They reminded him of a calm lake between the forest of trees, hidden from all of mankind. And then they were gone. Quickly the beast moved about the house, looking for a window to display their location. Once he found one, they were seated in the living room with the fire blazing before them. It was astonishing to see a smile upon her face, surely she had missed her dear Lucian, perhaps not. But as he watched the scene closer, she seemed to be in some sort of trance. She was not herself and surely not anything he had ever seen in her. Her hands graced him playfully, feeling parts of him he wished he did not witness. But as the beast turned his eyes away, he heard a muffled scream. Alert, his eyes ripped back to the window, watching as things rapidly changed between the two. The man was over her, her back pressed to the couch and a faint smell started to overcome his senses. Blood. Angrily, he moved to the front of the house, howling at the main door as he busted it down. When he barged into the living room, the creature had changed, his complexion was no longer a natural color, it was almost white. His eyes were wide and blood slipped from the edges his lips. With a hiss he vanished in thin air. Instead of racing after him, he shifted back to his human form and went to his mother's side. She no longer had a pulse. She was dead. The pain and grief flushed over his body, as he shifted back into his primal form. In his rage, he tore the house to shreds, then carried his mother's body outside. Once he found a peaceful patch in the center of trees, he buried her there.

For years he loomed around the area his mother had died, living in her abandoned house and learning more about his new life. It was not until he had finished the change in puberty that he decided he no longer wished to be alone anymore. For months he fixed up the house he had ruined all those years ago, making it just as beautiful as the day they moved in. He had learned much about his human shell and his primal form that he had a rather good hold on each. He could control them to change when he wished for it. It was only then, that he decided to find a mate. His primal urges were worse than the ones of his human flesh. They needed to mate, to breed offspring and bring meaning to his life. All his family were dead. But how was he going to find another as himself? Thinking back to the rabid creature that had bitten him, it gave him an idea. If he was bitten, perhaps he could bite others. Quickly he made his way to the town and imposed himself to be a high school student, just recently transferred from another school. The girls adored his bright hazel eyes and his charm. One girl in particular caught his eye though. Her name was Claire. She was the most beautiful girl in his school, smart, passionate, and everything the wolf wished to make his own. For weeks, he stalked her, watching what she ate, who she hung out with, what classes she took. He even changed around his schedule to see her at least three times a day. When it came time for homecoming, Lucian had asked her out. Of course she said yes, he was the most wanted boy in the school. All the girls knew there was something different about him, but they could never figure it out. And so he pursued her, "wooing" her as the humans called it. Like a fairy tale, the two fell in love. He was very passionate with her, taking all the stops to their budding romance. He did everything perfect for her. Anything she wanted, was hers. And soon they moved to his cottage in the woods and their romance flourished. In the dead of night, under the full moon, the male took his soon to be mate and changed her himself. The experience was painful for both of them, but he wished to be with her forever, to adore every inch of her.

For a time they were perfectly happy. He helped her with her phasing, while she provided the perfect household for him and their young. Lucian raised them while Claire taught them manners and other things all humans should know. They were the perfect team, that was until one of their children was killed. Jasten was just like his father: large, deadly, and bright green eyes. He wanted to do anything that would please him, so he joined a pack of rebels to fight off the humans. Of course, Jasten had only left a note for his family, instead of telling them his plan right off. By the time either Claire nor Lucian had discovered the note, he was long gone. Of course Lucian went after his son, doing anything to protect him from certain death. The humans technology had advanced, bringing them weapons that could kill Vampires and Werewolves alike. The male headed out, following the scent of the one he held dear to his heart. As he approached on the scene of battle, he was quick to spot Jasten, his shadow, his spitting image. There he was, attacking a human, but he was too late. The female had already killed him, stabbing him with her blade. He released a howl of rage and anger, but as he made his way towards her, the forces were retreating. Lucian snarled and did the same, returning with the horrid news for his mate.

Years had passed and their young had decided it was time to move on and spread the wolf race. With a heavy heart, the proud parents allowed their offspring to leave, searching for new lives. The two werewolves decided to live alone for a while. But after many more years, they grew lonely. They started a pack of their own, the original werewolf pack. Their children never returned, and they did not know if they were alive or dead. But their pack thrived, for a while. The humans learned of their tricks and forged some sort of medicine that rejected the werewolf bite, not allowing the human to change. So the werewolves found other ways. Humans could not build a tolerance to werewolf saliva or blood, no matter how hard they tried. The only thing was, humans could not change from the human shell, it had to be from the primal form only. But they worked their issues out and more younglings were added to their pack. It would not be long until the humans and vampires learned of their breeding and growing. Their numbers increased and surely this would cause more issues among them. One of the different species would take the only thing that mattered to Lucian and his world would change forever.

On a dark night, Lucian had decided to take members of the pack for a hunt. Promotions had occurred and celebration was required. He begged Claire to join him, but she refused, wishing to stay home and rest her pregnant body. So with a kiss to her cheek and smile for her eyes alone, the Alpha male set out with his pack to hunt. Claire watched them leave, until she could see them no longer. The werewolves no longer wished to live among the humans, it was far too dangerous for them. But they could not hide forever. In fact, they had been found. A thief had wandered into their land, searching for gold or any other valuable items he could trade or sell to the Dark Passenger. Into their dwelling, he crept, quiet as a mouse and to the sleeping female, he was rather deadly. As he lurked about their abode, he smiled at the trinkets along the walls, the silverware, and other valuable things. But as he slipped into the bedroom, he saw her. By the smells of the place, he could tell she was not human. Although he did not plan to kill her, she woke up from her sleep as he stirred in her drawers. Getting up to defend herself and her home, he plunged a silver blade through her heart. Gasping for air, she slowly rested her body to the mattress. The thief heard the coming paws of victory as the wolves returned to their homes. Opening up the back window, he slipped out, leaving behind a human crafted blade. As Lucian brought his kill into their room, the trophy of antlers clenched in his grip, he looked over his mate's sleeping body. She seemed peaceful, but a horrid stench traced over his nose. He believed it to be the kill in his hands, but as he sat on the bed and rested his hand beside her, he discovered blood. Fresh blood. Dropping the kill to the floor, he wrapped his arms around his mate and howled a long and drawn out howl in sadness. From that point on, he swore he would not allow his heart to control him any longer. He would be free to act as he pleased and he would take revenge on the humans and vampires that stole lives from him.

Father: Unknown | Status: Unknown

Mother: Kiya | Status: Killed by Demetri

Siblings: None

Spouse/Mate: Claire Silviu | Status: Killed by Mora - Kitsune
Eden Delilah White | Status: Flirting...

Jasten Silviu | Status: Killed by Liara
Too Many To Name/Count | Status: Unknown

Pets: None

Other Important People: Eden Delilah White | Status: Alive - Regina of the Shifters

Joining Keys: Member posted all joining keys and have been removed for fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Co-Owner
What Would You Like To Be Called? Lucian/Steele/Azy OOC name, can be real or fake... Could even be Character's name
What Other Sites Do You Play On? AGE, HG, INC, LOST
What Characters Do You Play?AGE: Alpha Steele, Warrior Odin, Apprentice Samael; HG: Alpha Azrael, Delta Teren; INC: Apprentice Nash; LOST: Alpha Jace, Guardian Travis, Apprentice Kaehl
How Long Have You Been RPing? Almost a year now..
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?Me, myself, and I...
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes
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Alpha Lucian - Werewolf
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