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 Soulless Guardians

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PostSubject: Soulless Guardians    Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:56 pm

Name Of Site: Soulless Guardians
Owner's Character: Vladimir Tepesh
Date it Opened: Sept 2, 2013
Type Of Site: Fantasy
Description Of Site: Based off of the books by Sherrilyn Kenyon, this futuristic RP is full of danger and suspense. Centuries into the future, the portals to Hell have opened. Demons and Daimons roam the earth. Dark-Hunters battle against them for the soul purpose of keeping the human race alive. Were-Hunters aid both species in battle but hunt each other as well. Insanity is close on everyone’s minds and no one is safe. Many cannot survive the chaos, can you?
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Soulless Guardians
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