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 Queen Willow - Mora

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Queen Willow
Queen Willow

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PostSubject: Queen Willow - Mora   Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:22 am

Name: Willow Ayers

Nickname: Wil is fine.

Age: 83 years | looks to be 22

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Owner of a club/waitress

Appearance: Soft, semi-curly brunette/auburn hair just touches the ends of her shoulder blades. Calico ears of a cat lay on top of her head, in place of the human ones she would’ve had. Orange-ish gold, almond shaped eyes are framed by a multitude of dark brown lashes. Her skin is fair from the tip of her head to her toes, with freckles that are hardly visible. She has a slightly muscular frame, her body curved with limbs that give her the grace of a cat. Willow’s spine extends at the base, providing a tail that matches her ears. The tail retracts when she wishes to hide it, but the ears must be hidden with other ways. Usually, a beanie covers them but still allows her to hear very well. Many tattoos cover her upper body as well as a ring pierced into her nostril. In her cat form, she matches the looks of a female calico cat. City people take her for a stray and move on.

Human Photo:

Race: Mora

Rank Requested: Queen

Specialization: Ability to shift into a cat.

Primal Form Photo:

Height: Human Form: 5"4| Primal Form: 1"1

Weight: Human Form: 120 lbs | Primal Form: 7 lbs

Eye Color: Orange

Hair Color: Human Form: Auburn/Brunette mix | Primal Form: Calico

Identifying Marks: Human Form: Tattoos covering her arms | Primal Form: Heart-shaped black patch on her ear

Face Claim: Karole Katarina Spootnick Asso

Personality: Willow is a gentle soul despite what she has gone through her entire life. She believes in ruling her subjects with kindness above all things. The neko deciphers her professional workings apart from her unprofessional ones. Even in the worst of times she wants to put on a big smile and carry on for the sake of others. She is extremely curious about the other 'supernatural' creatures that roam the world and wishes to befriend them all. Holding Willow back from what she wants to do isn't the best thing for anyone because she is too stubborn. She leads with organization and pride in her race. Though mostly independent, Willow has gained an affectionate side towards the others of her race. There really is no telling how she is going to act one moment or the next, and she isn't one that is quick to come to attention. She likes to drift off into her own thoughts at most peaceful times. The neko is smart and calm in dangerous situations. And, in fatal ones, she is quick to act.

- Reptiles
- Hot cocoa
- Pears
- The color orange
- Meeting new people

- Liars
- Mangoes
- Hospitals
- Science labs
- Yelling

Habits: Willow tends to keep how she feels and her opinions hidden from others. Like a cat, her tail will lash from side to side when angry or irritated. Her ears will pin back when she is angry, sad, or under any kind of emotional distress. Whenever she is eager or nervous, she will often fiddle with her hands and babble mindlessly. Willow often will flick her ears around, but that hardly means anything. The queen does not often lie, but when she does it's easy to tell. Her face will either turn red or she will not look at you directly. In extreme situations, Willow often wrings her hands to think. When trying to figure something out she will twist the ends of her hair and frown. Anytime all the time, when in conversation, Willow will smile and nod when she does and doesn't know what someone is saying. The slightest tilt of her head will tell someone that she really ha no clue, not that she would admit such a thing. When Willow is furious, her cheeks will flush red and she will hiss beneath her breath.

History: Number three was just one embryo among the other fifty of the same tests subjects that grew in their mothers. Pregnant women that had given up their children all for a great deal of money. The first three developing babies were injected with the DNA of either a cat, a dog, or a fox. 22478 had that of a cat’s and adapted by developing the speed, grace, and strength a cat would have. Along with that, skeletal structure changed to allow feline ears and a tail as an addition of her spine. It could somehow retract back into a space in the bottom of her spine. The same went for the other three that had been tested, except for different species DNA. Number three was the third to be born, and with the same reaction from her mother as the other two had. They couldn’t stand to look at what they had created, at what had been growing inside of them for the past nine months. Each mother was paid her money and each handed their child over to the pair of caretakers assigned. Each baby was taken care of like a child in a foster home, just with scientists caring for them. Vital signs were checked daily and observations were made. It seemed that the children aged like normal babies and bodily functions were human. Only changes that had developed were ones where animal DNA replaced. The ears and tails weren’t bothered with because they had already observed that while the child was in the womb. Altogether, it was considered as a success. They did not know that what was a success would years later become a failure.

As each of the three experiments turned the age of four years, they were taken from their cozy foster homes to the cold cages of the lab. To #3, it seemed like an adventure. She went along with everything they did to her. The ‘caretakers’ clasped a collar around her neck and showed her what it did. To the four year old’s understanding, the collar was a special necklace that made sure she was healthy everyday and let the ‘doctors’ know when she needed medicine. The scientists never told her that every vital sign was being monitored and that if she became too violent, electric waves from the collar would shock her into sleep. #3 remained blissfully unaware of those things while she was introduced to her cage. It was a only a tiny bit larger than a dog crate, complete with a dog bed a barred door that unlatched in the front. The walls were cold, unforgiving steel that left her in darkness every time she was put into it. Food they gave her wasn’t human anymore, but either a mush or a beverage they gave her all the nutrients for her to survive another day.

With new living also came new routines. #3 wasn’t allowed to leave her cage unless her caretakers opened the doors to take her out. The first time they did, she was brought to a small room. Once there, she was strapped securely to a hospital bed. A tray of needles and ink was placed to the right of her as a strange man came into the room. When she asked, they told her that she was going to have a pretty tattoo that stayed forever. She was satisfied with that answer and didn’t struggle against the restraints. When the needle touched the skin of her forearm, there was pain. Being only a four year old, she began to cry and begged for it to stop. When it didn’t, she became terrified and she screamed in anguish for them to let her go. Her caretakers did nothing but watched as black numbers were tattooed into her forearm, a printed version of her ‘name’. She started to become violent, risking breaking her own bones in order to escape her restraints. Just as she had been about to break her own ankle, a button was pushed and everything went black. Her body went limp as she fell into a deep sleep. All with the help of a collar, the number three would be with the young child permanently. When it all was done, she was placed back into her cage and given nutrient-mush. Her skin had felt raw underneath the bandage that covered her inked forearm.

Experiments started as soon as her skin had healed and she was used to her new living style. She was injected with serums every day for two weeks. #3 didn’t know, but each shot was given to prepare her for the surgery that would take place. They once again opened the door to her dark-filled prison and leashed her collar to the small room. Fear had made her want to flee at the site of the room where she had been inked and labeled. She was compliant as they again strapped her to the bed, this time face down. An IV was put into her hand and she fell asleep, only to wake back up in her cage and suddenly feel warm. Her caretakers observed her as she explored her own body, realizing that it no longer had any human likeness at all. She was a small, domestic-looking calico cat. The sight of herself in the mirror made her jump and suddenly she was herself again. A girl with feline ears and a tail and the collar changed with her. After a few more times, she was able to transform at will. There was a discomfort in the back of her neck and found that her fingers touched a line of stitches. At first, poking them hurt and she wanted to rip them out. After a while she had grown used to them and she slept in her cat form. What the scientists had done was left a mystery, but at least she had more room in her cage.

If you asked her now about her experience in the labs, she wouldn’t tell you a thing. Her mind would go back to the times she spent being locked in a cage, only to be dragged out by a leash. She had spent the previous years being poked and prodded. Screams of agony were no longer heard because she had grown so used to it. They viewed her insides while she was awake, and she let them without a single word.

The simulations were what pushed the young neko over the edge. They dragged her out of the cage and into a completely different room. She didn’t even bother to look up, thinking it was just another surgery. A few lights were turned on and the door was slammed behind her. The audible click of the lock made her look up, only to see a thick forest full of pine trees. At first she thought they had let her go and that the collar was inactivated. #3 ran as far away as she could until she felt like she had hit a wall. Thinking that it must’ve been a tree, she looked up. A huge metal wall stood before her and made her realize that she in fact wasn’t free. When she turned around, that forest was there again. The young neko was utterly confused, but that wasn’t the worst of her worries. A low growling sound came from her right, and she saw a pair of yellow eyes. The form of an animal she couldn’t recognize stood before her, drool dripping from its snarling face. Fear made her run the other way until she felt teeth sinking into her flesh. She screamed for help, but no one heard her. Whatever creature that had been chasing now had her on the ground. It bit into her neck and its claws shredded her arms. Her blood spattered and dripped across the forest floor. The pain was so severe, and with one final bite everything went black.

She woke in a puddle of her own blood, not a single cut or bite marking her flesh. Her collar was beeping along to her heartbeat. The neko screamed out of confusion as the forest faded into a metal-walled room. A door that she hadn’t seen was unlocked, her caretakers stepping into the room. When she looked down, the puddle of blood had faded along with the forest round her. The leash was clipped onto her collar again and she was laid onto another hospital bed. This was familiar to her, and she let them put the restraints on her. Four wires were stuck onto her head, one on each temple and one on each side of the base of her neck. The machine that provided the wires was foreign to her, as was the feeling she got when it was turned on. There was a sudden pressure on her head, making her feel like they were crushing her skull. She screamed in pain as the pressure was followed by agonizing electric charges. The young neko thrashed against her restraints, howling from the pain of it all. There didn’t seem to be any reason for what they were doing, which confused and scared her further. Her scientists were taking her reactions to the simulations and studying them. The machine allowed them to see her memory and what scale she had functioned on. When it was done, the neko had already fainted in pain and she was tossed into her cage without a care.

The simulations went on like that for years with each one in a different climate. Every time, she would get a little better at fighting off what was designed to ‘kill‘ her. She grew used to the fear of them, but not the pain of the machine. That machine made her go more and more insane every day until her memories and reactions were unreadable. As she lay twitching unconsciously, they deemed her of no use to them anymore. She was acting on more animal instinct than human. The neko was now fifteen years of age, but that made no sense to her anymore. Any time the humans came by to feed her, she would growl and hiss. A few times some were stupid enough to try to toy with her. She bit and tore into their hands until they were shredded. Eventually no one came to feed her anymore and she starved slowly. She never saw her caretakers again, but the animal no longer cared.

Unfamiliar scientists came to remove her collar one day. They were going to use it for the next experiment that came in and met the same fate she had. #3 was too weak to bite or struggle against them, and she barely noticed when they began rolling her cage to somewhere deeper in the labs. She just lay there, a small calico cat starving to death. As they opened to door, the room erupted with noise. Barks and meows sounded around her and she opened her eyes slightly. Suddenly, she was surrounded by others her kind. Some of them took on the forms of dogs while others were either cats like her or foxes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There were probably five hundred of her kind in one room, and they were rolling her cage down the isle in the middle of all of them. When she looked closer, she noticed that some weren’t moving or breathing. They looked as if they had died before they could get to this room. Others were well fed and alive, their eyes didn’t have an inhuman glint like hers. The neko’s ears pinned themselves against her skull as she shifted to her semi-human form. They rolled her cage to a stop, and she was thrown into a one with barred walls. This cage allowed her to see the two creatures on each side of her. When her orange eyes turned on them, she noticed the one on her left was part fox. The other on her right was part dog, and he smiled at her kindly. She hissed at him and recoiled to the other side of her cage. The fox creature next to her looked dead, its body a skeleton. She looked back to the dog-boy and blinked at him before coming slightly closer. “What is your number?”, he asked. She had no idea what he was asking, her animal side didn’t recognize his words. When she tilted her head, she heard him sigh. “Ah, your switch was flipped”, he said. When she blinked again, he slowly held up his arm. On it, the number one was tattooed on the skin of his forearm. She held up her own arm to show him the number three on it. This time he gasped and grabbed her arm. She clawed him away from her, but not before she heard him whisper, “You were the first neko mora. I was the first of all of us, an inu.” She didn’t know what ‘mora‘ meant, but her mind told her that this was her species. Without another word, he curled up as close to her cage as he could and fell asleep. She did the same and their backs touched through the bars. They both fell asleep to the sounds of animals in their prison.

Number three gradually became more sane, all with the help of the inu next to her. She was never taken out for experiments anymore, the humans believed she was too far gone. Number one showed her how to keep them from using her by biting and clawing any time they were fed. Sudden docile changes would put a mora back to being experimented on. Each day when it was feeding time, she and her inu would shift into their animal forms and attempt to hurt the humans. After that they would switch back and eat. Number one usually conversed with others around their cages while she watched and tried to understand. One day he didn’t talk to the others, but addressed her directly. “You know, I think we need names for each other. Since you can’t exactly name me, I’ll have to name myself. As for you, though, I think I’ll call you ‘Willow’. I’ll be 'Grey'.” He then explained to her that when he went through the simulations, there was a tree called a willow that he hid from predators. The tree seemed innocent enough, like she did. He then told her that his dog form was that of a gray husky, and hers was a calico cat. She knew just enough to understand most of what he was saying, but not enough to talk. Every day after that, Grey made her join his conversations with others and called her ‘Willow’.

Grey would talk to her constantly, trying to convince her to speak his language. Willow began to understand after a month of his words, and her mouth would sometimes form vowels as he spoke. Every time she tried to talk, he would remain and silent and wait. She usually shook her head, realizing that she couldn’t yet do it. He would sigh and hold her hand through the bars, telling her stories about his time in the lab usage. Anytime she looked confused Grey would explain to her what he meant. He always brought up the word ‘escape’ while spoke, saying that he would get everyone out someday. That the humans would one day slip up and he would be able to escape into the real world. Grey also told her the reason they weren’t being let out in the first place. “The other humans rejected us when our mothers did. They were horrified with what we were. All of the scientists would’ve left us alone if the world accepted us, but then we were rejected. Mora became science playthings, and nothing else.” Willow listened wide eyed, then her mouth opened to ask a question. “W-wouldn’t t-t-the wo-rld st-still r-r-reject u-us?” Grey sat there in stunned silence for a minute before her spoke back. “We can hide what we are, make a home away from most humans. The scientists removed our collars because we were no longer of use to them, so why take up their empty lab space?” After that conversation, Willow began to talk more frequently. ‘Grey’ soon became ‘Brother’, and they loved each other so. They were a family, she and the other mora.

The mora acted like they always did when the humans came to feed them. Each cage was opened and food was slid inside. When they got to Willow’s cage and the latch clicked, she shoved with all of her weight at the door. The feeder lay stunned on the ground and Willow covered his mouth and nose long enough for him to faint. All week she had been watching how to open the cages. Grey’s came first, and she let him out with a click of the latch. She and Grey opened at least three hundred of the cages when an alarm sounded. Willow had rushed to the door and was leading the ongoing line of mora out of the labs. Grey had known the exit, and he taught it to her. He told her that all of the scientists went home just before they were fed. There was full security outside of the building, but what human could catch a dog, cat, or fox just by running?

As the mora ran, Willow searched for Grey. She could see him running to a darker place and heard yelling for her. The neko chased after her brother. She was only about four feet away when the guns sounded. All mora dashed for cover, including Willow herself. She watched as mora after mora were shot and killed, unable to do anything without dying herself. Cats, dogs, and foxes alike were killed, and blood spattered the pavement. As the final gunshot sounded, Willow watched as the humans went back into the building. They had shot as many as they could catch and see, which was about one hundred. Willow walked among their remains and went to the place where Grey had hidden. Before he had left, he told her this. “I love you, little sister. Promise that when this all is over, you will come find me. We can lead mora safely hand in hand, a brother and sister duo. Keep yourself safe and promise me that if something goes wrong, you will lead the mora on your own.” Those last words rang true in her head. Directly in front of her, in a bloody mess, laid Grey’s dead body.

(Four years later....)

Willow walked into the forest at the edge of the city, heading for a small patch of flowers. She had made her home at the edge of the city, hiding herself just like she was taught to do. As far as anyone knew, she was a normal nineteen year old human. Now, as she walked into the meadow, she felt completely different. Willow had buried her brother in this place, it was the first thing she had done. She hadn’t taken Grey’s death well, sobbing in agony as she carried his lifeless body into a random forest. The neko lived in the forest for a few days after she buried her brother before getting herself together and continuing what she and Grey had set out to do. Now, she had huge house in a forgotten part of the city. Willow had found a few others like herself leaving to hide among other places. When they realized she was the one who let them out, they thanked her and flew off. A few years later, thousands of dollars were being sent to her yearly and in small amounts. It seemed like the other mora had grown huge in business and they had her to thank.

Now, she has created the ranks of her kind and goes into the city daily to find others like her. When all that money was sent to her, she was smart and saved it until she had enough to start her own life. She bought a large mansion on the edge a village and a car to drive out into the city when she needed it. Along with that she owns what is now called the Lavender Lounge. The lounge brings enough money for her to pay for her mora followers and then some. As far as humans know, it is owned by a very rich man named J.E. Clemmings. Willow walks among the city unknown of who and what she. Sometimes she will go into a random place and the humans would be attracted by her eyes. Anytime someone asks for her name, she remembers Grey and thinks of their kinship. The neko looks at the human and smiles, simply saying, “Willow.”

Father: Unknown | Status:Unknown

Mother: Unknown | Status: Alive

Siblings: Grey | Status: Dead

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: Bruce | Alligator | Status: Alive

Other Important People: Noble Connor | Status: Alive

Joining Keys: Membership Accepted!

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I'm an admin...
What Would You Like To Be Called? Wil or Willow please
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of the Wolves, Haven's Grove, The Lost Ones, Soulless Guardians.
What Characters Do You Play? Age of the Wolves: Elite Nyx & Warrior Ember | Haven's Grove: Warrior Ivy | The Lost Ones: Alphess Teimhnin, Doctor Evie, Rayne Valentine | Soulless Guardians: Queen Genesis, Priestess Brielle
How Long Have You Been RPing? 3 Years
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Dux Calise, Warrior Sydney
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes

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Queen Willow - Mora
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