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 Skyler Madison - Human

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Airman Skyler
Airman Skyler

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PostSubject: Skyler Madison - Human   Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:01 pm

Name: Skyler Rose Madison

Nickname: Sky for short is fine..

Age: 26 Years Old

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual...

Occupation: Archery trainer for young adults.

Appearance: As a female, she is regularly tall and reaches the height known to the present as 'average', though they was she walks could tell another different. Her legs are rather long in this case, and her torso is thin, much like the rest of her figure as well as a beautifully toned jaw to match. With time, her muscles fortunately toned through training as did her sense of eye through the skills she earned. Her hair is long and wavy, sometimes thought to be a mess, but it is natural. It is dark chocolate brown, mixed with some highlights of a lighter brown to where she did not know where she got it from. Her eyes are a mix of a light blue and faint green, a natural color in most humans when combined. As for her skin tone, that she has no knowledge on how she received it, for her family was a mix of different origins, but in all that aside, her skin is a golden color, or perhaps an olive skin in some people's opinion. Either way, she is quite nicely fit in her body, and knows well of when to use it to good and worse of times.

Human Photo:

Race: Human

Rank Requested: Airman

Specialization: Bow/Crossbows

Height: 5ft, 7inches

Weight: 135lbs

Eye Color: Bluish greenish

Hair Color: Dark brown, natural highlights.

Identifying Marks: Small meaningless hip tattoo she got when she was a teenager.

Face Claim: Nicole Meyer

Personality: Skyler is a rather interesting woman. She does not interact with most to one would say and tends to go off where ever she feels like. From adolescence, she has always carried a hypnotizing rebellious attitude and sometimes attracts the attention of others when noticed. If encountered with duties from authorities or superiors, she knows when she will do them and knows their expectations well enough to do as she is told. She does not expect much to come from most people around her, though, as for the change in generation and climate as shifted over her years and she has now developed into a young woman. However, like most young woman at the age of mid twenties, she's reached the stage where she realizes that one cannot have fun forever and be as young feeling as she is now. Thus, this causes her personality to act out and try new experiences, both with relationships and socializing when she feels it's best needed. If found alone, she is most likely to be training in the peace of an empty room, or perhaps in her quarters listening to music to herself as she hums along while getting lost in her own world.

- Archery
- Listening to music
- Being called mature.
- Partying.
- Flirting in general.

- Clowns
- Paying taxes/student loans
- Thinking about the future
- When little kids are crying over their 'one week' relationship.
- Vampires

Habits: There are little habits to add to her list of them, but if said, here would be a few examples. From a child, she's always had the tendency to be quiet around new people and never enjoyed the feeling of putting herself out there for the world, but is slowly learning her ways around it and making her way up. Archery, being one of her passions, has always affected her life and the way she acts, which from the start caused her to be less socializing when she was younger. Another habit she has is biting her finger nails to give away her nervousness or lack of confidence, and hopes to find a way to break it soon. She's also quite clumsy, but other than that, she is a typical woman trying to find where she belongs most and sometimes doubts herself of becoming something greater.

History: Born and raised correctly, Skyler was born into a family of three and happily lived her days growing up like a little girl would ever want. Her father spoiled her and her older brother with toys, whatever they wished, as he afford them, however, their mother did not support them as a family and eventually devoted her time to wasting it away getting drunk. Skyler did not speak of her mother's sessions when burning all her father's money for the toxic drink, keeping quiet as her mother would force her too and hide the bottles beneath her bed in spite of hiding them form the man of the house. Her father for the longest time was a happy man, and treated his family as any real man would. He would kiss his children when he first walked in the door after a tired day of work and brighten all of their spirits with a day all dedicated to them. Meanwhile, the mother would put on a fake smile and send them away while she drank away her pain in the darkness of their small country side house. Whenever Sky would catch her mother in the act, she would back away without a word and practically feared that one day her mom would come after her if she spoke of it. Of course she was only a few years old, but in the change of generations and the knowledge they shoved down their throats, it was not hard to get the picture at that age and soon knew the times to shut up or speak up from that point on for Skyler. Soon enough, the father came home to see a trail of empty beer bottles leading to the bedroom, followed by the body of her mother out-cold over her parent's bed as she had thrown up around the room and soon passed out when the alcohol wore thin. Her brother kept her behind him at all times when the two would fight and loudly argue in the kitchen about what decisions they were making for their children and how badly it could affect them as individuals. The little girl was seven at the time when her parents had finally called it off and the divorce was signed. The image of her mother's back turned against them and walking away was the last thing she remembered of her.

As life went on and the girl was put into schooling, her father kept a careful watch at all times to make sure she was not slacking and normally checked her homework for mistakes. With that, she fortunately became very wise and an advanced student at an early stage of education. She was gifted with many offers, and when she hit the age of ten, her father finally introduced her to the family tradition of learning to shoot a bow. Her brother as well had learned at her age at the time, and now competed in many competitions against other boys around his age limit that revolved around the sport. Luckily with some time, Skyler had provided all her time and love for the technique and became very skilled in the category enough to compete a year later. The smile on her father and brother's face when she would succeed was amazing to see, but inside, she knew that her father was still empty and knew that his two precious children were without a mother. Skyler had come to know more about her father's feelings once adolescence really struck and she started to grow and develop with the blessings of a young woman should have. Unfortunately, she had to fight most of the things on her own being the only female in the house and worked hard to teach herself the basics and eventually be able to do stuff on her own around the house. Meanwhile, she enhanced her training to another degree and began to compete world-wide against other professionals. With enough potential and effort, asides from her attempts of receiving the right amounts of education, Skyler became a national archer and won many awards for the things she did till the time she was old enough to drive till graduation of high school.

Wishing her father a last goodbye before leaving to college, as her brother was already out of the house, she hugged him and soon hopped into the cab to begin her way to an academy across the states. When she had reached her destination, she settled in with the crowd quite nicely and kept to herself mostly, caring more to her studies and helping out with the archery programs the academy hosted once in a while as they were proud to have one as wise as Skyler amongst their well-educated few to attend the school. She had learned many things of the races that were being made throughout the hundreds of years of time and knew well of their tactics and even some times look at the experimentation of a mutt-like race known as that Latin term, 'mora'. Skyler knew little to think of the experiments and sometimes frowned at them as they were torturing young souls into making them things they were not, and only because of science. She would shake her head at such things and sigh as she moved passed the events to finish her studies wisely, learning and studying more around the group known as vampires. Skyler had thought to of believe that Vampires were not real, however, compared to the mortal studies and more recent knowledge, they were in fact, real creatures to walk the earth and have been for many years. The thought of so many races becoming discovered would make her throat dry and become greatly worried of her father alone back at home. After a while of sending him many calls and texts every day to ensure that he was alright, the woman thankfully made it through the agonizing four years of the academy and reunited with her roots to be wrapped in the strength of her father's arms once more. Being at the age of twenty two, she stayed with her father again and settled back down into the routine of when she was a little girl. When things died down, she expected things to be as nice as one would think, but as the next year evolved around for them together, things were stirring.

In the fallen night of autumn, Skyler searched the dark premisses with her arrows and cross bow arched in her arms, backed against the wall as she peered through the bushes to see the figure of a man standing nearby. The figure glanced up, his eyes a bright green and his mouth what appeared to be drenched in a red substance she believed to be human blood, or perhaps, the blood of an animal instead. The air fogged at her breath as she breathed deeply and snuck away from the creature for the safe haven of her house where her father stay tucked inside with a shot gun at his side. Once she was able to climb in without a sound from the outside, her father rushed over and pulled her into the room where they could hide. Noises creaked and move closer to them as they hid at the room's center, their backs pressed against each other in the fear of them loosing track once it would come for them. Skyler stayed quiet with him and readied her bow on guard. And then the creature lunged for them and tackled her to the ground, causing her to scream and fight off the thing that pinned her strongly. Her father fired his gun, but could not see as it was dark and missed, making the vampire shoot his glance up and attempt at the attack of catching the older mortal within the room. Skyler yelled her dad's name and fired her bow at the creature, but it had been too late. As the bow was lodged into the vampire's neck, already had her father's light green eyes been staring at hers as his body dropped against the wall and to the ground below. His features did not glow as wonderfully as they did when he would smile, and his eyes did not shine as bright as they were when she fired her first bow at a young age. His pulse did not beat, and Skyler did not speak.

Father: Jace Madison | Status: Dead

Mother: Renee Madison | Status: Unknown

Siblings: Luke Madison | Status: Unknown

Spouse/Mate: Never was married.

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: N/A

Joining Keys: - Joining keys have been removed... you know the rest. -Alpha Lucian

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? The Fate of Five Sister Site
What Would You Like To Be Called? Sky, I guess is fine.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Just The Fate of Five for the moment, hopefully this one soon too.
What Characters Do You Play? N/A
How Long Have You Been RPing? Couple years now, I think.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Just Skyler, soon.
Will You Refer Us To Friends? I see no reason not to. So yes.
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PostSubject: Re: Skyler Madison - Human   Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:22 pm

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Skyler Madison - Human
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