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 Epror Jagara - Shifter

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Auxiliary Jagara
Auxiliary Jagara

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PostSubject: Epror Jagara - Shifter   Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:30 pm

Name: Jagara

Nickname: Jag

Age: 228 | Looks 23

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Occupation: Librarian

Appearance: Human- Jagara is a 5'7" tall blonde with blue-grey eyes. Her hair falls in natural waves, and is often fairly messy, but she can be more elegant on special occasions. She is of a lean build with a feminine curve. She often wears a black leather jacket, trench coat, or anything of that sort, and if she does use make-up, it is a smoky eye with rich lipstick. Her preferred footwear is her favourite biker boots.

Primal- Jagara, when in her true form, is a snow leopard whose size ranges towards the larger end of the spectrum. Her eyes are still blue-grey, and her fur is grey with white underparts, covered with dark grey, open rosettes and smaller spots of the same color on her head, tail, and legs. Her ears are short and round as is common of her species- this decreases loss of body heat. Jagara is 2' 2" at the shoulder, approximately 4' in length from the head to the base of the tail, her tail being another 3' 3" long. Her tail is flexible and muscular, used for balance. Her overall frame is short and stocky, her forelegs are shorter than her hindlegs, which are very powerful and make her an excellent jumper. Her paws are wide and heavy, and have thick fur between the toes.

Human Photo:

Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Epror

Specialization: Shift into Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia)

Primal Form Photo:

Height: Human Form: 5'8" | Primal Form: 2' 2" at shoulder

Weight: Human Form: 117 | Primal Form: 135 lbs

Eye Color: Blue-grey

Hair Color: Human Form: Blonde | Primal Form: Grey with white underparts, dark grey rosettes and spots

Identifying Marks: Human Form: A patchwork of scars on her knees. | Primal Form: A patchwork of scars on the knees of her hind legs.

Face Claim: Ashley Heller

Personality: Jagara can, at times, seem heartless, disdainful, and overly focused on her duties. However, should someone get to know her, they would understand that she is actually a warm-hearted cat who cares greatly about those who matter to her. She is unquestionably loyal to the Regina and the Regina alone, despite sometimes disagreeing with her opinions. Offend her once, and she will take a long time to trust you again, for she does not forget or forgive easily. She is naturally wary of the possible aggressiveness of anyone she does not know, and will usually be prepared for the worst of them to come out at any moment. Jagara tends to stay off to the side in a crowd, unless something interesting draws her in. If she is in a casual mood by a fire over which is roasting meat, there are many stories from her travels in store for the long evening ahead. However, after her den and the wild mountains, a library is her favourite place to be. She enjoys reading and learning, and loves to spend hours in quiet solitude with a good book. She really is one of those rainy-day people, who usually go around on silent paws and give hard glances to everyone from under the hood of their coat.

Befriend her, and she will protect you. Make her love you, and she shall stay with you until her last breath escapes her body. Employ her, and she will provide satisfactory results. Trust her, and you will not be disappointed.


  • Gentlemen
  • Women with a great personality
  • Coffee and libraries
  • Riding her motorcycle
  • Black leather and rock/punk-style attire
  • Her strategic leather-bound notebook
  • Roasted meat
  • Good storytellers
  • Animals
  • Rain


  • Hunters and poachers
  • Illiterate individuals
  • Individuals disrespectful to her or her rank
  • Humans in general
  • Cupcakes

Habits: Jagara, like most snow leopards, is most active at dawn and dusk. She likes to schedule all of her training sessions and patrols around these times of day, and usually runs on little sleep. Used to altitudes, she prefers to travel above ground if possible, leaping from tree to tree. In the mornings or late afternoons, she can often be found in the library or in her den, taking notes and writing down strategies in her notebook, which holds all of her recorded data. When she is alone, she can be found playing the mouth harp or even a violin if she can get her hands on one. That, or she takes a bike for a high-speed drive around a nearby town. She enjoys walking Arthas around the territories daily, as a good dog owner should. Jagara, when angered, gives a couple of warning signs, if the opponent is lucky, before she launches to them with outstretched claws. If she is enjoying a moment, she involuntarily purrs, despite her best efforts to muffle it. Her body language is the most important component of communication to her, but when she speaks, she speaks to the point. Jagara is very observant, strategically, and be there any threat of danger, she most likely has already run through a small list of possible moves and has taken on her prepared stance.

History: Jagara remembers very little of her childhood. She does recall having a loving mother and father, and living in the Alps, far away from the rest of her kind. There they hunted whatever prey they could find, and occasionally stole from butchers in the human village below. Jagara doesn’t remember what happened to her parents, all she knows is that one day they both disappeared without a trace.

As a teenager, her new personality and way of life began to take shape. She began to use her human shell more often, although still favoring her animal form. Her paws took her farther from the Alps, moving into Switzerland where she took shelter under an abandoned barn. Any intruders who stumbled upon her were quickly and quietly dispatched to avoid any complications with the locals. However, word soon spread that the strange female they sometimes saw around town was a shifter, and the humans made a failed attempt to catch her. An attempt that, although proved their suspicions, cost them several lives, She ran off towards France, not bothering to try to relocate in Switzerland.

She was nineteen by the time she had begun to live in the French side of Basque. The surroundings were very nice: red roofs, great food, and friendly people. Well as long as they didn’t know she wasn’t human. Jagara had found a nice little cave outside of the city that she came to inhabit, traveling to the market sometimes in search of some of the more selective meats.

Two years later, on a normal day in the city, she met another shifter, a lion named Azeroth. She and him easily became friends, and slowly moved into a stronger relationship within several months. It was Jagara’s first love, and she cherished what the two felines had between them. A year and a half after they had confessed their feelings for one another, Jagara noticed that Azeroth wasn’t in the den, where they both slept at night. A little worried, the snow leopard set off to the city to see if her mate was there.

When she stepped foot into the human settlement, a large uproar was coming from the market. She ran as fast as her pathetic human feet could take her, not daring to show her true form. It seemed like the whole of French Basque was standing there, violently yelling their contentment around a sort of banner, with a real brute of a man holding the prized item. A pained wail escaped the twenty-three year old as she recognized Azeroth’s pelt hanging from the wooden pole. She fell to her knees, wailing, but her voice was not that of a human, it was that of an animal. The man with the mighty trophy looked at her and immediately locked and loaded his gun. With a snarl, she leapt for the murderer, mauling him into a bloody carcass. The rest of the humans scattered, screeching in fear for their life. Jagara padded up to her mate’s bloody pelt and pressed her muzzle into his mane, her throat choked to the point of almost not being able to breathe. Her final goodbyes with what remained of Azeroth were cut off with the approach of many armed humans. Running off, she abandoned her cave and began to head in whatever direction her paws took her. The leopardess noticed that she had stopped aging after this, but nothing quite mattered anymore. Something had died inside of the shifter that day at the market, something she couldn’t revive on her own. Jagara had begun to only pay attention to things that helped her reach what she wanted, and this new focus on her own goals made her cold and awkward to others at times. However, her battle techniques improved greatly because of her own dedicated training for the next two centuries. Throughout her travels, she met many different packs of many different species and races. With all of them, she traded knowledge for knowledge, technique for technique. And, despite not having many friends, she has many good allies, and a vast wealth of knowledge.

Eventually, she stumbled upon a tigress named Eden, and that is how a new chapter in her life began.

Father: Graham| Status: Unknown

Mother: Ruby| Status: Unknown

Siblings: N/A

Past: Azeroth | Status: Dead
Ariun | Status: Unknown

Offspring: N/A

Pets: Arthas | Blue Merle Australian Shepherd| Status: Healthy, Alive

Other Important People: Name | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Joining Keys: Already a member guys...

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? From Age
What Would You Like To Be Called? Jag or Jagara is fine for here
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of the Wolves, The Fate of Five
What Characters Do You Play?
Age: Guardian Fel, Apprentice Athena, Apprentice Thorin
The Fate of Five: Ashblaze
How Long Have You Been RPing? Around 3 years
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Aisling
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes

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Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Epror Jagara - Shifter   Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:24 pm

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Epror Jagara - Shifter
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