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 Prorex Rukio-Vampire (Revised-W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Prorex Rukio-Vampire (Revised-W.I.P)   Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:06 am

Name: Rukio Astor Faulkner

Nickname: Ruki

Age: 530 Years Old| Appears to be 23 Years old


Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Waiter

Appearance: Roughly 5-6 sentences explaining their looks. Can add more if you like

Human Photo:

Race: Vampire

Rank Requested:Prorex

Specialization:Emotion Tampering

Height:5 Feet 11 Inches


Eye Color:Light Pale Blue Eyes

Hair Color:Chocolate Brown Hair

Indentifying Marks:N/A

Face Claim:Dean Geyer

Personality: Rukio is a friendly person. Strangers to him would find Rukio likable. He is often quiet, listening to others around him. Eventhough Rukio is a friendly person, somedays he won't want to talk.
12 Sentences

- Likes reading newspapers, magizines, books, etc.
- Likes listening to music
- Likes to observe others
- Likes to gaze at the stars in the night time sky
- Likes Animals
- Likes taking long walks

- Hates it when others talk trash about him or others
- Hates people that are rude to him
- Hates drinking alcoholic drinks
- Hates being tickled
- Hates Spiders

Habits: 12 Sent.

History:Rukio was born to a very poor family who lived in a ghetto part of town. His mother stayed at home with him and his younger brother while his father worked all day. What Rukio did daily during his chilhood from age 6 to age 11 was to help his mother bake bread and sell it at the local market. He hated baking and selling bread to the local market, but did it anyway because he knew that they needed every bit of money they can make to make a living. When Rukio was in his early teens one day, He was left to babysit his brother for a few hours while his parents were out doing errands. After a few hours past, Rukio knew something was wrong, So Rukio took his brother and went to the place where they parents went to and saw a crowd. Rukio rush into the crowd with his brother and saw his parents covered in blood and dead. Rukio and his brother were horrified. A few days later Rukio's parents death case was closed because the dectectives could not find a suspect. Him and brother were given custody to there aunt there only relative they had who were strict on them. Frustrated with his aunts strict rules and couldn't take his parents death so easily, Rukio ran away from his aunts house and went out to search for the killer never seeing his beloved brother or aunt again. After several years of searching for the killer, Rukio gave up and realized it would be impossible to find him. So when he was 21 years old, he got a job as a bartender at a popular bar. One night, Rukio got off work late and had to to travel home at night. While Rukio was walking home he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings because he was playing on his phone and did not notice a man ahead of him waiting to ambush him. As Rukio got to the point where the man was waiting for him, The man knocked him out completely. When morining came, Rukio woke up and found himself in a dumpster behind an allyway. Rukio notices his neck was sore and felt around it and felt two holes on the side of his neck where the interuder punctured the skin. He had a sick feeling in his stomach as his hands went over the holes and ran to his house in a hurry. When Rukio got to his house, he went to the bathroom and look in the mirror looking at his teeth if he had fangs. As he saw the fangs on the side of his mouth he freaked out and couldn't believe he became a vampire. Thinking this was just a nightmare he tried to wake up himself. After several attempts to wake up himself, he finally gave up an accepted the truth he was a vampire. Noticing how thirsty in blood he was he went out to search for his first victim. Years after he got turned into a vampire, he roam through towns and cities searching his need for blood, living as a Rogue until he finds a place who are like him to call home.

Father:Weston Astor Faulkner| Status: Murdered

Mother:Bella Faulkner| Status: Murdered

Siblings:Derek Weston Faulkner| Status: Unknown




Other Important People:Aunt| Status: Unknown

Joining Keys: Joining Keys have been removed for fair joining of others. ~This Was Not Eden

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Prorex Rukio-Vampire (Revised-W.I.P)
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