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 Finnlay O'Luain - Mora

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Maston Finnlay
Maston Finnlay

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PostSubject: Finnlay O'Luain - Mora   Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:12 pm

Name: Finnlay O'Luain

Nickname: Finn

Age: 22 years

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: A 'jack of all trades' with manual labour and construction

Appearance: Finnlay’s eyes are a greyish green colour and are always holding a gentle expression, a part of his canine demeanour that shows through to his human form. However, when involved in play or banter his eyes sparkle with playfulness that only a dog could have. His hair is soft and of a complimentary colour in a shade of light brown, and his facial hair is a darker brown. The Inu boy keeps his beard and moustache at a length longer than just simple stubble but it is kept trimmed and shaped to a precise standard so that he still manages to have a scruffy yet well-groomed look about him. The fair skin covering his body is pale and smooth, as he is of Irish descent, and his frame is shaped by his heavy lifting during work, being lean and capable yet not bulky with muscle. A few scars litter his back and arms from brawls and minor accidents using tools and whatnot. He favours smart-casual attire, wearing outfits such as jeans paired with a crisp shirt and perhaps a blazer, usually with some sort of hat. His most precious possession is a small chain locket that contains faded pictures of his mother and father, and he wears it constantly. A small tattoo of a soaring eagle is inked onto his right forearm.

In primal form Finn looks like a typical Irish Wolfhound, complete with long muscled limbs and neck, a deep chest and broad shoulders. The jaws on his muzzle are strong set but luckily he never uses them for harm unless absolutely necessary. Despite his big size, this type of dog still moves elegantly and he is quicker on his feet than you'd think, capable of reaching speeds of over 30mph. Standing at an imposing height of just a tad taller than 34inches, many people are apprehensive of approaching him, particularly those with cynophobia. But ultimately he's just a big, bouncy softy and a gentle giant. As is normal for the breed his fur is more bushy under his muzzle and above his eyes, creating a look of a beard and almost like bangs that fall over his eyes. His face, chest and tail tip are white, whereas his ears are darker than the rest of his body and his pelt is shaggy and wiry everywhere but his ears, which are velvety and soft. Though his eyes are the same colour they are sharper in this form, trained on everything that moves as the breed is a sighthound so is adapted to spot movement and give chase.

Human Photo:

Race: Mora

Rank Requested: Whatever is given will do lovely

Specialization: Shifts into an Irish Wolfhound dog

Primal Form Photo:

Height: Human Form: 6 foot 3 | Primal Form: 87cm to the withers

Weight: Human Form: 182lbs | Primal Form: 153lbs

Eye Color: Greenish grey

Hair Color: Human Form: Light brown | Primal Form: Grey/brown

Identifying Marks: Human Form: Tall height and facial hair, soaring eagle tattoo on right forearm | Primal Form: Large sized dog with shaggy fur

Face Claim: Douglas Booth

Personality: The Irish boy with a big heart, Finn is quite a charmer, always complimenting others and no job is ever too big or small for him to assist with. He enjoys the company of others, like most domestic canines, and more often than not he's trying to have fun if he's not working. In his job he is very hardworking as well as bantering around with his colleagues and generally gets everything complete to the deadline, unless he's hungover from drinking one too many pints of Guinness. True to his Wolfhound nature, he's sweet-tempered, patient and thoughtful, which makes him a very likeable character. The Inu tends to greet everyone as a friend, but may give a bit of a mouthful if the other responds rudely towards him. With love interests he is romantic, but not to a sickening extent. Often Finnlay can be clumsy and goofy, sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose. However, true to his optimistic attitude he always pulls off any mistakes with a smile and makes light of the situation. One of his weaker points is that he is so eager to please that he can get himself or someone else in trouble by being easily manipulated. It makes Finn most happy to put smiles on others faces, and he will go out of his way to do so. In his dog form Finn is still a gentle giant, happy enough for children and adults alike to stroke and play with him, but may chase and kill things that run, so to speak "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked". He doesn't seem to realise how big he is and when playing with other animals or laying on people he can accidentally knock the air out of their lungs. The thrill of the chase is something he greatly enjoys, both when hunting or with a lady who's caught his eye.

-Goofing around
-Guinness and whisky
-Comedy movies
-Rainy days
-Hot chocolate
-Causing a smile
-His occupation
-The thrill of the chase
-Singing and dancing, even more so in a group
-Music from the early 2000s, particularly love songs and 'feel good' music, however cheesy they are

-People who can't just be themselves
-Being set tasks which are due in an unreasonable time
-Formal meetings/gatherings (especially one to one)
-Being put on the spot
-Neon colours
-Mushy vegetables
-Bad senses of humour
-Those who try and imitate his accent or obsess over it

Finn when happy normally hums or whistles during whatever he is occupied with. If extremely happy or feeling the music of a song then he will sing the lyrics. His arms swing loosely by his side when he walks. If he's tired on an evening after work he can often be found at home enjoying a movie or fixing something in the garage whilst listening to music. When he's not at work alcohol normally accompanies him in whatever he's doing, but he drinks almost as a comfort as it's a habit he has developed and he never actually consumes enough to get drunk. He enjoys cooking and is good at it, but he is a messy eater. His living space is quite untidy due to him not finding muse or time to sort his stuff out until it is actually difficult to see the tv screen, but nonetheless it is very clean, just badly organised. When he's in the mood for partying he will venture into the city and he can drink almost anyone under the table. For nights out he sprays himself with sweet, masculine fragrances and always smells clean and fresh anyway. The Inu is a bit of a thrill seeker and not afraid to try new experiences and sometimes attempts ridiculous things, especially when tipsy. He can be clumsy, but usually it means he hurts himself more than anything else. At times when he's nervous or unsure he has a habit of biting the skin around his nails or brushing his hands against his beard. He can play a bit of guitar and sometimes goes busking if he needs a bit of extra cash, such as for new additions to his hat collection (he owns many hats: formal, casual and fancy-dress alike). The only times he would go for a walk for pleasure would be when it's raining, and if he's bored or struggling to sleep he may be found reading a book.

On the fall of the sun on this date was when a young boy was born into an Irish household. Specifically, a house and not a home. There were no comforts or family here, just a roof for shelter and an Inu woman who had survived the birth. The child’s father had passed some weeks before, an alcoholic whose own addiction had resulted in his death. He had been a good man and an honest man who worked hard to support his wife, but that didn’t mean he had a kind judgement to know when he had drunk too much. As the second hour of labour came to a close a healthy male was delivered into the dark building, the living room lit solely by the light of the fire within the hearth. Like most young creatures, he was an adorable little thing, and he would grow to be even more so once his puppy eyes had opened. In that instant as she regarded the little bundle of fur, she knew she would have to be strong and guide him in his life as best she could.

YEAR 2849
Many things in life don’t go as one would hope, and the beginning of Finnlay’s life was one such thing. His mother could not cope with caring for her offspring, for she still grieved the loss of her husband too heavily. There was no family to turn to for support since all her family had disowned her for shame of what gypsy man she had married. A downward spiral ensued where she suffered from post natal depression. She couldn’t carry on in such a way for long; it affected her health and her happiness as well as the toddler’s. She soon had no job, they had fired her for she was not an effective worker and could not concentrate and operate properly even at work. There was no feasible way for her to keep both herself and the boy alive. She had considered handing him to the town’s orphanage, but with such technological advancements there were cheap and effective ways for people to have their own biological children even if they had struggled to have offspring naturally. Therefore adoptions were rare now, and so the orphanages that had been constructed in the town were full to capacity of the unwanted kids or those whose family or home life were unsuitable conditions to be reared in. Also, she feared what the humans would do when they discovered her son was a shapeshifter able to transform into a dog. He could be taken away to be trained for the original purpose as the humans spy, used for scientific testing, or even culled. And so when he was a year old she sought out the location of an old aunt and uncle of her deceased husband.

The widow could not bring herself to explain to the aunt and uncle that she was abandoning her child with them. She stayed with them for dinner, passing off the reason for her visit as being to chat with her husband’s family since her own had long since forgotten about her. After eating she went out to the store, claiming she needed to buy some things before she returned home. However, she never came back. A small note was left on the bedside table in the room where Finnlay had been left to sleep. It detailed what issues she had been having and that she had no other choice but to leave him with them, she didn’t know anyone else who would be kind enough to accept him and look after him like she wished. It did not say where she had gone to, only that she had an amount of savings put aside for them to use for Finnlay’s upbringing and that she wasn’t living at her home anymore. Having been handed over to them at such a young age he doesn’t remember his mother at all, so he effectively never knew his parents. Aunt Margarie was an amiable woman, stout and with a rounded stature but also very eccentric. On the other end of the spectrum Uncle Donnovan was a tall thin man with a long beard and a stern yet generous type of guy who didn’t talk much and if he did ever speak he was often interrupted with a witty comment by his wife. Together they lived the traditional Irish gypsy traveller way, moving around the country by horse and wagon. In this way Finnlay was brought up within an Inu gypsy community, his aunt and uncle taking good care of him, living a fairly peaceful life but it still had its many hardships. “We’ll make sure you’ve been brought up, not dragged up, Son”, his aunt would tell him with a ruffling of his hair. Finn made decent progress in school and with his uncle’s stern methods of upbringing, and his aunt’s great sense of humour, he never really set a foot wrong and was at heart a fine young man.

YEARS 2857-2863
However, between the ages of nine and fourteen, away from the eyes of his relatives, his friendship group was a bad crowd, and he soon become as mischievous as the other gypsy lads. Brawls, wild races, drinking and crimes were the idea of fun amongst his friends and peer pressure dragged him into the mix. Many a time had he been beaten and bruised from a fight or a race gone wrong, and some he had won. It was during his wild teenage years that his habit for drinking developed, and he was the one of the group who could drink the most alcohol before it went to his head and he felt tipsy. Several times he and his mates had almost been caught by the police for trashing the streets or stealing from stores and vehicles. Put simply, he was a ‘bad boy’. The thrill and excitement of living against the law and the ego boost it gave to be hanging around with the crew was enough to make him compliant to do what the boys said and did and he was happy enough to call them his friends, for a while. But by the age of fifteen, Finn’s aunt and uncle sat him down at the table and made him realise that he needed to be mature and think about his future. Only then did he realise that his ‘friends’ were using him as the scapegoat in their setups to do things which they were too cowardly to do themselves and have to deal with the consequences if they got caught. With him being a Wolfhound Inu he had speed, and they used him as the distraction for the crimes by having him go in first and be chased by the owner of the property or even the police. Whilst they were running him down the rest would go in and take as much stuff as they could and flee before anyone noticed them or caught onto their plan. One time he had narrowly escaped the police by taking a shortcut through an old alleyway only the gypsies knew of and used. He hadn’t actually been involved in the crime this time, he had met his friends after they had already broken into the car, but the police hadn’t seen and wouldn’t want to believe that. They wouldn’t admit it but they were biased against the traveller community and they wouldn’t hesitate to lock him up. While he shifted to his dog form and panted heavily on his way home, he shook his head and told himself he couldn’t do that again. He wasn’t going to be involved with the boys that always put his neck on the line.

After that, a terrier Inu boy who lived in the wagon beside him became his best friend. The terrier had been there and watched what had happened with the car being broken into and when Finnlay was arrested for it he had stepped forwards as a witness to explain that he hadn’t been involved. The terrier boy, Billy, ended up being a vital part in helping to set the Wolfhound’s life on track. He managed to get his father to take Finn on under an apprenticeship for his construction firm, where he was trained in using the correct tools for joinery, brick laying, plastering, plumbing, general building site work and making and repairing spare parts for furniture and equipment. He was trained thoroughly between the ages of fifteen and twenty.  At twenty years old the company had grown and expanded to be based in London over in England. Finn therefore moved over to the British capital city, living on what money he had already earned and some savings his aunt and uncle had given to him which Finnlay’s father had put aside for him and his mother years before. It was not much, but it was all he had and enough to get him started. Billy had moved over to continue working with his father who owned the company. They Inu boys enjoyed their bachelor lives working and having fun. Eventually an opportunity came around to work abroad volunteering in third world countries, completing projects to build houses and wells for the people there so that they had solid shelter and clean water. Finn was chosen to go over for the six months duration that it would be. He had always felt a sense of fulfilment seeing how his work made customers happy, but to see his hard labour changing lives was one of the best experiences for him. After that trip he had become a much better person who cared for the needs of others and developed a love for travelling even more than he already had as a gypsy boy. Arriving back in London, he stayed for a few more months until the beginning of the year 2869, when he found himself wanting something more from life. He believed that there were better, more exciting opportunities in the United States, and possibly more Mora lived there too. It was such a big place that he was sure that there must be great job opportunities there and many Inu's, Neko's and Kitsune's hidden away in the society. It felt wrong to have to hide a part of him away all the time, and he wasn't going to return to the gypsy Inus in Ireland, he was passed getting into trouble and constantly moving. The one thing he wanted was to settle in and belong somewhere, with others like him. Weeks of research and collecting contacts, he finally discovered that there were Mora's living together over in the US. Once all the goodbyes were said and done, he set out by ship to the land of his new home. And the rest, so they say, is history.

Father: Name: Mick O'Luain | Status: Dead due to alcohol

Mother: Name: Janey O'Luain | Status: Unknown

Siblings: None

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: Name | Breed | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Other Important People: Many friends he has made and lost

Joining Keys: -Joining keys have be-... blah blah blah.. you know the rest. ~Ze Tigress

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I'm Callista o.o
What Would You Like To Be Called? Finn, Lissie. Whatever you like
What Other Sites Do You Play On?
Age of the Wolves, Incandescence, A Perfect World and Soulless Guardians
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Age of the Wolves: Elite Eclipse, Apprentice Maia
A Perfect World: Cynric Kenway
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How Long Have You Been RPing? Since May 2013
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Beta Callista
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Aye aye!

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Finnlay O'Luain - Mora
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