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 Kenai - Shifter

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Bellator Kenai
Bellator Kenai

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PostSubject: Kenai - Shifter    Kenai - Shifter  Icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 7:52 pm

Name: Kenai Standing Bear Makwa

Nickname: Ken, Kenny, or Kenai

Age: 215 years old | Appears 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Artist

Appearance: Silver eyes stand out against the dark tan skin tone in his face and all around his body. His hair is midnight black, as dark as the shadows in the thick forest at night. He has a bright white smile, and perfect teeth to match. He's about the average height for a male human, but when in his primal form, he towers over everyone. His claws are long and sharp, able to tear through the thickest of tree trunks. His coat is long and thick, able to withstand the coldest temperatures of water or winter. It is dark brown in color, with high and low lights throughout it. His ears are rounded and fuzzy. To many he looks like a cold-hearted killer, but to those who know him, he is all cuddles.

Human Photo:

Kenai - Shifter  New-Seventeen-Magazine-Outtakes-taylor-lautner-33600996-800-1200_zps194394c5

Kenai - Shifter  TaylorLautnermovieactor_zps1a681ccf

Kenai - Shifter  New-Seventeen-Magazine-Outtakes-taylor-lautner-33600922-800-1200_zps7cef9d62

Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Bellator, unless the Regina asks me to do something else..

Specialization: Grizzly Bear

Primal Form Photo:

Kenai - Shifter  BEA_03_TK0013_01_P_zpsd3d150df

Kenai - Shifter  Grizzly-Bear-Raising-Paws-006_zpsf9e11b79

Height: 5'8" | 8' (on two legs), 3' (on four legs)

Weight: 160 lbs | 700 lbs

Eye Color: Silver, but wears contacts... sometimes..

Hair Color: Black | Dark brown

Identifying Marks:
Kenai - Shifter  Tribal-bear-paw-and-face-tattoo_zps71bbbb2b
- On the left side of his chest -

Kenai - Shifter  Polynesian-tribal-tattoos-and-their-meanings_zpsa7f82642
- On his right arm -

Face Claim: Taylor Lautner

Personality: With his love of food, Kenai should have gone to culinary school, but with his lack of attentive skills in the kitchen, he ends up eating the ingredients before they even make it into the pan. He is friendly to all, unless he feels you are a threat, then watch out. His humanly features are attractive, and he is aware of it. He is a smooth talker, and sometimes perceived as a "player". He loves life and going on adventures, whether it be downtown in the clubs and bars or out in the wilds. He can be spontaneous at times, but if food is involved, he will most likely be there for it. He is large, but hates to be the bully. He is protective of the ones he loves, doing anything they ask for him. He loves to please others, doing as they ask him or even just surprising them with his attempts at being considerate. He is artistically inclined, drawing at the most random of times. But if you search through his sketches, you will find random drawings of food. He has a very young lifestyle, loving to play and be around those with a tender heart like himself.


  • FOOD - It's amazing and essential for ALL life..
  • Drawing - It's fun and keeps my head level..
  • Swimming - It's a fun thing to do for anyone.. I even bet felines would like it, if they gave it a chance!
  • Fishing/Fish - Anything to do with fishing.. or fish..
  • Chefs - As long as they cook for me, we will be the best of friends..


  • Lying - It's an ugly habit and makes you ugly..
  • Boogers - They are nasty and gross.. Don't bring them my way..
  • Airplanes - Why do they even exist?
  • Broccoli - Who invented that nasty food? It's sooo yucky!

Habits: Kenai has been known to help the "Under dog". When he sees a smaller creature in danger, he will help them out. He has a habit of having a soft spot for humans. He cared about Bradley like a friend, possibly like a brother, so he still cares for their race. He loves to eat food, so it is very possible he keeps some with him at all times, or even brings his own to dinner. He sometimes starts rants about food. His favorite discussions are about the best ways to prepare his favorite foods. When he gets nervous, he will fill the void of silence with talk of food. It's not really a habit, but Kenai loves to flirt. Although he is a flirt, he does not do anything more than kissing unless he and she are committed to one another. He is spontaneous and silly, most of the time, but he has a habit of shifting his moods unexpectedly. He fidgets with his arm, rubbing his tattoo when he feels really awkward.

History: Kenai was born to a young Shifter couple. They had been in hiding for a long time when they were discovered by the humans. The humans captured them, prodded them with electric pokers, then threw them into a cage, like animals. They transported the couple to a land filled with other shifters. It was a concentration camp, much like what the humans had used long ago during their huge world wars. The camps were large, but they did not give a lot of living space to their residents. The Shifters were treated like they did not matter, beaten and abused for the sole reason of being different. It was there that Kenai was born. His mother and father hid him in a secret location, one the humans knew nothing of. Only a few other shifters knew of his location, one being Token Delgado. He was also a bear shifter like Kenai and his parents. When the lights went on in the camp, the Shifters knew that was the perfect time to plan their escape. Kenai was only a couple days old, when his father started a small riot, increasing their numbers in a matter of minutes. They stormed the gates, trying to knock them over. The guards immediately pointed their shotguns towards the crowd as they stood on their towers. They called for all of them to surrender, to back up, and desist. The first rounds they fired were filled with gas, trying to stop the Shifters from continuing their motions. But they would not stop. Kenai's father was leading the charge. For a few moments when the smoke had cleared, the Shifters were back at it again. When none of it stopped, the humans called for their Elite guard, one came, Shadow Blade was the nickname given to the human. She was called that for one reason, she killed with her katana with one clean cut. She approached the gate from the tower and jumped down with a front flip, landing on a crouched position, looking straight at Kenai's father. She grabbed her blade from the sheath, and pulled it straight out. The blade glistened in the reflection from the illuminating lights. Kenai's father stood head to head with her, glaring as he stood on two feet and released a loud and bloody roar. It shook the earth around them, and even some Shifters moved from his side. She did not care, for the Shadow Blade moved swiftly and with a single slash of her blade, his head rolled off of his body and landed on the floor with a thick thud. With him now dead, the revolution stopped and the Shifters returned to their homes, all but one. Kenai's mother moved to her mate's body and dropped to her knees. She cried for her love, screaming at the top of her lungs. Shadow Blade had turned her back on the crowd, but once she heard the sound she muttered something beneath her breath. Taking a leap she turned around and lobbed off her head as well. As blood splashed from her blade, she got an evil grin upon her face. The Shifters moved back to their homes and Token immediately went to Kenai. From that night on, he swore he would keep the boy safe from everything, even if it meant giving his own life in exchange for Kenai to live.

Years to follow, Kenai grew into a strapping boy. He had heard the valiant tale of his parents' bravery. He wanted to live up to their greatness. Some day he would do great things. At a very young age, he started to learn the arts of hand to hand and weapon fighting from Token. The two of them practiced in the dead of night when all others slept peacefully. They fought for hours, only giving the boy a few hours to actually sleep. But it was what Kenai wanted. When the meal times came, Kenai would scrounge to get as much as he could. He was a small boy, but his stomach was never filled. He even got into fights with other young shifters over food. But when the fights would start, Token would be quick to end it so he would not get into trouble or even worse. He trained the boy to control his anger, to keep his head level and to think about every situation before he acted out unreasonably. Kenai took a while to get used to the ideas, and the teaching, but soon enough he got it. He learned a couple martial arts, Karate, Kendo and Jujitsu. Token was wise in his knowledge, having been a Shaolin Monk years prior to the humans finding him. When the boy was a young man, 10 years old, everything changed. The concentration camp was closed and the humans allowed them to run free. As they opened the gates, the Shifters moved for them, looking to the futures ahead of them. The first one to leave the confines of the camp was a small Shifter cub. Her parents had been friends of Kenai's. The little lion cub was so excited to feel freedom that she ran out into the wilds and was gunned down. Her parents cried aloud, and the other shifters froze in place. The humans were still in the area, looking to kill as many of them as they could. Masses of Shifters ran for their lives, some got killed, others wounded and some even received wounds which would make them die if they did not receive immediate attention. Kenai looked to Token, worried for their lives. Without a word, Token shifted to his human form and picked up the boy, rushing through the masses to safety. A shot was fired, but Kenai had not been struck. When they finally made it to safety, Kenai fell to the floor. He looked up to his mentor and "father", only to find that Token had been shot. Kenai cried his eyes out, trying to help keep him alive. But he knew little of the plant life around them, or what herbs were used for healing and other things. When Token slipped from the living world into the dead realm, Kenai cried harder than he ever had.

Shifting to his bear form, he moved about the forest. At 10 years old in real bears, he would be considered an adult. He was a large size in his bear form, though his human form was rather scrawny in  comparison, but he would never reach the heights of his primal shape. The bear was far too tall, and massive to do such a thing. He quickly learned what to eat in the wild and what not to eat. There were berries which made him shit, while others filled his stomach. He learned about other fruits and even vegetables he could eat. When he soon discovered a female grizzly, Simone, things changed for the boy. They spoke to one another, she was very kind and he was very shy. The two spoke for hours, and she began to fall in love with him. The two spent all their time together, but Kenai never shifted, for he feared she would not like it. But she often mentioned his silver eyes, how they sparkled in the summer sky, how they shimmered from the reflection of water. But he could say noting of it, only he got it from his mother. In the weeks to come, she taught him more things about being a bear, such as hunting and fishing. Though, in all honest, he preferred the fishing over actual hunting. To him it was more of a game than anything else. Years passed and the two grew closer and closer. Now 15, the boy was old enough to know what was right and wrong. But he was beginning to love her, passionately he did, and in the spring, the two formed an inseparable bond. It was strange of bears to live side by side for so long, but Kenai was not your average bear. She became pregnant and the two lived happily together in a cozy den.

One morning Kenai had wandered to the stream to get a few fish for breakfast. He stood in the stream, watching and waiting for the fish to rise out of the water, flapping and shaking until he clenched it tight in his jaws. He watched until one jumped right at his muzzle. Opening his jaws wide, he clasped them around the morsel as it flopped around. He killed it and tossed it to the shore, waiting to catch another. Before another could come to him, he head a familiar and frightening sound ring through the area. It was followed by a loud roar. Simone. Kenai rushed from his position within the water, moving towards her. He growled and bared his fangs as he approached on the scene before him. Blood splattered against the wall of the den, and there were strange holes. He looked around nervously, calling out to her in their roars and calls. His ears pressed to the sides of his head as he began to cry more for her. Soon a sound came rushing through the bushes, and Kenai stood on his hind legs, staring to the noise. When she came through, worry and sadness stretched out on her face. Simone had a huge wound in her chest and again Kenai did not know how to fix it. She was carrying their young, their lives together, and now she too was gone from his life. Kenai roared loud and found the human hunters who had discovered their den. He killed them maliciously, biting their faces and slashing their chests with his massive killer claws.

Again the boy was on his own. Shifting to his human form, he decided it was time to try a new way of life, to speak with the humans, to blend with them and linger. He would learn their secrets, and use them against themselves. He hated the humans for what they had done to him and his family. He wanted revenge and he would take it in the sweetest way. He would join their ranks, become one of them and learn all he could. If he lived as a bear for so long, why not his human form? He chuckled at the thought, but had heard they did not take kids in young, not under the age of 18. So Kenai began studying the human ways. He went to school, made friends and did his very best to blend in. He learned their customs, the way they dressed, and all the important things the teenage youth loved. He had girlfriends and lost his "human" virginity to one, and even explored with others. He learned many humans "tricks" in the bedroom, he learned of everything they could teach him, appreciating all the practice they wanted of him. He enjoyed his time in High school, all the parties and drinking. Kenai had blended with them so well, using his temper training, he even joined their favored sports. He joined the football team, playing for them for years and even did other forms of sports as well. The teenagers loved him, adored him, shouted his name at all the games and parades. He was loved by many, hated by even more. Those who were jealous, they speculated that he was something else. There was one human, one who he learned to love and cared for more than the other. His name was Bradley Johnson. They played every sport together, hung out after classes and got into the most trouble together.

Bradley and Kenai were inseparable. On the night of the big Homecoming game, Kenai became the first string Quarterback. They eventually won the game with a ninety yard sprint for the goal line by Kenai himself. He dodged defenders left and right, even jumping over some as they fell before him, trying to grab his legs. When he made it to the line, he jumped over it, forcing his body to fall on his back. As the final score appeared on the jumbo screen, the crowd went wild. The rest of his team rushed for his position, cheering and hollering. They lifted him up on their shoulders, parading him around the field. That night, the team held a massive party. Drugs were involved, sexual stimulants, and alcohol. In this night, Kenai shared his bed with many females, enjoying each of their different talents and ultimately becoming addicted to the lifestyle they chose. Months passed and college started becoming a considerable option. Kenai had gotten so used to being around the humans, that he even thought of it as a real option. Perhaps he could spend years with his buddies, living the high life and getting all the women he wanted. But with many things as partying, purchasing drugs, and living the high life, bills come hard to pay. Bradley and Kenai came to the conclusion that they both should join the Army together. Kenai was getting back on the right track, finally.

The two males enlisted together. When they got on the bus, they moved to sit at the back. There were a lot of humans in this bus, Kenai could smell they were only humans, and nobody even thought that Kenai was not one of them. He had been doing so well in hiding the truth of who he was. Hiding what he was, he even sometimes forgot. As they rode to their location, he stared out the windows. As they got off the bus, they were yelled at, cursed at, and forced to do anything and everything the men told them. The first few weeks were rough, not physically for him, but mentally. These humans were rude and controlling. It seemed like nothing they ever did was good enough. They would even ruin their efforts just to be able to tell them how horrible they were. Kenai hated the mind games. When the training was complete, they were told they would succumb to even more training. But the war had broken out between the humans and the werewolves. Kenai and his best friend, Bradley, geared up and headed out to the war zone. In all their gear, Kenai was handed an assault rifle, same for Bradley. The pair was forced into the infantry, working the front lines.

They rushed for the border as they were told, meeting the opposing forces with full force. His eyes watched as the humans shifted to their primal forms before him. Kenai had only heard stories of the werewolves, curious as to why or even how they could shift into something so big and unnatural. The beasts shifted as they ripped into the other people around him. He watched as the humans barely had a chance. His eyes moved around the battlefield, while his gun was held at his waist. He was not ready for battle or any of that. He barely knew how to operate a gun properly. He had not been given all his training. So he stood there, listening to the sounds of explosions as grenades blew up and shots were fired. His eyes scanned until he heard the call from Bradley, "Kenai! Kenai! Watch out!" The human yelled as loud as he could, forcing the shifter to hear his calls with his perfect hearing, he turned and met the combatant right as it was coming to rip his head off. Kenai used his weight and force to roll the creature off. He used his gun to shoot the beast in the eyes and head, and shot for the heart. It did not seem to work too well, so quickly before he could stop him, Kenai bent down and reached into his chest, grabbed his heart and pulled it from his body. It beat for a couple seconds and he released it. Before he had time to think, he heard the screams of Bradley. His eyes watched as a large black wolf had his claws wrapped around the boy's head, and the other claw held his shoulder. The muzzle of the creature had already been covered in blood, dripping with saliva as the fangs were exposed. Kenai was in such shock, he stood there and could not move.

Holding the boy tight in his grasp, he moved his head away just enough to force his fangs into Bradley's neck. The screams that came from him were horrid, and Kenai stared into his green eyes. His contacts had fallen out during his struggle with the werewolf. Bradley stared into his silver hues and finally took his last breath as his head was ripped from the rest of his body. Kenai grew angry, he got so angry, he could not control himself. His form quickly forced his body to drop on his hands and knees. The pain that scourged his body, shifted his bones to change and his organs to grow. His muscles grew large and thick, covering his bones in their heavy mass. A thick fur coat lined the skin of his body, and covered him completely as his hands and face shifted to share the resemblance of a bear. When the transformation was completed, Kenai stood on two legs and roared so loud, it caused the fighting to cease. He charged for the werewolf, the creature that had killed his last living best friend. He barreled towards the wolf, ripping into his chest and neck. The healing process of the werewolf was slow, but prominent. Again he wailed on the beast and allowed his rage to fully take over. He opened his massive jaws and grabbed the creature by his neck. His fangs ripped into the wolf, pulling and tearing as he went for the jugular. He shook his head from side to side, pulling whatever he could from the other male. after he knew the werewolf was dead, he began eating the creature. It was something Kenai had never thought about it before today, but now that he had the option, why not take it? When he finished his meal, he raced off into the woods, never to be seen by the humans again.

Over a hundred years later, Kenai had learned more hand to hand, more about the other races, and forever hated the werewolves. He wanders the woods, looking for a place to call home.

Father: Unknown | Status: Dead - Killed By Humans

Mother: Unknown | Status: Dead - Killed By Humans

Siblings: None

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: Token | Status: Dead - Killed By Humans
Bradley Johnson | Status: Dead - Killed By a Werewolf

Joining Keys: Member posted keys... You know the rest... - Alpha Lucian

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What Would You Like To Be Called? I like... Kenai
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How Long Have You Been RPing? A while
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