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 Arkati - Vampire

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Domina Arkati
Domina Arkati

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PostSubject: Arkati - Vampire   Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:26 pm

Name: Arkati (Ark-a-tee) [She has forgotten the rest of her name]

Nickname: Tanker, Ark or Ti. [Tee]

Age: 6,345 | 22

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi Sexual

Occupation: Sketching/Drawing

Appearance: Arkati has long dark hair and blue eyes. She has freckles on her chest and her arms. She wears different colored skinny jeans and combat boots, a black tank top and a leather jacket. She isn't one to dress up really. Her eyes ares a beautiful blue that the shallows of the ocean with sun shining down into it, they reflect and shine it seems. At times, in certain lighting they seem like a pale blue, almost grey. Her facial structure is strong and her cheekbones are prominent. She is slim and tall. She has a few tattoos scattered along her body.

Human Photo:

Race: Vampire.

Rank Requested: Knight.

Specialization: Emotion Tapping.

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 127 lbs.

Eye Color: Blue/grey.

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Identifying Marks: Her tattoos..

Face Claim: Megan Fox.

Personality: Arkati isn't very nice to any but her own species, she is a manipulator. Don't trust this dame for even a second if you aren't of her kind...or if you are. She likes to make fake friends who will have her back and be nice and kind her, in return she will do so herself though she won't hesitate to leave them behind. Humans aren't exactly as hated as the other species! because they provide her most of her blood, animals as well but it isn't as good. No and it never will be. She is dark and twisted like most of her kind and enjoys the darkness more than any thing else. She is an amazing drawer, drawing scenes of death and horror. She enjoys lounging and chilling in sweat pants and a bra or tank top. Most of the time Arkati in on the move and doing something whether it be killing animals, taunting the occasional human or killing one. Though, she has been teaching her self to enjoy blood bag blood instead of from the vein is she is to enjoy the life belonging in a clan. She never cries or have a tenancy to care about anyone or anything, their pain or feelings. She doesn't even care for her own. She has the slight accent of An Italian speaking English.

-Storms - Lightning, thunder and rain are the best.
-Walking through the forest - A way to think about everything peacefully.
-Crunchy leaves - The sound is amazing.
-Music - It's just amazing.
-Blood - Duh.
-Dancing - It keeps the un-beating heart young.
-Wearing nothing but shorts and a bra - Boomshackalacka!
-Raw Meat - It's fun to poke.
-Killing - It's fun to kill things and people..
-Alcohol - Bottoms up all day every day!

-Heavy, baggy clothes - If you have curves, show 'em off!
-Any other species but her own - Just ew.
-Dandelions - They smell disgusting.
-Those who think they're better than everyone - Dude, you're gonna get your ass beat someday.
-Those who underestimate others - Are you dumb?
-Energy Drinks - They just all taste nasty.
-Sand - It gets absolutely everywhere..everywhere.
-Water, swimming wise - Swimsuits are cool, but using them for what they're supposed to be used for not so much.
-Weapons - Really, you're that weak?
-Needles, syringes, knives.. - -shudders-

Habits:  Arkati often goes into a crazy, rabid lust for the crimson wine late at night. During the day she is more at ease and able to control herself much better, she doesn't kill for unneeded reasons, normally, but she does enjoy killing, quite a lot. At times you can find her walking through a dangerous storm alone, in the forest or on the road.  In the early morning she'll go for a walk in the forest or through a shop, checking things out and looking around. At night she enjoys going to a bar and drinking  and having a fun times dancing. She is an alcoholic, though she doesn't like to think she is. Often times she'll be alone, walking, sitting, hands in her pockets and just silent. She likes to think...a lot. Often times she'll go out to a country place and hang around farms, petting the horses. Horses have always been a favorite animal of hers. She is a great rider and often rides when the ranch owner is away or even there...she doesn't care. Sitting out on the porch or terrace during a storm is her favorite pass time.

History: One morning in a small cottage screams echoed through the area, Katherine was giving birth to a child. Little did she know, this child would grow to become her worst nightmare. The father was Damon, an old vampire who had many children with other woman, so Katherine was nothing special and so he left, only to stumble across the child a few years down the road. After eighteen hours of painful labor the screams and cries of a newborn infant now echoed in the small cottage in the middle of no where. The sister of Katherine held the child and took her to be safe and soon she stole the child, leaving Katherine asleep in the bloody bed, having no idea that her child had just been taken from her. But, she had died shortly after the birth, if not during it.

Soon the aunt arrived at the small town that was many miles from the cottage and took off her fake pregnancy belly, tossing it into a river and entering the village with the child. No one would think anything of it, she kept her story going for more than nine months, waiting to steal this child. The whole village greeted her with hugs and admiring of the child who was crying and screaming. "Shush!" The Aunt screamed at the child who was on the floor of her cottage, packing quickly and preparing to leave. Soon the night came and a horse was tied to a front post and a lantern hung up on the post. All at once the Aunt came racing out the door, tying her luggage to the horse and the baby in a mesh sack and tied to the horse as well, leaping onto the broad stallion the woman grabbed the lamp and raced off into the night! following a dimly lit path she's rode many, many times before. For hours the baby cried and the aunt continued to kick at it, trying to get the poor thing to stop crying. "Quit your helpless crying!" The aunt sneered and her thick Italian accent shown in the words. The whole family had moved from Italy with a bunch of others and were forced to learn their language in order to stay.

The sun slowly rose and the horse slowed, tired and sweating as the Aunt began dropping from the horse, but picking herself back up before she fell, the baby having no other choice but to sleep. Soon a larger town came into view and they rode in, going to the back of the town, an alley and a door to a dark room. Hopping from the horse the aunt grabbed the baby and brought it in,several minutes later coming out with money and riding off.

The baby was raised into slavery, sweeping, feeding others, getting food, making it, cleaning. She was used for sex by the dirtiest of men and to her it was all normal. For fifteen years this is the life she lived until one night, a man came in and looked around the room and  spotted Arkati, sweeping in the corner while men smoked around her and bid on her..whoever put the most money in would get to have sex with her. The man walked forward and pushed the others out of the way and tossed a mesh sack of money down and took the girl by the arm and ran her outside with him and threw her on his horse and he mounted after she did. Arkati didn't fight or scream, she just wrapped her hands around the mans waist. This was the leader of the whole operation that happened at the place. They rode to his cottage where other girls were sprawled out on the couches and floor, drugged and drunk, laughing and most naked. She sighed and walked in, the door closing behind her.

For another three years Arkati was used aggressively in the sex market. Until one night, everything changed for the best. As she was being hauled off to another place to be sold, a branch cracked and the man driving the horse stopped and narrowed his eyes, drawing his knife and waiting, silence. All of a sudden the horses necks as sliced and they both fell, Arkati got up quickly and backed up until she hit a tree, watching another...human? kneeling over another and it had fangs, and all at once it dug in, showing no mercy and the one under him went limp. Arkati cried and tried to remain quiet before the bloody mouthed demon got up and walked toward her, she cried and pleaded for him to spare her life. Soon a bloody wrist was being thrown in her direction and her head held, forcing blood into her mouth she screamed and kicked for a moment before closing her eyes and placing her hand son the wrist and taking in as much as she could, the sensation was short lived as the wrist was pulled away and the man was gone before she could blink.

For thousands of years Arkati became more and more powerful, taking revenge on all of those who violated her and made them her slave. After five years of constant revenge Arkati took a break and only fed as she needed and each night her lust for it goes crazy, perhaps it's because she was turned at night, unknown, but what is known at night she becomes a ruthless killer. At times she can control herself, but some days she chooses not to.

Father: Damon | Alive, though neither him or Arkati have any contact or idea that either is alive.

Mother: Katherine | Dead.

Siblings: An only child.

Spouse/Mate: Never had a spouse/mate.

Offspring: Never had any offspring.

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: No..

Joining Keys: Keys have been removed.. blah blah blah.. ~Ze Tigress

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? The Lost Ones.
What Would You Like To Be Called? Carson.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? The Lost Ones v2
What Characters Do You Play?  Laundi&Locsi.
How Long Have You Been RPing? 1 year.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Airman Nathalia.
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes!!!

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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Arkati - Vampire   Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:08 pm

Welcome to Lunari Addunt!
You may now move to the Vampire Borders!

[Yay, I'm finally glad you joined! It's Eden. :3]
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Arkati - Vampire
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