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 Darius Tatsuya - Werewolf

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Warrior Darius
Warrior Darius

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PostSubject: Darius Tatsuya - Werewolf   Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:59 am

Name: Darius Tatsuya

Nickname: Dart, Dragon  

Age: 2500 years old, looks 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Stuntman   

Appearance: Messy, black hair that is short and rough. Chiselled, strong jaw and handsome, smooth features with light brown eyes. He is built like a tank, with hard, tough muscles adorning his frame and broad, wide shoulders and stands at an impressively tall height of over 170cm. He has the looks of a rogue when he smirks and often exudes confidence no matter if he is standing or sitting and his usual outfits don't help. They're often a little messy but stylish such as ripped up jeans and unbuttoned corduroy jackets. When he transforming into a werewolf he towers over everyone else, most of the time and is a giant behemoth of pure muscle and terrifying strength. He looks ferocious and his fur is pitch black but surprisingly, not rough as opposed to when he is in his human form. It's soft and fine. His eyes are a fierce dark gold.            

Human Photo:

Race: Werewolf

Rank Requested: Warrior

Specialization: Shifting into beasts

Primal Form Photo:  

Height: 173cm|250cm

Weight: 82kg|158 kg

Eye Color: Light brown/dark gold

Hair Color: Black| Pelt is also black

Identifying Marks: A burn mark on his left palm in the shape of a flame

Face Claim: Jon Foo

Personality: A charming rogue, cunning and able to use his good looks to smooth talk his way out of any situation. He is confident to an almost incorrigible degree but knows not to over-do it. Fire, would be the best way to describe him. Wild, headstrong, passionate with a love for life that is insatiable. He's adventurous and can sometimes be reckless but he knows his limits and is as much a lover as a fighter. He burns bright and despite all the heart-ache, death and the cruelty he has seen in his life-time he remains he is not bitter or jaded. As much ugliness as he's seen of this world, he's seen beauty in the hearts of good men and women. He understands how harsh the world is and how evil people can be, including the vampires and a part of his persona is just a shield. He can read people and situations well and can be utterly ruthless when the occasion calls for it. Yet he also has a side of him that is inquisitive and curious of the world around him. This, with his ability to read people and the situation makes him a good tactician. Darius acts fast. His mind is always working, always thinking.          

Likes: Technology, cars, fighting, Roman artwork, ice-cream  

Dislikes: Conmen, vampires, puppets, hospitals, fire      

Habits: He taps his fingers against his knee when he’s getting impatient and paces when he’s thinking really hard. Sometimes he rolls over in sleep, sleep-talks, counts Roman numerals when he wants to get to sleep and can’t. Every morning he does simple training exercises and has an odd habit of collecting spare parts of technology he finds like microchips from phones or circuit-boards from Ipads. He checks the glove compartment of cars for food and thanks to the amount of time he spent as a body-guard when he's in a new room he will always check for listening devices, will scout the perimeters when in an unknown place. When he's restless he fiddles with objects and talks to himself in the mirror in the morning to psyche himself up if there's a big fight he knows he facing.     

Darius was born to a Roman gladiator and a Chinese slave, brought over from the Far East during bartering times when Rome did trades with the East. His mother was left in Rome, having been paid to the gladiator for money. She genuinely loved her son but his father did not. His father was a selfish, vain man only out to look after himself. He sold Darius’ mother to the Roman Emperor at the time when he was only three month’s old in secret and she disappeared from his life forever. He lied to Darius, saying that his mother had drowned and treated Darius like he would an animal, feeding him leftovers and lashing him physically in public whenever he would do anything wrong by Roman customs. When he was in one of his drunken rages he forced Darius to stick his hand inside a fire to retrieve a coin that he'd dropped. Darius' palm was burned giving him his scar. Darius grew up skinny and malnourished until one of the gladiators that his father trained with, Ferrus, suggested that his father invest in him for him to succeed in the gladiator tournaments since he was his only son. Ferrus took pity on the boy. Motivated by greed, his father agreed thinking that Darius would bring him money and wealth, prestige among Roman society as he himself was too scared to do so. Ferrus was a werewolf though and wanted an apprentice of his own. So after his father had fed him, making him stronger Ferrus took the boy out for the night down to the local tavern in the dead of the night pretending he wanted to show him some new fighting technique. Instead, he pushed him into the alleyway and showed him what he really was. Darius’ first instinct was not to run but to stab him with his own sword and he did, almost straight through the heart. Ferrus recovered, turning back to normal but he was impressed with the boy. He offered Darius a way out of his life with his father, saying that he could make Darius exactly like him, even stronger if he trained hard enough. He warned him that before then they would have to kill his father but they had to make it look like an accident. Darius agreed without hesitation and Ferrus explained his plan to him. The following day while he was training with his father, Darius pretended he was falling ill and stumbled into the nearby woods. Enraged, his father followed roaring and ranting, bellowing at him. Darius rested against a tree, moaning and holding his stomach. His father grabbed him, threatening to kill him. Still, Darius kept up the act. His father raised his sword, about to swing when a snarl pierced the air. A hulking, giant silver-white monster came out of the shadows, golden eyes burning and teeth glinting. It was Ferrus, as a werewolf. His father took one step back, then two terrified. Ferrus attacked. It was over in seconds. Darius’ father was nothing but pieces of bloody flesh and bone. Ferrus bit him, transforming him and everything changed from that point on, though not always for the better.

300 years later
Though not perfect, Darius became competent at controlling his werewolf powers, enabling it to help him win tournaments that would have killed him otherwise. However he never ever turned into his “natural” form as Ferrus told him that if he ever did, he would be killed by the Romans as he was still young and inexperienced so he wouldn’t know how to control his powers. So he learned how to control himself. However he found a certain thrill in risking his life in chariot races, gladiator fights and even against live animals like lions and elephants. He travelled to different parts of Rome under different disguises and aliases so that no one caught him and never stayed in one place for long. He met up with Ferrus at secret locations at different points in time to split the winnings. And he hasn’t aged a single day. He had also developed an imaginative, inquisitive mind that was more suited to a scholar than a fighter and dreamt of a time when there would be such things as flying machines, flying balloons and moving images. He has also became bored of Rome and wanted to go see the world outside of his home, especially the place where his mother came from. He didn’t know how to get there but he knew that the trading ships that came frequently with silk and Chinese merchant traders was key. He knew that the Chinese merchants would return back home so that they could bring the Romans more silk. He devised a plan. He would swim after the boat when it started to leave the harbour, climb up the ship using the anchor and hide out in the cargo area. Ferrus advised him against it. Wanting his mentor and friend to come, he pleaded with him saying he didn’t want to stay in Rome. He wanted to see the world. Ferrus refused and Darius, respecting his mentor, embarked on his journey alone but made Ferrus promise that in the future when the world had changed he would come back and take Ferrus out with him to see the new world.

Having snuck into China’s borders successfully, Darius settled into a village on the outskirts working out in the fields as a simple peasant, adapting to the life-style and learning the language but he would often go see the Emperor’s palace in secret after hours to see what it was truly like to live in the lap of luxury. Unknown to him, the Crown Princess had been watching him from her bedroom window and seeing his superhuman abilities, thought he was a demon. When he snuck inside the palace gardens the following week, scaling the wall easily and landing she had one of her guards shoot him in the heart with an arrow laced with arsenic. Darius collapsed, writhing. The princess ordered that he be chopped to pieces, those pieces burned and his remains burned with them until it was nothing but dust. Darius ripped the arrow out of him, furious at the princess for treating him this way as he had only wanted to see. He transformed into his natural self, wiping out the guards without mercy by tearing them in half with a single swipe of his paw and turned on the princess intending to kill her until he is shot by more arrows by some more of the guards that have rushed from the front gates after hearing the commotion. Darius staggered away, wounded and hurt, falling into the river against the bridge and transformed back into his human self, gushing blood. Wrecked with guilt over what he had done to the guards, he told the princess to kill him. The princess, realizing he wasn’t a demon but still recognizing that he was a monster, commanded the guards to send him to prison for trespassing and to not speak to anyone else of what happened. In reality, she wanted to keep an eye on him because she feared he was too dangerous to be left alone to his own devices. When one of the guards left him he noticed that the guard’s grip was stronger than a usual human. He was not a werewolf and he knew that but he wondered what the guard was. Darius wondered if he was another supernatural creature like himself, like Ferrus. He wanted to follow him but he was still weak from the arrows so he memorized the guard’s face. It had one scar across his eye. The following week the princess visited him in private with the Empress and offered a proposal. They would offer him full pardon and a place at the palace if he agreed to be the princess’s personal bodyguard after some training from the elite sword-masters and the then Shaolin monks. If the princess was injured in any way because of his negligence he would be hanged. He agreed on the condition that he would be allowed to come and go to the palace as he pleased without hassle from the public and have full access to the palace’s facilities and resources. The Empress agreed and he was set free. When the princess asked for his name he just told her to call him Wolf. And so it was, Darius ended up learning what the modern world would come to know as kung fu. After another year of training, the princess finally came to visit him. When the princess came to watch his progress, his master asked the princess why the Empress ordered him to do something like this for a trespasser, a common person. The princess only replied that he was special. The master responded that he was glad that she had sent someone to watch him (the guard) as he seemed more dangerous than the others. The princess nodded in agreement but she couldn’t help but smile at Darius. Darius, sparring with one of the students with a staff, became distracted and his opponent scored a blow on his face. Darius tackled him, wrestling him angrily because he was embarrassed. The princess walked over to him and pulled them apart, smiling at Darius gently. It was the first time he had seen the princess smile and he fell in love with her smile. Many, many years passed. Darius lived in relative safety within the temple walls far away from civilization with the princess making frequent trips to see him. With each visit his feelings for her grew stronger and stronger. Unknown to him, the guard was a vampire and was spying on Darius for inside information. After Darius had finished his training he became the princess’s official protector and he had an affair with her that lasted even until she was married with children and even after then. The guard who the princess had assigned was a vampire spy and wanting to turn her against him, fed her lies about him. She wouldn’t believe it so the guard tricked him into getting angry, forcing him to change. He attacked the guard, almost killing him but he was shot and the guard was saved. Darius was placed into prison. He broke out, intending to tell the princess, now Queen, what had really happened. Unfortunately, the guard had gotten to her first, turning her into a vampire with her permission and inducting her into his gang. The Queen had wanted power and create a race of vampires that would turn China into dystopian wasteland. Darius had been too blind to see that. Coming back to the palace he saw her murder her own children in cold blood and the guards and the servants and any other person that was there except for the vampire guard and his friends who he had invited. They fled the palace, going for the Empress'. Hearing the Empress’s name, Darius ran to her palace breaking into her room where she was sleeping. After a lot of screaming, Darius covered her mouth to stop her from alerting the guards, telling her that her life was in danger and he was here to save her. Sounds of screaming and fighting sounded from outside. It was the Empress’ guards who had arrived to slaughter everyone within the palace grounds. The Queen crashed into the room, her clothes soaked with blood. Seeing Darius, she was surprised. Darius pleaded with her to stop before it was too late. He couldn’t believe that the kind-hearted, fun-loving princess he had fallen in love with was really a heartless, ruthless monster who wanted nothing but power. The Queen laughed in his face, telling him that he was a fool for love and stabbed him with a sword. Whatever spark he had left for her died right then and there. Darius attacked her, transforming and the pair spilled out into the palace grounds where what was left of the Empress’s guards were fighting against the vampires bravely. The vampires were toying with them, picking them off like flies. Dead bodies littered the ground of servants, guards and even some of children of the Emperors and Empresses that had been visiting. Blood stained the earth. Darius picked the Queen up and threw her into the wall that surrounded the palace’s borders, knocking her unconscious before slaughtering the vampire guards. The Queen, losing her army, ran and Darius, enraged, chased her. She made it to the streets and pretended to be a helpless Queen, about to be killed by a savage beast in hopes that the citizens would come to her aid. Some did, overcoming their fear. Darius shoved them aside and killed her instantly, mauling her to death. Grief-stricken, he fell to his knees and cradled her body to his. Despite what she had done, he still loved her and it destroyed him. The citizens tried to kill him with knives but The Empress arrived with the guards, commanding them to stop and for Darius to reveal who he truly was. He did and the citizens, terrified and struck with grief for their fallen Queen, demanded that Darius be hanged. The Empress gave the order that he would not be hanged but stabbed. In reality, she wanted to save him for saving her life and that of her guards. She would stage it so that it appeared that he had died by having his body run through with a sword which she knew he would not die from as she had seen the Queen do it. He would then be put inside a massive box and shoved into sea to drown. At sundown the next day, the Empress explained this to him and ran him through with her sword at the ocean-line in front of all the citizens. The guards picked him up and put him into the box. The Empress wished him well before closing the lid and giving the order to push him out into the ocean.          

In total Darius served the princess for 40 years, protecting her from attempted political murder, aggressive suitors, bandits, pirates, even trusted people from within her own palace such as servants and the maids who wanted to kill her, or kidnap her or rape or a combination of both at times. He punched the lid open as soon as he was out of sight to breathe and drifted around in the ocean for a decade, allowing the current to take him where he could and eating fish that swam by for food. Until he was found by a group of pirates who had commandeered a ship off the English Channel while he was sleeping. One of the pirates dove into the water, pushed him out into the ocean to make him wake up. While he was spluttering and trying not to drown, the pirate hauled him up and threw him onto the ship deck like he was a doll. It wouldn’t have been so bad. He discovered that the crew were all rag-tag bunch of misfits like himself being a couple of werewolves, a few Moras and a lot of humans who all managed to get along well. The only problem was, the crew was manned by a narcissistic, selfish vampire who hated werewolves like no other.          
The captain, Julian Rathbone, was actually the son of two aristocrats, a runaway who had commandeered a ship from the Royal Navy. He had drunk vampire blood on a dare from his werewolf friend, believing that it would cause him no harm. It wasn’t true. He murdered his parents, draining them dry and left their corpses, escaping the country. He took Darius aboard, believing that he would make a good crew-member as he looked young and strong, as well as naïve. He thought he could control Darius, make him his lap-dog. Darius knew enough to play along as he was outnumbered 10 to one and he didn’t understand a single word any of them were saying when they pulled him on board. The captain ordered his first mate, an inu Mora called Estelle, to teach him to read and speak English so he would not make a fool out of their crew. Estelle happily agreed, liking the young man the second she set eyes on him. Estelle was a voracious reader and writer, having stacks of books and stores of written pages upon pages of words in note-books or on any bits of paper that they had pillaged from previous towns. She started with teaching him the alphabet, which he picked up easily. Then she moved onto simple sentences. At the same time the captain wasted no time in giving Darius all the most dangerous, most laborious and painful tasks possible such as bringing gunpowder for the cannons (if they brought the powder too close to the gunfire it would explode), checking the sails and rigs each day (this was a massive ship and the Captain would whip him with a whip made out of silver for each mistake he made), cleaning the pans, pots and cooking utensils the cook used and cleaning the entire deck until it was spotless (that included scrubbing clean any barnacles  or seaweed and any insects like worms that had accumulated) . At the same time he gave Darius an ultimatum. If he could not write his own name, read the book and conduct a casual conversation with him by the time they reached Spain he would leave Darius to die there by religious fanatics who believed that he was sent from the devil to kill them for their sins. Darius didn’t completely believe him but he knew the captain would probably leave him to die anyway. They were to reach Spain in three months. All the books Estelle had were thick and full of hard words that Darius didn’t know. Estelle tried her best, even using the easiest book she had but ultimately Darius could only write his name, read at a barely acceptable level and just passed speaking with the Captain. To make matters worse, during that time the ship was often at blows with rival pirate ships who had crossed paths with them and each ship had a vampire on board that saw werewolves as scum and seemed to choose their ship because they had heard of the new werewolf on board thanks to a Shifter they had on their ships that had acted as a bird to spy on them. Surprisingly, Darius could mostly hold his own in sword-fights with the much older, centuries old vampires but the Captain was jealous and two times, when Darius needed help he restrained the rest of the crew from doing so. Darius had all his fingers sliced off on his left hand except for his thumb, his knee torn open at the ligaments and was blinded in one eye.  

When they reached Spain the Captain made good on his promise. He had the werewolves guard Darius while the rest of the crew pillaged and razed the town to the ground. When they headed back to the ship with the loot he ordered the two werewolves to hold Darius down as a human. Fear mounted. Darius started to change again. The Captain lifted his sword. Estelle was the only one that came to his rescue but the Captain flung her aside. He cut one of Darius’ legs off and one of his arms, both with the injured knee and fingers respectively jeering at him that he’d have to get his limbs amputated so he may as well do it for him. Exploding in a mass of fur, claws and fangs he launched himself at him and in one in a million shot bit the Captain in half with one clamp of his jaws. The Captain lay in pieces on the ground. Shocked silence settled on them. Then Darius, with the help of Estelle, standing upright, announced that he was the Captain now. The crew agreed, having no reason to object. They sailed around the Pacific, visiting tropical islands with Darius forming a romantic relationship with Estelle. He fell in love with her tenacity, her passion and her fire. Even though Darius had only three month’s experience with piracy he had observed and learned how to operate the ship from the deceased Captain during the months leading up to Spain. He also knew how it functioned thanks to how much work the Captain had given him when he had first set foot on deck. His limbs grew back in a few months, though it took a year to heal completely and become fully functional again. As for sword-fighting he incorporated techniques he’d learnt from his days as a Gladiator and his lessons in China to make a sword-fighting style that was unusual and orthodox but an effective mix of brute force with smooth foot-work. Of the supernatural pirate crews they encountered within the course of his leadership, with the werewolves and vampires, he dominated anyone that challenged him. They never landed a blow. He was a ruthless, deadly force and he became known as the Whirling Tornado of Death. In spite of this Darius cared for his crew as well and would deal out harsh punishments if any one of them failed to do their jobs because it put the whole crew in jeopardy. This, combined with his skill and charisma, gave him the utmost respect. He was both feared and loved. At this point, the samurai were thriving in Japan, appointed by their Lords the shoguns.                

In the late 1100s Darius was supposed to become a father to two beautiful daughters. They were sailing near the Japanese coast-line and Estelle was about to go into labour. It was unexpected and premature as the ship’s medic as told them that it would happen in two weeks. Darius gave the order for them to station at the next piece of the land they saw which happened to be what is known today as Honshu, one of the four major islands of Japan. At the same time Japanese vampire pirates who had come back to Japan after stealing a British vessel, seeing Darius’ ship, tried to capture it as they felt brave enough to after stealing the vessel. They stormed the ship, hesitating when they saw Darius was the captain. Darius attacked without hesitation, yelling at the two werewolves to protect Estelle who at that point was giving birth. He massacred most of the pirates within minutes but the Captain and the first mate were older and wiser than him and had home-made explosives on hand. While Darius was fighting the Captain, the first mate engaged with one of the crew and shoved the bomb down his throat. The bomb ignited, killing him. Stunned, Darius lost his concentration for one second. That was enough time for the Captain to grab his sword, then stab him with it until it came out all the way through his back. Stumbling, Darius fell against the mast. The first mate, taking advantage of the confusion, attacked the rest of his crew. He snapped their necks and shot the rest of them with pistols, something which Darius had never seen before until that point. The first mate had a dangerous secret weapon, crafted by himself and it was the only one that existed at that point in time. It was gun and it would not emerge again until much later in history. The Captain took the sword out, walked over to the vulnerable Estelle and raised his sword. Darius pleaded with the Captain but he only laughed and drove the sword into her belly, ending her life and her unborn children. Howling with pain and rage, Darius snapped and charged, transforming into his beast form. The Captain swiped at him but Darius grabbed the sword with his palm, stopping it and broke it. He was no match for Darius’ fury and was torn to shreds. Turning to the first mate with the Captain’s hand in his jaws, the first mate shot him but was so scared that his shots went wide. Darius ended his life within seconds by ripping him to shreds. Filled with agony, he staggered to Estelle and collapsed beside her, crying. One hour later he was found by one of the samurai from the province in tattered clothes, dripping wet and wandering the coast-line with the Japanese captain’s sword spattered with fresh blood. Mistaking him for a spy from one of the feuding provinces due to the fact that he had a Japanese katana and was not wearing traditional Japanese clothing, he took him in as a prisoner to the Lord of the province, Lord Tatsuya. Broken, Darius didn’t protest and when Lord Tatsuya demanded him to tell him the truth Darius just simply said that he was a rogue without a master to serve and that if he was to kill him for washing ashore on his land, then he would prefer he do it now than force him to listen to the Lord’s own useless babbling. Even though Lord Tatsuya didn't understand him he was embarrassed that a foreigner was effectively mocking him in his own home. Lord Tatsuya sent him out to the streets to be publicly whipped and humiliated for the entire day, then brought back to the palace at midnight. And so they did. From morning to noon, to night, Lord Tatsuya’s samurai paraded him through the streets in a show of public humiliation, forcing him to strip all his clothes off and show his bruises to the crowd. Darius could not get angry. He was still hurting over the loss of his unborn daughters and his mate. During all of this, assassins from the neighbouring province were making their way to Lord Tatsuya’s palace. When they got back, the assassins had snuck past the palace guards, killing them without a sound and were about to kill the Lord with poison who was sleeping. The samurai, having bought liquor and consumed most it, were drunk and wanting to drink more, shoved Darius inside and retreated to their quarters. Darius managed to steal the head samurai’s sword and headed back into his room. Smelling poison, ran to Lord Tatsuya’s room. One lone assassin had cornered the Lord and was about to force him to drink poison. Darius attacked, slamming the man’s head into the wall and decapitated him with the sword in one clean swipe. He dropped the sword and left without a word in search of a forest which he found. Days later, Lord Tatsuya’s samurai hunted for him and found him. They were there on orders from the Lord to bring him to him and shot him with a tranquilizer dart, knocking him unconscious. When he woke up, he was in the palace court-yard with Lord Tatsuya sitting there and the samurai at the sidelines. The lead samurai was standing across from him with two swords and threw one to Darius who caught it on reflex. Darius understood the situation. It was a fight to the death. They fought, starting to trade blows which ended with their blades at each other’s throats. To his surprise, the samurai spoke English as did Lord Tatsuya. Lord Tatsuya explained that the samurai were werewolves who had learned English from a Western gentleman, a werewolf who had come to their lands decades ago. When Darius asked why he hadn't smelt it from them the samurai laughed and told him that he had been too distracted with whatever he had suffered before coming here. Lord Tatsuya was about to let him go, unsatisfied until the lead samurai vouched for Darius changing his mind. Darius was assigned second in command to the lead samurai, whose name was Kira and learned how to fight like a samurai. He would often show Kira techniques he had learned in China and inter-twined the grappling, thrusting moves of Roman fighting with Japanese sword-fighting. They also practiced with silver-edged swords and knives and daggers increasing Darius' pain tolerance and taught him how to use a bow and arrow to an acceptable level for he had never learned in China. They never lost a single battle. Darius rarely ventured out into public, preferring to go out into the forest at night-time but he was seen by Lord Tatsuya’s side with the rest of the samurai when he was out in public. He enjoyed showing off though with seemingly impossible feats to please the opposite sex and performed daring stunts that no sane person would such as jumping into a pit full of snakes or catching flaming knives with his bare teeth. Of the dozens of young women who flocked for his attention, he was not interested in any of them but he enjoyed being physical with them, the game and the thrill of seducing and was excellent at it. He also seemed to have no fear, taking on everything that jealous boyfriends or husbands threw at him and always treated ladies with respect. In battle, he was truly fearless and this was a result of everything he had done up until now. The gladiator tournaments, his experiences in China, duelling on the high seas with pirates. In the end he became known for his courage and chivalry but also his mysteriousness and roguish charm. Again he became legend, known as the Dragon Samurai Gentleman. He served Lord Tatsuya and his family until the samurai class and with it, the feudal era was extinguished by political unrest within society’s elite that over-threw the reigning Lords.
Renaissance Period        
At the age of 200 years old, Kira died from a blood infection he had contracted during a drunken fight with another customer. His body was cremated, his ashes scattered across the sea by Darius and the others and that was the second time in his life that Darius cried. With no purpose and his only friend gone, he left Japan travelling around Asia using the trading ships that were travelling all over until he settled down in Vienna during the time of the Renaissance, curious about whispers of a new era. He became a performing street artist, entertaining people and charmed a lot of young women with his good looks, smooth words and mysteriousness as he did not understand a word of Italian but he used hand gestures to explain himself. He often brought home to his place which was a rented room on the more dangerous side of Vienna. After some time, he grew bored of Vienna and hearing of something great happening in Florence that a thing called “science” was developing ad travelled there. Upon arriving, he indulged himself in everything Florence had to offer-the architecture, the art, the music and the ladies. He slept on the streets, sometimes at the local cemetery and church. It was here he met the famed Leonardo Da Vinci, who took medical interest in him after seeing him transform at a cemetery to walk in the local forest. Instead of being horrified, he was fascinated wanting to know the biology, genetic-makeup, diet and everything he could about Darius. He offered to teach him Italian after seeing him struggle to speak it and that he would give him a place to stay. Darius accepted and ran errands for Da Vinci such as fetching him oils and delivering messages for him to wealthy patrons. When he came back during one outing a beautiful woman was sitting in the chair, poised and elegant. It was an Italian Countess with luscious dark brown hair and fierce sea blue eyes. Leonardo Da Vinci was to paint her. When she left he asked Da Vinci who she was and he responded in kind that she was one of his beloved patrons, the Italian Countess Alessandra Constantini, otherwise known as the Tigress of Florence. She was a writer in her own right, married to her husband the Duke of Milan. Darius disguised himself as a Count, entering one of the balls that was held at the mansion by one of the wealthiest families in Florence that the Countess was going to be attending. To his delight the Countess appeared by herself without the Duke at her side. Many men, wanting to court her, approached her for a dance but she rejected them all. Darius strode towards her and bowed, extending his hand to her curtly. Charmed, she danced with him all the night and asking for his name, told her that he was just a stranger from the East. She recognized his voice though as the young man who was Da Vinci’s helper. A few weeks later Da Vinci wanted Alessandra again to model for him, posing nude this time. Darius could not help himself and after the modelling session was over, he took her to one of the near-by bed-rooms in the house and consummated with her. Alessandra was not unwilling for she had fallen for him. Life went well for Darius with him and Alessandra conducting their secret love affair for many decades. Alessandra proved to be as every bit as ferocious as he, with a passion in bed that rivaled his. And she proved to be as charming and incredibly intelligent, able to navigate political waters and prevent any scandals from getting out despite the fact that Darius was seen many times coming and in and out of Alessandra's house. Alessandra was also an accomplished singer, performing in the Opera but despite this she hated her life as a Countess. She hated the rules, the expectations that society and her family placed on her. Darius, getting sick of being a lab experiment for Da Vinci, wanted to leave the city to go to Milan. Together, they made a plan to leave Italy to go back to Rome. Darius had been secretly reading Da Vinci's notes and stolen some of his sketches. He had collected materials to assemble a boat and had been working on it in secret at night on the shore-line. They were set to leave at the end of the year and decided to celebrate with one last night of lovemaking in Italy when the Duke was out. They were too reckless though and intoxicated from the alcohol. Unfortunately the Duke came back early caught them in bed together, naked. They fled, crashing out the window and fled to where the boat was which was on the borders of Italy but not before Darius stopped by Da Vinci's lodgings and stole some of his journals and sketches for he was interested in them.      
Great Britain
Well, they didn't end up in Rome. Their boat was over-turned by a thunder-storm leaving them abandoned on a tropical jungle island where they managed to survive. All this time, Darius still managed to salvage Da Vinci's ideas. It wasn't until more than two centuries later when the first steam-boat was invented that they would see civilization again. To Darius, it was amazing. He recognized the steam-boat as something like a primitive submarine which Da Vinci had drawn. When the steam-boat passed the island Darius took Alessandra and changing into their werewolf form, leaped on board onto the back with Da Vinci's ideas in tow. Luckily, everyone on board were werewolves who welcomed them with open arms. They were going to what was known was Britain at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Upon arrival, Darius was astounded and delighted to see how far technology had progressed. There were flying machines and moving images, silent movies and science and technology were flourishing. He recognized a lot of machines from Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings and though he had not really liked the man (he had once wanted to dissect him into pieces to see what made him tick and stitch him back together), he felt a sense of pride as he respected the man for his genius and creativity and innovation. Darius became interested in weaponry and in particular guns, recognizing it as the weapon that destroyed his pirate family. He stole guns with ease, using his pillaging skills from his piracy days and dismantled them, figuring out how they worked. Darius' interest in technology started to spawn from this. He also studied machines, developing an interest in cars after seeing automobiles and stage-coaches and dismantled them too to see how they work. Another invention, cross-bows, were also of interest to him after he saw some humans playing around with them but he would never get around to figuring out how they worked. He had rented a room out at a town-house at this point but his collection of guns and technology had grown massively so he bought a small cottage on the outskirts of town with the money he earned from working as a repairman. He had also attracted the attention of another werewolf who lived next door to them their town-house, one who had seen Alessandra and wanted to make her his mate. Darius came back home one day, having gone to see a client about a broken-down car, to find the werewolf raping an unconscious Alessandra in their bedroom. Darius flew into rage and slammed into the werewolf, dragging him off her and using the wrench he had to jam it into his ear and straight through his brain killing him instantly. He hurried to Alessandra, checking to see if she was alright but her heart wasn't beating. She wasn't breathing. To Darius' horror there was blood on the back of her head and he noticed the blood on the fire-place. It turned out that the werewolf had killed Alessandra by accident, throwing her against the fire-place and she had hit her head on the ledge, suffering internal bleeding. The police were at the door, having answered a call from neighbours that they heard howling and yelling. They burst into the house and seeing Darius holding Alessandra's body to him and the dead werewolf, went to arrest him. Darius ran, leaving everything behind. He ran until he could not run anymore, ending up at one of the ports and seeing a cargo ship that was about to depart, leaped for it landing on the deck. He did not know where it would take him, only that he needed to escape. It took him all the way to Lunari where after settling down, ended up working odd jobs to distract himself from the pain of losing Alessandra. He is now working as a stunt-man for film and TV commercials.

Father: Aelius Crassus| Status: Dead

Mother: Jia Fen | Status: Unknown, dead most likely

Siblings: N/A  


Unnamed children from Estelle|Dead

Pets: *MUST be purchased from The Dark Passenger* Name | Breed | Status: Alive/Dead/Lost/Unknown

Other Important People: Ferrus|Alive

Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed... blah blah blah... ~Ze Tigress. ^_^

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Referral
What Would You Like To Be Called? Chris
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of Wolves
What Characters Do You Play?Warrior Tye
How Long Have You Been RPing? Years
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yep

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Greetings Darius, I know this is a Work In Progress, but there are a couple things that could use some help.

- Occupation is the job he holds now. I think you mentioned he was a stunt-double for movies. That would be where it needs to be stated.
- Your photo you chose for Primal is the same as Lucian's and will need to be changed.
- Habits section needs to be in complete sentences: 12 to be exact.
- With the year in the world being what it is, the creatures and humans have come to call the place "Lunari". There are no particular cities or anything of the sort.
- Important People needs to be separated like so:
John Adams | Dead
Abigail Williams | Alive

That is all I see which needs fixing, other than finishing the rest of your character bio, but good job thus far. Lucian cannot wait to meet his new Warrior.

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Welcome to Lunari Addunt!
You've been accepted and can now proceed to the Werewolf borders!

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Darius Tatsuya - Werewolf
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