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PostSubject: Journal Rules   Journal Rules Icon_minitimeFri Feb 21, 2014 12:27 pm

When making your journal, please use whatever creativity you wish to have on it. The only thing we ask is NO tables. You can choose to name the title after your character or anything you like. Here is an example you may use:

Rendezvous With Destiny - Lucian's Journal

Since joining Lunari, Lucian accepted the role of Alpha male. He was soon finding himself accepting other wolves within his lands as well:

Beta Callista - [insert link here]: He believes he can trust her, hoping their relationship will grow and expand as an Alpha and Beta should.
Healer Marie - [insert link here]: She was timid at first, but seems to open up to him.
Vitani - [insert link here]: She cray-cray!

Wandering around the lands of Lunari, Lucian discovered many interesting Individuals:

Regina Eden - [insert link here]: Sexy and smart, curious, yet afraid of nothing. Lucian feels a strong pull for Eden.

As time drew on the Alpha decided it was time to make some purchases, visiting the Black Market:

The Dark Passenger - [insert link here]
The Dark Passenger - [insert link here]

Now Lucian is looking to find more interesting souls to add to his list:

Astridax/Jungle - [insert thread here]: Status OPEN
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Journal Rules
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