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 Serenity - Werewolf

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Warrior Serenity
Warrior Serenity

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PostSubject: Serenity - Werewolf   Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:52 pm

Name: Serenity Scarlet Simmons

Nickname: Ren

Age: 883 Years | Appears 24 Years Old

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Human form: Serenity is thin but has a curvaceous figure, more so her rear. Her eyes are a bright golden-brown colour and her skin is fairly pale. She has long dark brown, almost black, hair which may appear to have a reddish tone in bright light. Makeup-wise, she usually wears a bold red lip with winged eyeliner, mascara and peachy blush. Her stiletto nails are always painted to compliment her outfit. Her everyday look is wearing black or pale blue skinny jeans with a patterned chiffon blouse, brown ankle boots and her precious diamond necklace.

Werewolf form: Serenity's fur appears almost jet black whilst she is in her beast form. Her eyes remain a stunning golden colour and her claws are dangerously sharp and dagger-like. Her structure is lean and well-built, allowing her to have much power and strength. The sharp teeth that she has gives her a fatal bite to penetrate flesh and instantly kill prey.

Human Photo:

Race: Werewolf

Rank Requested: Warrior

Specialization: Shifts into a beast

Primal Form Photo:

Height: Human Form: 5ft 7 | Primal Form: 10ft 5

Weight: Human Form: 117 lbs | Primal Form: 288 lbs

Eye Color: Light golden-brown

Hair Color: Human Form: Dark brown | Primal Form: Black

Identifying Marks: Human Form: Bright lips | Primal Form: Thick, glossy fur

Face Claim: Lana Del Rey

Serenity is wary of people who she isn't familiar with but she is polite, as long as the other person is too. She can be feisty and doesn't mind confrontation as it gives her a reason to blow and release any frustration that has been building up. She enjoys receiving gifts as it makes her feel special. She is loyal to good friends and will defend them at any cost. She has a relaxed attitude and is open to new experiences. She tends to keep herself to herself and avoids talking about her past. She can turn emotional in frustrating situations, which really annoys her. She quite likes people caring for her even if she doesn't say so. She despises two-faced people and people who brag about themselves, usually telling them where to stick it. She isn't afraid of speaking her mind and setting people straight. She has a good heart but her past lessened the warmth that she intensely radiated and made her more vulnerable. She can find it difficult to trust people as she has experienced a lot of dishonesty in her life. When someone who she likes is troubled or upset, she tries to help them as she knows how it feels to suffer in silence. She may seem distant and in her own little world but she needs people to care for her to help her fight her demons.

-Being complimented
-Displaying her creative side
-Feeling wanted
-Having a laugh
-Having time alone
-Looking her best
-Making people proud
-Nights out with friends
-Painting her nails
-Winning battles
-Buying new clothes and accessories

-Being looked down on
-Being told what to do
-Being underestimated
-Cold weather
-Fake and sly people
-Having to trust people
-People annoying her
-People asking about personal things
-People insulting her race, especially vampires
-Rushing to get ready
-Seeing pregnant women
-Strangers judging her

Serenity tends to switch off and inspect her nails when people are talking about something that doesn't interest her. When she's thinking deeply she sometimes bites her lip. This causes her to wipe her teeth with her sleeve to remove any lipstick. If people are dressing up for a party or meeting, she tries to out dress everyone, hoping to receive compliments. When someone is all up in her face or insulting her, she tends to roll her eyes a lot and may cuss at them if they aggravate her. If she goes out and a casino is nearby, she will almost certainly go gambling as she likes the rush and has money to burn. Whilst stuck in traffic, she repeatedly presses the horn of her white Lamborghini and cusses at the drivers ahead through the window as she loses her temper. If in uncomfortable situations, she messes with her hair and may start laughing uncontrollably. She feels self-conscious when people watch her eating so she eats cautiously and regularly wipes her mouth with a napkin to avoid food going around her mouth. She always has denari in her bra so she doesn't have to carry a purse around with her. She colour-codes her closet and can be a bit obsessive with ordering her clothes from lightest to darkest. Before going to bed, she tends to think of things that worry her which prolongs the time taken to fall asleep.

Serenity was born and raised in a small and insignificant town that enveloped few people with restricted ambitions in life. She feared the life of the typical girl; marry a man that your parents approve as soon as you are considered mature, then have children and grow old putting every bit of energy into raising them. Growing up, she was timid and very obedient. Probably due to her parents having traditional morals. They were controlling and strict and would lose their temper regularly. Being hit by her father was hard to deal with as she tried her best to follow their instructions and make them proud. Unlike the basic dreams of the other kids, she dreamt of finding inner-peace and true love. Sharing her life with someone who loves her dearly is all she really wanted. During her teenage years, she grew to be more distant from her family as she had nothing in common with them. Her childhood was quite miserable but she managed to drive herself through in hope of leaving them out of her life and finding her own way to happiness.

At the age of 19, Serenity left home and became a waitress in a nearby city. She rented a small place just as somewhere to rest her head and give her an excuse not to return home everyday. She found her job tiring and tedious but it was better than home life. After 10 months of working at a diner, she met a man; a very charming and warm-hearted one who complimented her and seemed really interested to get to know her. They swapped numbers and their friendship soon flourished into a relationship. It was possibly love at first sight. Their relationship wasn't very intimate but they took it slowly and enjoyed each other's company. He was well-off and lived a life of luxury. Although he bought her presents, she did not love his money like the users before. She loved him and the sense of security that he gave her. 4 months after dating, he asked her to quit her job and leave the crappy little place where she stayed so that she could move in with him. Without hesitation she did so and he helped her move her few belongings into his large and impressive home.

She settled in and found extreme happiness living with this man who loved and treasured her. He insisted on her not having a job as he made enough money to treat themselves with whatever they desired. She found it kind of dull being home alone all day without her man. Her personal stylist would visit in the mornings and would provide her with an array of outfits to choose from and keep. The stylist would also style her hair and make-up depending on how she wanted to look that particular day. She felt like a queen. After observing the woman regularly transform her appearance, she was soon was able to make herself look and feel pretty. She started to love fashion and was eager to design her own clothes. With the help of her man and contacts given by her stylist, she was able to display her creative side. Neighbours and friends noticed her work and requested her to create some pieces for them. She was therefore pretty busy but particularly enjoyed what she was doing as she could bring out her burning flare into her work. Her man would disappear for several weeks at a time because of business. She would miss him dearly and she longed for his touch and to see his beautiful face in front of hers as soon as she opened her eyes each morning. Waiting for his return was all she could do apart from designing and trying to call him, which was often unsuccessful. When he'd arrive home, she would race through the front door and embrace him, making up for the hundreds of kisses that they had missed.

One time after not seeing him for almost a month, he invited her to visit the island that he owned which he regularly talked about. They got there in his yacht and it was, and still is, the most stunning and tranquil place that she has ever been. The beaches were to die for; soft and golden, lined with palm trees and surrounded by crystal blue ocean. They dropped their stuff off in the lodge and went for a romantic walk along the serene shore. They walked hand-in-hand as Serenity glimmered under the sun in her purple jewel-studded gown. He scooped her off the sand and held her in his strong arms. They headed into the water and her dress floated on the water's surface and swayed amongst the calm waves. She gazed into his deep blue eyes that were far more beautiful than the surrounding ocean as his slicked-back brown hair was ruffled by the gentle wind. He crouched beneath the water with her body against his chest and his face lowered to hers before they kissed. She wrapped her legs around him as he supported her rear, holding her close as their lips caressed. He let go of her and knelt on the seabed as he pulled a small navy box out of his shirt pocket. "Will you marry me baby?" muffled out of his mouth as bubbles rose to the surface alongside his words. Her heart lit up with joy as she exclaimed "Oh my..of course!". They stood up, catching their breath and he slipped the ring onto her finger before carrying her back to the shore whilst passionately kissing.

He had obviously planned this day as it flowed so smoothly. He made her feel special which made her forget about life prior to meeting him. To her surprise, when they walked further down the beach he told her to get changed into a long, free-flowing and diamond encrusted, champagne dress that she had designed recently before they left. It was very pretty and perfect for a wedding gown. Waiting at the secret ceremony were a few close friends and some of his family members. The wedding ceremony was very intimate and emotional as they said their vows, but it was kind of a blur as she was quite nervous due to committing herself to a man at nearly 24 years old. That evening, they had a romantic candlelit dinner on the balcony. He complimented her all night long and told her that she was the most perfect woman in the world. After they finished their meal, she took a shower and watched television for a bit whilst he was in the shower. He opened the door and she peered to him as he stood in the doorway naked. She smiled as he walked up to her, laying on the bed in her sheer red nightgown. He jumped onto the bed and crawled up onto her body, then he started slipping off her nightgown, making her giggle. He repeatedly kissed her neck, making his way down to her chest. She felt like her body was electric. They made sweet love until the morning sun lit up their world.

Within a couple months of returning home, her husband rushed off once again to another city as his business required him to do so. Nothing she could do would make her feel better; she felt as if a part of her had been taken away. Her heart would burn up in flames as her other half was unseen by her eyes. She felt ill inside but the medic ensured that nothing was wrong when he visited. After around 3 weeks of being alone, a close friend that she made in her new city advised her to visit her Great-Grandfather's ancient herbal remedy place in the quiet part of the inner-city. They were very welcoming when she got there and they suggested that she should take a vial of a remedy that was concocted to clear negative emotions and free the soul from strain. The withered man working at the place guided her into the back room and took some time before finding the vial at the back of a shelf. He blew away the dust that was sitting on the discoloured glass and handed it over to her. The colour of the liquid within was a deep dark red and it appeared to be thick and unappealing. The man pushed her to drink the contents of the vial there and then so she cracked it open and swallowed the putrid substance; feeling it run slowly down her throat. It made her retch whilst the man stood there laughing. She tried hard to bring it back up but her body wouldn't let her.

5 days after taking the so called medicine that made no difference whatsoever, her husband returned with a bouquet of fragrant red roses which resembled the colour of the remedy that she endured. He handed them to her with a peck on the cheek, which was unlike him to not place a kiss upon her lips, and she put them into a vase of water. She sat down on his lap as he told her what he got up to. She could still smell the roses from across the room as if they were right under her nose. Her hearing faded from listening to him and tuned in to the birds chirping from outside in the yard. It was like her senses had developed into that of an animal. Ignoring the confusion, she threw her arms around his neck and leant her head on his chest. She kissed his skin but something ruined the atmosphere. Her intense sense of smell picked up a feminine scent from his shirt. It smelled like a trashy whore, trying to cover her filthy body with cheap perfume. Straight away she knew that he had been intimate with another woman, if you could call the home-wrecker such a name. It all made sense as she thought it through; why he didn't show any passion within his actions and why he rarely contacted her. She pretended that she had a headache and told him that she was going to take a shower and then have an early night. Serenity stared long and hard at her reflection in the mirror and all she could see was ugliness. Every security that she held was lost and she broke down in tears. Her mind was taken up by the thought of him screwing her over the whole way through their relationship. She ripped the toilet seat off of its hinges out of rage and flushed the previously precious wedding ring away.

The man who transformed her life into something she had only dreamt of had now destroyed it along with her dreams of loving one another until the bitter end. He betrayed her. The more she pondered, the angrier and more ashamed she grew. It was as if all her emotions were raging in a storm within her mind and she felt herself about to blow. She decided that they were through; all the beautiful times they shared were now simply a reminder of what existed. She threw her drained body onto the bed and clenched a pillow tightly, trying to hold herself back from doing something regretful. She felt her grasp growing stronger; her precisely patterned nails grew into knife-like claws which pierced through the once fluffy pillow. Her body enlarged, making the room shrink as thick black fur sprouted out of her skin, covering all of her flesh. She had transformed into a beast. Her severe anger fuelled the desire to seek revenge but not by being disloyal. She grabbed the tiny bouquet of flowers within her clawed hand and squeezed out of the door.

Serenity followed his revolting scent while darting through the night on all-fours. Within minutes she spotted him on a bench within the forest, about 10 minutes from his house. She resided amongst the shadows, out of sight of the foolish man before her eyes. He was talking openly on his cell phone to a squeaky-voiced female who was talking inappropriately to a supposed married man. She swung the bunch of flowers and released them, aiming in his direction. They hit the ground in front of him and the flowers scattered around the floor. She found it hilarious as he almost shit his pants. He spun his head around, frantically searching for any sign of her. She remained staring at his pathetic reaction. "Serenity, are you there?" he asked as his eyes were expanded, full of fear. His fear made her feel a sense of power and control over the cheating, heartless, uncommitted 'husband' of hers. The voice on the phone was calling him baby, which he used to called her when they were deeply in love. She unexpectedly jumped out of the darkness and grasped his inferior body tight, restricting his blood flow. His body raised into the air as she picked him up with force. She threw him like a child with a rag doll as her intense fury arose from looking at his cunning face. He laid their lifeless. She pounded over to his side and flicked him, making his upper back rest against a tree trunk. Memories of waiting for him to return home and being worried sick came flooding back and saddened her mood, which in turn made her feel more aggressive. She swiped to scratch his irritating face. Her dangerously sharp claws ended up through his neck and penetrated the tree behind him. Blood spattered out and painted the ground with rouge speckles. The roses sat amongst the blood and complimented its crimson tone. He ruined her life, so she took his.

She left him all alone like he did to her countless times. She grabbed a briefcase loaded with cash along with my her treasured possessions back at his house and swiftly drove away. Her heart raced as she sped into the distance, leaving his soulless body in the dark empty forest. "Farewell baby" she shouted as she felt a sense of freedom and happiness whilst her hair fluttered in the rushing breeze. She wanted to get as far away as possible to ensure that she didn't get caught and locked away. Her family and friends were irrelevant. The only person who mattered now was herself. The sickness that she had experienced still remained so she visited a clinic in the nearest city. Unfortunately the news that she received was painful but should have filled her with joy and excitement. She was pregnant. Even though she smiled to appear normal, she asked for a termination. It was the most difficult choice that she has ever had to make but it felt right. Serenity continued forward with her life and tried not to regret the past, after all that chapter was over and could not be altered. No one city she could call home as she would regularly vanish and appear in another city with a different name and appearance. It wasn't her preferred method of living but it was exciting in a way. Having nobody to rely on and care for took some getting used to but it thickened her skin. Luckily hundreds of years later, all that bullshit was over so she could live more openly. Many short-term relationships developed and passed but none were really meaningful. She longed to be around others like herself who contained an inner beast, so she attempted to search for other werewolves. Her desire was now to settle down somewhere that she belonged to be; with her own kind.

Father: Name: Richard Andrew Walker | Status: Dead

Mother: Name: Louisa Mae Walker | Status: Dead

Siblings: Sister - Name: Rose Faith Walker | Status: Unknown

Spouse/Mate: Name: Ray Bradley Simmons | Status: Dead

Offspring: None

Pets: Name | Breed | Status: N/A

Other Important People: None

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt?
Referred by Beta Callista/Finnlay
What Would You Like To Be Called?
Alex or anything you guys think of
What Other Sites Do You Play On?
Soulless Guardians
What Characters Do You Play?
Alexandre and Enyx
How Long Have You Been RPing?
Since January 2014
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?
Will You Refer Us To Friends?

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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Serenity - Werewolf   Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:18 pm

Greetings Serenity and Welcome! Before you can be accepted there is just a small thing you will need to fix:

- We do not allow 1st person on Lunari Addunt, as everyone uses 3rd person. So your history shall have to be changed to 3rd person. Once this is completed, we shall look over your profile again. Thank you for choosing Lunari Addunt!
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Warrior Serenity
Warrior Serenity

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PostSubject: Re: Serenity - Werewolf   Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:45 pm

I'm sorry about that. The history has been edited and I look forward to getting involved with the site!
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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Serenity - Werewolf   Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:25 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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PostSubject: Re: Serenity - Werewolf   

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Serenity - Werewolf
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