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 Purchase Form

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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Purchase Form   Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:04 pm

Making Purchases! Please fill out the form accordingly! This is to make sure purchases are done properly! Copy the code and place it under your NEW thread with CHARACTER NAME in capital letters.


[color=#ffffff][b]Name of Character:[/b][/color] (This is if you have more than one character, but using a different character to purchase the item for them.)
[color=#ffffff][b]Name of Item:[/b][/color] -text-
[color=#ffffff][b]Denari Amount:[/b][/color] -text-
[color=#ffffff][b]Details:[/b][/color] (If required ex: tattoo style, color, shape, hair color)

*For Pets Only*

[color=#ffffff][b]Name of Character:[/b][/color] -Which character has it-
[color=#ffffff][b]Name of Pet:[/b][/color] -text-
[color=#ffffff][b]Name of Item:[/b][/color] -text-
[color=#ffffff][b]Denari Amount:[/b][/color] -How much you spent-
[color=#ffffff][b]Details:[/b][/color] -text-


Name of Character: Dominus Demetri
Name of Item: Change Eye Color
Denari Amount: 1000 Denari
Details: Blue

Name of Character: Dominus Demetri
Name of Pet: Kratos
Name of Item: African Black Lion
Denari Amount: 300 Denari
Details: Black lion with a black mane, blue eyes

Be advised, The Dark Passenger can approve or deny any requests if one does not have enough Denari, or the Admin do NOT approve the change.
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Purchase Form
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