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 Theodore - Mora

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PostSubject: Theodore - Mora   Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:45 pm

Name: Theodore Esten

Nickname: Theo

Age: 21 | 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Unemployed

Appearance: Theodore is a charming male standing at 5'9", a good medium frame. Scruffy black bangs cover warm honey eyes. Theo has short ebony hair, and likes to wear it loose and all over his face. He wears the usual black tee, dark grey hoodie, grey jeans, thin, glossy black belt and yellow vans, most of the time. Theo doesn't really care about what others think of what he is wearing, so he doesn't really mind to wear most anything. Theodore, like most moras, can't help but show some of their primal form. Theo has a large fluffy grey tail, along with black ears, but are kept mostly hidden by his hood, hair, and tail kept to look like more of his belt. He can shift into a fox, which in that form has sharp amber eyes, light grey fur for his small body, an obsidian face, ears, and socks. The basic color for his body fur is silver, but one can spot darker and lighter hints.

Human Photo:


Race: Mora

Rank Requested: Herald

Specialization: Ability to shift into a fox.

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 5'10" | 40cm. (At shoulder length)

Weight: 143 pounds | 15 pounds

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Black | Silver

Identifying Marks: Black ears, grey tail | Black ears, grey tail

Face Claim: Alex Evans

Personality: Theodore is probably the best prankster you’ll ever meet. This goofy spirited mora loves jokes, and can’t resist whenever, and wherever to whoever. Just as long as he gets a good laugh out of it. He is most of the time happy, but when someone messes with friends or family... no mercy. He is usually helpful, cheery, and bright, but sometimes is awkward, and frequently has the problem of not knowing what to say. Around most, he is comfortable, and can flow with the go almost anywhere. Trying to contain emotions is a breeze for him. He isn’t that social, but when there’s a group around him, he’s the center of attention. In the grade schools, he was often considered “Class Clown” and “The Jokster” And still is considered one. He’s pretty cool anywhere. Theo overall is one of a kind, prankster, not afraid to meet new people.

-Problems sought out easily
-Activeness, active games, keeping himself active
-Being ruthless, getting into mischief

-Being ignored
-Being helpless in dire situations
-Skinned pelts
-Stress from mostly anything
-Loud unnatural annoying noises
-Being trapped
-Harsh light

Habits: Theo has ADHD, a common disorder in which one has to move most of the time, keep themselves active. Theo’s case is fortunately pretty mild, although the signs only show in his human form. To calm this desire, Theo usually taps on counters, floors, and himself. He started to notice when he was still very young, as did his mom, so they took him to be tested. They found he did unfortunately have ADHD, and were told it wasn’t severe. He gets distracted and can’t really control it. When he got older, instead of it wearing off, they noticed it more and more. During classes, it was hard. People teased him, and he felt uncomfortable, yet he hid it. Now, he uses this disorder to his ability, being quick and sly, as well as attentive, and aware. Sometimes he can be extremely energetic, and usually he can’t calm himself down. It was a struggle to finish tasks, and even focus on one thing. But Theodore tried to concentrate, and nothing helped. He came to live with the fact, and kept his life flowing, able to cope with it.

History: Theo grew up as an only child, living a normal life, plus the fact of a fox’s tail and ears grew into his human body. Fortunately, he could hide his kitsune form pretty easily without harm. His mother was extremely supportive, his father, he never knew. Nagira was his mother’s name, she was beautiful, and possessed many traits Theo has. Her eyes, warm amber, hair, dark brown. They lived a normal life in Manhattan, New York. Theo went to a public school, his mom couldn’t afford luxuries such as good private schools, to living in a house, rather than a apartment. Nagira worked at a local bakery, serving as a barista, earning less than what they needed to get by life. Theo had a rather grim history with his school. Many kids possessed weapons, harassed others, and such, so in order for Theo to defend himself, he had to learn how to fight. It came along pretty quickly, and proved useful in school fights. Of course no one loved these battles, but where he grew up, a lot of rough people unafraid to hurt, lived near.

When Theo reached the age of seventeen, he was taught more about his race. Until then, he only knew that he had a fox tail and ears, but had no idea why, and never bothered to ask. He was told he could shift into his primal form-a fox. The name of this species is Kitsune, translated from Japanese, means “Fox”. He was amazed, and wanted to know more. His mother showed him how to shift, and at first he was confused, but easily got the hang of it. When he was in primal form, no one noticed him because of his small appearance, which was good camouflage. He fit in with the darkness, and could jump amazing heights. Only when he was in his fox form could he hide himself, and fit in tight spaces easily. Yoru was introduced to Theo at the age of eighteen, and proved a major part in his life.

Yoru was part of the Mora race, she was a pretty red fox in her mora form, but in her human form, a small smooth haired ginger that wore mostly pale green. She wore black glasses graduating to clear always. He often wondered if she needed them, though. Yoru was a bright hearted, cheery souled girl. Yoru was there for Theodore, becoming a good friend. Theo had very little, and Yoru became his best very fast. Yoru had a lot of good ideas, even if they weren’t the smartest. She was wise beyond her age, but sometimes can make bad decisions without realizing. That’s her flaw that she wasn’t proud of. When Yoru reached the age of twenty, and Theodore, still nineteen, was when the humans came. They found the two moras and captured them. But they couldn’t go down without a fight. The two small moras were outnumbered-two to four, and they all had dangerous weapons. After giving in from a long struggle, the humans took them back to the lab for testing. The room was pure solid white, adorned with test tubes, and colorful elixirs. In two cold steel cages, sat the moras, refusing to change into their fox form. Theodore had enough room to turn into his primal form, but couldn’t risk until the humans went home. That night, when they left, Theodore, being the only one possible to transform, did so, and slipped a long, thin claw into the lock. Fortunately, being able to unlock it, slipped out, and without thinking, ran for the key, but the only problem was that the humans had it. Theodore couldn’t unlock it, as the lock was way up there, and he being extremely small as a fox. Night’s light filtered through barred windows, as they developed a plan. Theodore would hide out in the ventilation system, and get the key when they return. As he slipped into the vent, and as day raised, the humans returned as planned, but, instead of it going smoothly, the humans saw that Theodore had gone, and became hysterical. Yoru wouldn’t budge, so they took her to a different room. Theo scrambled out as fast as he could, but there were so many rooms, and he couldn’t tell, they had already gone. He left the city, not telling anyone where he had gone, or why. He fled his home and school, and everything he ever owned in search for somewhere safe.

Father: Unknown | Status: Unknown

Mother: Nagira | Status: Alive

Siblings: N/A

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: Yoru | Status: Lost

Joining Keys: Keys have been happily removed ~EDEN!

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I was persuaded to join on Age of the Wolves
What Would You Like To Be Called? Theodore, or Theo is fine.
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Age of the Wolves, Soulless Guardians, Alacritis, Amarok
What Characters Do You Play?
Age: Warrior Yiska
Soulless guardians: Fang,
Alacritis: Rane
Amarok: Alpha Metris
How Long Have You Been RPing? Roughly five months
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Of course!
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Theodore - Mora
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