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 Shailene Xenora - Shifter

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Bellator Shailene
Bellator Shailene

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PostSubject: Shailene Xenora - Shifter   Sat May 24, 2014 9:55 am

Name: Shailene Kyana Xenora

Nickname: Shay

Age: 5 Years Old | 21 Years Old Appearance.

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Questioning

Appearance: At an estimation, Shailene stands to a reasonable height between both her parents. Not too small, but larger than her mother naturally through her recessive genes. She is at most an inch taller than her mother and smaller, for she is female, than her father. White markings dot around her face in swirled fashions, and the rest of her coat consists of orange stripes, and a lighter orange beneath that. Her massive exterior is in no comparison to her human form, however. Being the spawn of both royal members, she is granted with beautiful features, most of which come from her mother, and slight charming accents gifted from her father's side. She is petite in her human form, just as much as her mother. Her hair rests in long, messy strands towards the end of her back and resemble the color of a soft, blondish golden brown. The orbs of which she possess are rather different compared to her parents. She has most of the color from her father, but tinges of blue are found flecked around the center as well as some silver, too. A tattoo rests at the back of her head, as it was a shifting present with permission of both her parents to allow her to have one at such an early age. She wears it proudly form here on out.

Human Photo:

Race: Shifter

Rank Requested: Bellator

Specialization: Ability to shift into a Golden Tabby Tiger

Primal Form Photo:


Height: 5ft 9in | 6ft Long, 34in Tall.

Weight: 128lbs | 370lbs

Eye Color: Faint Hazel.

Hair Color: Sable brown | Golden orange and white.

Identifying Marks: Freckles and a neck tattoo | Golden orange stripes, white markings around her face.

Face Claim: Behati Prinsloo

Personality: She is the typical young girl one could ever meet as a shifter. There are no endings to what she might say and she tends to speak more than usual as to what some would want. There are days where she does not talk at all, in fact, in that time where she is most quiet, she is stuck somewhere in a book, or perhaps in a daze. She has episodes sometimes where she'd pause for long moments of time and suddenly forget what she was going to say. There is no telling as to what has caused this, but its still being questioned as to her parents currently. Shailene does not take strangers nicely, but she is open to meeting new people if they are willing to treat her with kindness verses too much assertiveness.

-Riding her bike.
-Adventuring alone.
-Partying it up.
-Her dad.
-Her hair touched.

-The taste of bacon.
-Small dogs.
-Getting her fur dirty

History: Born into the arms of both the leading shifters, Shailene became the third generation of Eden's blood. Her eyes are more reflected between both the male and female, though her coat does not resemble either of them, actually. As genes formed with the making and development of her mother's pregnancy, the recessive genes of the white tiger altered and grew to be one of the rarest species amongst both animal-kind, and shifter. This is a mutation caused by recessive genes of an Siberian and Bengal white tiger being reproduced with a natural, Siberian orange tiger, such as the Regina and Rex. The parents feared the times when she was sick while growing into complete adult-form of a tiger, but she fought it off and was announced as very healthy amongst the family. She was trained thoroughly by a mix of all superiors, as well as her supposed 'uncle', Bellator Kenai.

Her father most of the time would allow the cub to follow at his side, but between her father and the rest of her family, she favored Kenai the most. Though, as much as she loved eating PB&J's and cuddling with the large bear, she did love to hear her father play while she curled next to the fire and slept with her small, tiger-like face buried into her front paws. Eventually, Diallo would have to pick her up by her scruff, or lift her up onto his back while she was sleeping in order to take her to her room deeper within the cave. Eden had it specialized to be brought down and expanded for that reason, isolating her room to be deeper for her safety and decorating it to her daughter's liking to whenever it changed. Her room was rather large, yet smaller than her parent's portion of the cave, of course, and it fitted her daily needs until she reached the correct age of shifting. When that happened, the room had to be altered once more to fit the life of both a human and large tiger.

Growing up, Shailene had become accustomed to the idea of werewolves being apart of their side between the case of war and other species. Before she reached her shift, she was put to study and learn from her mother's books and teachings, so that she would know more about the history behind all the races that were discovered amongst the earth today. At favorite, by secret, was actually the Mora. She held a lot of sympathy over them, and when she would ask politely to her mother, Eden would explain more about them from her knowledge and things she found on the internet that seemed the most believable. With some help, she was able to access many databases and software that could help her reach some of those certain details, learning more about the mora and what all they did in order to be the way they were. Shailene would also listen to the stories about her parent's pasts, as well as the love they earned when meeting and such. She was a sap for those things, and she loved her parents, and Kenai, as well as the other shifters too. Her parents had taught her to love her kind and that this is to be her family, like they wanted. And she couldn't be any happier.

Father: Rex Diallo | Status: Alive

Mother: Regina Eden | Status: Alive

Siblings: N/A

Pets: Armagedon, her mother's dragon. | Alive

Other Important People: Rex Diallo | Status: Alive

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I'm Eden
What Would You Like To Be Called? Kia, Eden, Junebug, whatever..
What Other Sites Do You Play On? All The Sister Sites
What Characters Do You Play?A lot
How Long Have You Been RPing? Couple years now
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?Regina Eden, Noble Connor and Airman Skyler.
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Why wouldn't I?
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Dominus Demetri
Dominus Demetri

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PostSubject: Re: Shailene Xenora - Shifter   Sun May 25, 2014 12:19 pm

You filled out the wrong application. Never was it stated that the child would be going through a time skip. Please use the appropriate joining form and fill out a history for her. She cannot join without a History.
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Lunari Admin
Lunari Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Shailene Xenora - Shifter   Fri May 30, 2014 11:26 am

Please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship
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PostSubject: Re: Shailene Xenora - Shifter   

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Shailene Xenora - Shifter
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