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 The Golden Product of Royalty

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PostSubject: The Golden Product of Royalty   Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:55 pm

In the middle of the night, the Regina has experienced some pain in her sides, and looked to her mate for assistance once she went into labor. As help finally arrived, so did the life of a new - the third generation passed from the first family of shifters to be a golden baby tigress. She was named quickly after as Shailene, adding her middle name to be Kyana, which was named after Diallo's little sister in respects for his family.

They took her home, fed her and loved her till the time of a full grown tiger. Then, she was taught to fight through her father, learn to read and write by her mother and gain independence throughout the pack on her own.

Today she stands as one of the Bellators amongst her parent's pack and proudly wears her rank with flying colors as a product of their genes. Shailene has also learned to love what she is, no matter how many difficulties of being a shifter there are.

Shailene Kyana Xenora

*A time-lapse has been settled to the time she becomes able to shift,
permission was granted through the Admins of Lunari.

Shailene is currently 5 Years old, old enough to shift and work amongst the pack as one of their Bellators.

She does not live off her parents anymore, for she is an adult and is able to participate in normal activities or duties beneath her leaders and pack-mates.

For further information on her, click HERE.

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The Golden Product of Royalty
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