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 Absence for Unknown Amount of Time

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Sergeant Loch

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PostSubject: Absence for Unknown Amount of Time   Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:09 am

Hello, everyone. I apologize for any threads I have not yet replied to and for those that I will not be able to for a while, I assume. Yesterday, my parents decided to file for a divorce and make it final. I am not worked up about it as I already knew it was coming, so I’m fine. However, I do not know how my ability to make replies will be. No doubt, I will be able to drop in occasionally, if not frequently, and maybe get a few replies in, but I do not know how consuming this will be and for how long. So, I would like to put this in now to make sure everyone knows.

- Bellator Aremet and Sergeant Loch

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Absence for Unknown Amount of Time
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