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 Getting to Know You (Jagara)

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Epror Niko

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PostSubject: Getting to Know You (Jagara)   Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:02 pm

The sound of the ocean waves curdled up against the rocks and cliff face brashly. It was peaceful here, with nothing but the ocean and the distant sounds of the caws of the marine birds in the distance. He could distinguish some as frigate birds and even a lone petrel. All sea-birds. None Niko would have eaten as part of his daily diet. Cats liked fish anyway. But as the curly-haired Shifter stood on top of the titular cliff, his keen eyes scanned the skies following the black and white specks in the horizon that were circling and swooping through the air with interest. Nature worked in mysterious ways and the best way, for Niko, was examining through the many animals it provided. A frigate bird couldn’t be any more different from a petrel in capabilities and appearance. He had been here ever since the early morning, his mind awash with thoughts of what his Regina, Eden, had said and his new responsibilities and his rank which was an exciting thing. Training the Bellators and guarding the borders. He had much practice with the former if guarding an apartment counted as guarding the borders. His mind was whirling with possibilities, ideas. There would be many, many different Shifters with many different animal forms. He would have to tailor his training to suit their needs and individual circumstances. And he hoped that he would learn something as well along the way. There was always, always room to grow and learn if the mind was open to it. Life was all about learning after all with a healthy dose of fun. And exploration. He would also have to know the terrain in order to help defend efficiently. Odd that he hadn’t met anyone but maybe he had been looking in the wrong places. Here, perhaps he’d see someone. The feline Shifter had come here to clear his mind as being outdoors, in the wild, always helped ease whatever worries he had. It was something about the absolute untamed rawness of nature, primal and beautiful in the harsh realities and the extraordinary sunset. An eagle perched on a cliff ledge, cracking open the skull of a mouse for example contrasted with the sublime beauty of a sunset on the horizon. The former was horrific to watch compared to the latter. A sunset, with all its colours, reflecting off the surface of the ocean waters, was much more pleasant to look at. And looking at it from this vantage point was the best view.

So here Niko was on the cliff, legs sprawled out in front of him and hands on the hard rock. Leaning back slightly, he gazed at the shimmering vibrant yellow and orange semi-circle in the distance hovering at the ocean’s edge. The sunset. It was nearing dark which was his favourite time of the day. He saw better in night time than day time. The winds had been erratic earlier but had settled down. It was still fairly cold due to the altitude. As proved by Niko’s clothing. He looked like an average guy who you’d see out on the streets goofing off with his friends after work. White hooded jacket lined with fur on the inside and a woollen blue and white striped beanie, sneakers and jeans. Except he was a little more well-built and taller than the average guy. And when he thought of a training session, his warm eyes shone too brightly when a little spark of playfulness entered them. Like a cat’s at night.
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Getting to Know You (Jagara)
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