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 The Return Home (Open)

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PostSubject: The Return Home (Open)   Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:54 am

It had been an amazing vacation for the domina and her husband. The most amazing part was her son was finally born. Her beautiful son that now slept in her arms as she entered the house. Vincent was a little big for a child, but only weighing in at 10lb and 12oz. No matter, Vixin loved him and his father. Turning to Demetri as he grabbed their bags she smiled and blew him a kiss before turning into the house and going upstairs to the childs new room. Once in the room Vincent woke and began to sniffle as if he were to cry, "Shhhh young one, mothers here..settle Vincent" Using her powers she settled the child and then laid him in his crib to go and make him a bottle. Once the bottle was made she picked him back up and gave him the nipple to the bottle, which he happily took. Vixin began to hum the lullaby she had sung all through her pregnancy. Her son looked around at the new room as he drank the blood his father had collected. Moving to the rocking chair she had placed in the room, Vixin sat and began to rock her son to sleep as he fed from the bottle. She knew when he was asleep as all his emotions would turn neutral and there was no wanting to wander around the room. So gently she got up and laid him back in his crib before returning to her bedroom which was right next to her sons. Crawling into bed and laying there as she slowly drifted into sleep, exhausted from the past few days.
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The Return Home (Open)
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