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 Charli - Vampire

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Domina Charli
Domina Charli

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PostSubject: Charli - Vampire   Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:14 pm

Name: Charlotte Amber Marincea

Nickname: Charli

Age: 5151 | Appears 21

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Occupation: Teacher

Appearance: Charli has a stunning figure, very curvaceous and a pleasure to the eye. Her silky blonde hair is naturally fairly curly, so is easy to maintain with little attention. She's blessed with unusual deep ocean-blue eyes that have a ring of olive green around the pupils. Her skin is sun-kissed and dewy in appearance, soft and glowing. She has a small beauty mark above the right side of her luscious pale pink lips. Her usual attire at home consists of fitted jeans and a pretty shirt, however she regularly roams around wearing denim shorts and a revealing bikini top. When a formal occasion arises, she will happily change into a figure-hugging dress to accentuate her divine curves.

Human Photo:

Race: Vampire

Rank Requested: Vicecome

Specialization: Premonitions

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eye Color: Blue/green

Hair Color: Blonde

Identifying Marks: Beauty mark above her lips, Voluptuous build

Face Claim: Kate Upton

Personality: Charli is sweet, particularly with people who treat her well. She likes to care for the closest people in her life and will do whatever to bond with them. She knows what she wants in life and will fight for it. Her self-motivation allows her to rise to any challenge and commit to it wholeheartedly. She can be a manipulator at times to steer things in her direction but she tries not to hurt others. She's not judgemental and will gladly approach anyone who is not a werewolf. Charli is easygoing and doesn't take things too seriously, creating a warm presence around others. Nothing really phases her as she's open to new experiences and will test things out to see if she's fond of them or not. When she's unhappy with a situation, she's not scared of telling someone or if this isn't really an option, she will take it on herself to sort it out if possible. However, if somebody treats her wrongly she will ignore them completely until she feels like interacting with them again. Despite her amiable smile, she can turn pretty naughty within the blink of an eye. This lively, beautiful woman is good at achieving goals and getting what she wants. She is the touchy-feely type who has an ability to put people at ease without needing to try.

Early mornings
Getting intimate
Lending a hand to others
Playing the violin
Visiting the beach

Attention seekers
Being alone for a long time
Rude people
Unclear communication

Habits: A frequent habit of Charli's is posing in the mirror, especially whilst wearing a bikini, and admiring her enviable figure. When she's sat closely beside someone who's friendly, she has a tendency to lean her head on their shoulder. When she's excited she does a little dance which involves shaking her hips. Charli has a passion for escaping real life and getting lost in a good book so usually reads every night in bed. On an evening she usually spends some time preparing for her classes the next day. Whenever there's an excuse to go swimming, Charli will do so. She loves swimming and is very good at it. When everything is quiet or she is waiting, she tends to hum a tune. If there's been a stressful day she will take a long, relaxing bath surround by scented candles. A peaceful jog on an evening is a common occurrence for the easygoing woman. She is a nurturing person and helps others whenever possible, hence why she loves her job so much. When relaxing on the couch, she will lay down and rest her head on people's lap to which she is close with. At the bar she tends to check out the guys which she finds attractive and waits for them to approach her should they wish.

History: One bitter night in December, Roselyn had been in labour for several hours; screaming for the pain to be over with. Her uptight husband, Angelo, held her hand throughout the whole time but regularly told her to quieten down. After a particularly hard push, a baby girl was welcomed into a world of riches for her father was a successful businessman. Their daughter had beautiful blue eyes and refined features. She was named Charlotte after a small debate between the couple. She grew to be a tall child with long legs, blonde curly hair, vibrant blue eyes and flawless olive skin. Her parents were very proud to have this sweet girl as their daughter. Despite getting whatever she wanted, she never grew to be unappreciative or sour. She would follow her parents instructions and do anything to make them happy. Little had to be done by the young girl as her family's servants would do almost everything for her. Even the most simple things such as brushing her hair and dressing her. This would sometimes annoy the girl but she never complained. Her father wasn't the kind that anyone would like to anger. Charli's looks didn't really change into adulthood, but her body certainly developed. It would fill out any expensive gown that she was given to wear. Many young men in the land admired her and wanted the young woman as their wife. But her father had something planned for her. Unaware by all of the others.

At the age of 17, now that she was considered mature, her money driven father got her married to a 22 year old man who was the treasured son of another wealthy family in the village. In exchange for Angelo's daughter, the family gave him riches consisting of gold coins and jewellery. Their extravagant wedding costed a fortune so Charli tried to fulfil her role as a wife as much as possible. Christian, her husband, was fairly handsome and seemed good-willed but she did not want to marry him or anyone at this time of her life. She was looking forward to choosing the man that she would spend the rest of her life with but her father stole even this freedom from her. Once living with Christian, he more or less pushed her to have children but she refused. She would have sex with him to keep him from complaining to her father but she made him withdraw before there was a risk of her becoming pregnant. Deep down inside, she truly wanted to run away and start a new life but she feared what her father would do. He may have tracked her down and killed her if Christian's family threatened to take their riches from him. So she stayed quiet, pretending to be happy for 4 long years.

One dark evening, Charli was heading home after buying groceries from a stall in the town centre so that she could make dinner. Daylight seemed to disappear by the second. Something felt weird but she wasn't quite sure what. Wanting to get home as soon as possible, she cut through an alley to shorten her journey. Before making it through the alley, a gigantic pelted beast sprung out of the shadows and growled harshly in her face. It was hideous and overbearing, making her drop her groceries on the ground and scream before running back down the alley, running for her dear life. She stood no chance against the powerful beast that chased her and wrestled her to the ground with no restraint. She was its meal and it wasn't going to let her go. Huge, sharp teeth sunk into her flesh, making the unfortunate woman whimper as the excruciating pain filled her body. She was pinned down, all that was visible was the creature's nightmarish face. Suddenly the creature was dragged off of her and a man began to battle with the beast. The sight was absurd yet she watched the two fight aggressively. The male had supernatural power. With little effort, the mysterious man killed the devilish savage before her very eyes. To Charli's surprise, he rushed to her side and looked deeply into her eyes as if he was penetrating her soul. She didn't know what to expect. She was breathing heavily as her life drained from her wounded body. Then he sunk his fang-like teeth into her neck. Her instant thought was that he had been fighting for his meal. Remarkably, what he did was not through evilness. The man introduced himself to her briefly and ended up taking her home. He saved her life and she would forever be grateful.

Charli and the vampire leader, Demetri, became very close. Their relationship blossomed into something special; love. She adored him so much. He treated her very well and appreciated everything about her. In the back of her mind was the thought of her husband back at their home. Pretending to love him for 4 years made her start to believe the lie. She had feelings for him despite their marriage being fake and unwanted. Demetri taught her how to hunt humans successfully without being detected. She turned out to be a skilled hunter, lurking within the shadows waiting for a lonely human to wander about in the night. They would often work together to stalk their prey. It was like a sick yet enjoyable game. The affection for each other continued growing as time passed. After around a month of dating, Charli woke up early one morning and left. Through Demetri's eyes she would have disappeared for no reason, however she had felt the urge to meet Christian after being away for quite some time. After a long and emotionally difficult walk, she arrived to the household that she shared with her so called husband. Walking inside, she searched for him downstairs but he wasn't there. So she then went upstairs to find him and heard moans whilst standing outside their bedroom. The door wasn't fully closed so she peeped through the gap and saw Christian having sex with another woman who lived nearby. Not really caring, Charli backed up and quietly left. Leaving him behind for good. For the remainder of the day the bloodthirsty vampire waited until night to quench her thirst. After she had made her strike and got her intake of blood, she decided to head back to Demetri's house throughout the night. Once at his place, it had been abandoned and he was nowhere to be found. Leaving her to head off and take her own direction in life.

Throughout the next few thousand years, the undead woman developed into a successful member of her race. Her natural charm made hunting easier as men would literally drop to their knees before her very eyes. She managed to gain a lot of experience by travelling around from city to city and perfecting the art of making a kill. Everything had to be done in secret to avoid being caught by the relentless humans. The vampire studied hard as the modern education system kicked in and eventually became a teacher after many years of dedication. Educating young children brought her much joy. The thought of helping them to achieve success in life warmed her heart. She had a partner at most times but her relationships never really lasted more than a year as her or her partner would desire to move on. Throughout the happiness, there was regret. Charli would often think back to the days that she spent with the founder of her race. The man that saved her life. The one who gifted her with immortality. Demetri. A part of her wanting to seek him out, however the other part of her wanted to let him be. He would have moved on just like she did. Perhaps even forgotten about her. Charli believed that fate would take her where she was meant to go. The forever lasting future would likely be filled with happy times as well as bad. Regardless, she lived treasuring the current moment and letting the past gradually fade away.

Father: Angelo Mendez Brooks | Dead

Mother: Roselyn Rosa Brooks | Dead

Siblings: April Victoria Brooks | Dead
Antonio Mendez Brooks | Dead

Spouse/Mate: Demetri Anton Sebastion Julian Marincea | Alive

Offspring: Eva Amber Marincea | Very much alive

Pets: N/A

Other Important People: N/A

Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed. ~Eden

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Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

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Charli - Vampire
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