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PostSubject: July   Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:06 pm

Here are your winners:

Race -

Vampires, welcome to the winner's circle!
~ 100 Denari has been given to the Vampires ~

Member -

Queen Willow has finally come back and started being Active again!
~ 100 Denari has been given to Willow ~

Male Character -

Kenai is spreading his paws on a roll!
~ 50 Denari has been given to Kenai ~

Female Character -

Welcome to the site, Celeste!
~ 50 Denari has been given to Celeste~

Relationship -

The Dominus is spicing things up int he bedroom, bringing in a new partner!
~ 50 Denari has been given to Demetri and Arkati ~

Hottest Thread -

Hottest thread goes to the Mora! They all gathered together to show their unity as a race.
~ 50 Denari has been given to Willow, Connor, Finnlay, and Evan ~
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