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 This Is How We Roll

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Airman Skyler

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PostSubject: This Is How We Roll   Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:54 pm

Eyes are on her, and the spotlight hung invisibly over her head in the dead of the night. She stood at the center, chin tilted down slightly as the rim of her hat casted a shadow over the rest of her features. A sinister smile pinching the sides of her heart-shaped lips to a key. She licked her chapped lips once before allowing her eyes to peer through the darkness her hat made, gazing to the individuals in the small crowd, and then to the two derby cars before her on each side. In her hand, she held a green piece of material, her top-half bare but a white bikini top to cover her valuables against the bright lights shining from the front of the automobiles. She felt as if she were in a gun fight, steady in position, like as if she were to pull out her gun from it's imaginary holster and shoot what tried to catch her in the sharpest second. Tipping her head, she raised her chin and called out, the canyon's air thick and heavy as she inhaled, "Gentlemen-," the southern, melodic tone echoed over the sudden silence. Both drivers looked at her, one whistling, while the other man was too focused to care as he gripped the steering wheel, "-start. Your. Engines!" As she yelled, the roar of engines filled the air around her, causing the crowd to erupt in a fit of hoots and hollers. The woman bit her lip and tucked the starter flag in her pocket before motioning the other ladies to mark the white finishing line across the road in front of her. They both crossed paths with their spray paint, dashing the orange dust with two brightly marked lines. While they did this, Skyler walked between the vehicles and checked on the drivers, giving the cocky one a flirtatious smile before turning to the other to hand him more of her attention. She gave the arrogant driver a nicer view of her rear end as she bent down and spoke with the other. When she was done, she got up and walked back to her spot. Her gaze flickered to both of the men before continuing, "Ready." The engines roared loudly with anticipation, "Set." She turned around and pulled the flag free from her tiny, ripped short's back pocket and held it high in the air. Now wheels were squealing against the rough ground. "Go!" The flag dropped, and the air blew up into a light sunsetty colored cloud around her. Her hair flew up and covered her face as both objects zoomed passed at fast growing speeds.


Sitting on the end of a truck's bed, she swung her worn-in black boots back and forth while a red plastic cup full of whiskey sat in her hand. Even when it was at night, she still wore a pair of sunglasses over her eyes so that no one could tell if she were staring at them. She sat comfortably next to the winner, which was not the one hollering over for her to come sit in his car on his lap, but the quiet, focused one instead. They shared a smile and few glances before he lightly punched her on the shoulder until they would burst out laughing for no crazy reason at all. In secret, they knew each other quite well, sort of. Skyler had met him out at another derby race, one which he won quite frequently at, and she was playfully sitting in the crowd amongst her small amount of so called girlfriends cheering them on. It was an accident of how they met, as they bumped heads on the way out, but began to talk in his dressing room before things got wild and they made a team. Now, Skyler and him freely share some flirtations, but never anything serious so that they could both be considered single. They shared the money each race they won, and she helped him find more races to compete in, just as long as she could attend the parties afterwards. She nodded her head to one girl in particular that she had caught him staring at for some time now, and pushed him off the bed of the truck so that he could go over to her. Nagging wasn't typically her first option, but he needed to be pushed around by someone. He left to go talk to the girl while Skyler made herself comfortable, sipping her whiskey drink in hand and watching the rest dance around the large bonfire at the center while all the pickups, both old and new, surrounded them, as well as coolers next to their back tires for anyone that wanted a taste. This was what she normally did when she was free from the duties and bullshit, and couldn't help but at least be happy for what she found even after being so far from home. Times like this helped her get rid of the homesickness and forget every bit of stress she may of had at work. She sighed slowly as she drank, swinging her legs like so and happily leaning on her one palm as she sat beneath the bright moon.

created by: Regina Eden

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Domina Arkati

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PostSubject: Re: This Is How We Roll   Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:48 pm

This post is weird; I feel like I'm not writing like myself. Pft.

This was different...Arkati wasn't used to hanging around people who'd rather ride a bull than go shopping or go to the park. She enjoyed the atmosphere; being around all the kind people. She loved attending these sort of events because she was always fed well when the night ended. Arkati stood at the top of the Canyon and her soft blue eyes narrowed just a bit as she spotted two vehicles with a woman standing between them. She knew what was about to happen, some sort of race. She crossed her arms over her chest; the vehicles were small and the woman was but a mere speck against the canyon floor.  The light of day was fading quickly and the vampire decided she might as well make her way down to the group now. Wearing high waisted dark wash, ripped up jean shorts and a black crop that simply hugged her breasts. It was a plain shirt that was tight on her body. She wore calf height boots the color of a wet mud puddle. Her hair was in loose curls and she wore very little makeup. Moving down the canyon she heard the engines of the cars roar as the vehicles sped off in a glory filled desire to win. She smirked slightly and her feet made soft 'pat pat pat' sounds against the ground. Arkati knew how to ride a horse, get a little dirty, dance, drive a vehicle; quite well in races and she knew most things about people like this. She didn't exactly like to categorize people but what else was she supposed to say...she didn't know how else to refer to them to other people. Thoughts, random, stirring thoughts whirled in her mind as reality vanished for a moment. As it reappeared she took a quick look around to readjust to her surroundings before continuing down the canyon.

Soon she approached the band of people and ignored every glance she received, some people questioned who she was and some wondered what she was doing here if she was allowed here. Arkati was looking for someone who normally attended races. She looked around at the faces and stopped on Skyler's for an extra second; the vampire felt as if she had seen the human somewhere. Maybe she did maybe she didn't. With a dismissive shrug Arkati kept looking, she couldn't find her friend and awkwardly she swallowed her hopefulness and shrunk back toward a cooler. Opening it she grabbed out a cool can of beer and she opened the top. Feeling a tap on her shoulder she looked over her shoulder to find a man asking for her to pass her a beer and she did with a smile. Everyone seemed nice at these kinds of things. Arkati was the outcast here, at least she knew she was. Reluctantly turning back to the crowd of people the Prorex made a quick wave to someone who waved at her and she walked toward them. The humans talked about the fact they hadn't seen her here and she introduced herself a simple conversation. A few beers later Arkari found the conversation break off and she broke herself off from the group among the large group. Now she wanted to find someone else, the human from before. Skyler. Quickly moving toward the vehicle she last saw the woman sitting on Arkati smirked gently; approaching Skyler with a can of beer in her hand. "Mind if I sit?"

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This Is How We Roll
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