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 The Tom Cat Diaries

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. : The Tom Cat Diaries : .
Diary of Brigadier Connor


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★ Queen Willow ★

Of all people Connor has come to know, Willow ranks supreme. She is the only person to know as to where he came from and what he's experience, as well as hers in return. They're very close, and have slowly, but surely made their affections quite public amongst the other Mora. Connor has developed a love for the Queen, as well as a strong devotion and loyalty to her kingdom. He would go out of his way of anything he was doing in order to please her, or make her happy. The Bragadier absolutely hates it when he sees her cry, and will do whatever it takes to make her stop. He does not seek to be King, but only with her. She is the only one that he has come to love sincerely asides his foster parent and many 'brothers' he once knew.


★ Important Threads ★

- Somewhere In Neverland -

- Simple Introductions -

- Temporary Bliss -

- Simply Amazing -

- Sweeter Than Fiction -
*Never Finished*

- When We Stand Together -


★ The Trusty Steed ★

Mare | Arabian Mix | 7 Yrs Old

Along the mare's side is a small scar she had received earlier in her years after being caught up against a barbed wire. She's averagely built and has a long onyx/grey mane and tail. Across her body is naturally white, but is splashed with ashen splotches across her torso and turns darker down towards her hooves. Her eyes are a mix of a black and holds tiny specks of blue within them.

The Tom Cat Diaries Original
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M Y - C H A R A C T E R S
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The Tom Cat Diaries
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