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 Roaming Through The City Streets (Callista)

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Warrior Serenity

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PostSubject: Roaming Through The City Streets (Callista)   Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:52 pm

The familiar sound of heels clipping along the pavement beneath the woman's feet was absent. So was her usual sophisticated attire whilst visiting the expensive stores that lined the busy streets of Downtown. Pale blue denim shorts and a white oversized mesh t-shirt clothed the warrior's body. Simple and casual. She wore red converse-style pumps on her feet and a black cap on her head, along with black shades and gold hoops hanging from her earlobes. It felt good to feel the air flow through her shirt as she swiftly walked beside the traffic, even if the air wasn't so clean and crisp here as vehicles, particularly taxis, polluted the area. Nevertheless, Serenity enjoyed visiting this part of Lunari as there was always something to do, even when alone. She hadn't purchased anything today so she strolled around empty handed. The sun had began to set, leaving a vibrant orange color in the sky. Cars stood still in the roads, frustrated drivers honking their horns as their patience gradually diminished. The sight even agitated Ren slightly. Male drivers watched her walk by, some even smiling at her as if they thought that they would get lucky and get the woman to approach them. No chance. Getting sick of the whole scene, the warrior dangerously decided to cross the roads between the maze of cars to get to the other side which seemed less crowded. She didn't care. They would just have to give way and let her through, so she thought. Making it across the first lane, she stepped between two vehicles in the second lane and the driver of the rear vehicle thought that it would be humorous to scare the woman and almost squish her between the cars.

Stopping in her tracks, Ren turned to look at the driver and realised that the car was full of laughing men. The grey image disgusted her. Instantly she balled her fist and banged on the vehicle's hood with all her strength, leaving a slight ditch. She laughed back at him and watched his grin drop. "Now that's funny, bastard", she exclaimed, finding pride from her action. Walking on to where she wanted to be, she heard the man yelling out of his window, his voice full of anger. She turned back and flipped him off before walking out of sight. Now where the warrior had ventured, there were hardly any cars on the roads or people on the streets. In the distance, a group of teens sat on the curb, smoking and seeming to be enjoying themselves. Some lone women would have avoided them but Ren didn't see anything to fear. As she approached, a male called her out, saying, "Hey Lady. You look cool. Sit with us." Ren laughed and sat down on the paved ground beside them. "Sup?", she said as she looked at the guy who had spoken to her. They all laughed, but not as if they were making fun of her. More likely that they were pleasantly surprised by her. The guy glanced around at the others, smiling, before looking back at her and asking how old she was to which she replied, "I'm ancient. Can't you tell?" The crowd laughed again at her words. "No", he said as he took out a cigarette from the pack and placed it in his mouth, setting it alight then offering Serenity one. "Go on then", she said before taking one and placing it between her lips. He lit it for her and watched as she inhaled and exhaled the smoke. They were ordinary cigarettes. Taking the cigarette between her fingers, she watched the lit end glowing a similar color to how the sky had appeared before the spreading darkness had begun to fade its warmth. Standing up and looking around, she said, "I've got somewhere to be. Have fun and watch out for the cops." Sauntering away around the corner and down the street, the woman leant back on a wall and placed her right foot back against it. She stood there, puffing away. As calm as she could possibly be.

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Beta Callista

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PostSubject: Re: Roaming Through The City Streets (Callista)   Thu Jul 31, 2014 10:11 pm

Nearing the end of another long day, the lady in her uniform walked the busy streets of the town. She almost looked just like what people stereotyped as a woman who was sexually attracted to other women, with her fit physique, cropped hair and dismissive stare along with the clothing of her occupation which was once thought to be a man's job. However there was a mysterious quality about her, a slight feminine quality in the stealth of her movements and something deep behind her dark eyes that lacked compassion yet was passionately endearing and disarming all at once and it set her apart from any kind of stereotypical homosexual female and made one question whether she actually was or wasn't one of them. Quite simply she didn't care what anyone thought of her, she was who she was and she was not ashamed of being what others would call a tomboy. In her mind nothing and nobody would change her. Many years ago she had proved that when her father had tried to mould her to his expectations and what was acceptable to society, but he had failed and paid the ultimate price of losing his life to the ferocity of herself during her very first shift into her werewolf form. Perhaps she was stubborn, but perhaps she had just not found anything worth changing for.

There wasn't much running through her thoughts other than the constant reminding that there was about one more hour left on the clock before she wasn't technically on duty anymore. Her boots made quiet thumping noises on the concrete that accompanied the clicking of the claws of her work companion that strained to reach the end of her leash. Nothing illegal or wrong had been spotted so far, and Callista just wanted to get out of Downtown already and go to what she considered as home. The overbearing smells and so many people were not what she liked at all, in fact all the bodies of other species milling around and crowding everywhere made her primal instincts come alive like a wild animal surrounded by other creatures and needed to either fight or flee. Though of course she could do neither of those, so she suppressed those feelings and acted as always, calm and unfazed in her features. This was the world and she was used to it, as much as it continues to keep changing as she stays the same. She just kept on walking and looking out for anything suspicious or criminal, until rounding a corner and seeing a group of teenagers hanging around and sprawling out around the curb. Slowing her walk, she inspected them and looked for signs from Karma that what they were smoking were not normal cigarettes. The Belgian Shepherd showed no indication as it sniffed the air and she could not smell any different so she moved past them, giving them a hard stare as those with authority often do. "All of you get up. People don't need you sat around here giving the place a bad reputation. Come on, move." One by one they got to their feet and trailed away down the street in the sloppy manner that kids do when they don't want to move. The wolf watched them for a moment then turned back forward, soon spotting a familiar figure and scent turning off down a different street. With a sharp tug on the leash to get Karma to turn as she did, she followed the lady she knew to be Serenity. When she caught up to her she found her smoking and propped against a wall. Callista noticed what she was wearing, nothing fancy for a change but still obviously fashionable and what one might call 'street'. Her top had numerous small holes that allowed a view of her bra underneath and her nails were painted red. The beta thought for a moment that Serenity seemed to always wear something of that color. The woman was interesting but Callista didn't know her too well. Usual uninterested expression on her face, she stepped up to the smoker and lightly picked the black cap off her head with her free hand, slipping it backwards on top of her own hair, some strands sticking out around the material in places that helped her pull off the look. It was mostly to get the Warrior's attention, but also a joke of mocking her in trying to look cool. Commanding the dog to heel and sit, she quirked a brow at the packmate. "Well, Warrior Serenity. What's that you're smoking?"

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Roaming Through The City Streets (Callista)
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