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 Haedyn - Mora

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Queen Haedyn
Queen Haedyn

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PostSubject: Haedyn - Mora    Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:51 pm

Name: Haedyn Abernathy

Nickname: Call her anything, she doesn't care.

Age: 70 | 23

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Tattoo Artist/Soon to be bartender at Lavender Lounge

Appearance: Haedyn has a tall, willowy of five feet and ten inches. Her weight is slight and rather small with a lower muscle mass and a rather bony structure. Her hair is dirty blonde with and a completely natural mixing of all different hues. Haedyn's skin takes on an olive tone and many obvious years of laying out in the sun. Her face is all striking angles with pouty lips and eyebrows a darker shade than her hair. Haedyn's lips are a rosy pink at all times, as if flushed from either chill or the hot blood pumping in her veins.  Her nose is tapered to a delicate little point. Haedyn's eyes are a hazel mix of a darker green with a gold ring surrounding each of her irises. Despite her form she does have a feminine curve to her body and a bit of "sass" in her features. Her teeth are white and bright in a lovely smile. The curve of her jaw is smooth. With her lack of weight, the hollow of her collar bones is rather deep though it doesn't reeler appear so. All in all she is a fine, delicate creature built to care for others rather than fight against the masses.

In her primal form Haedyn takes on the appearance of a blue merle Collie. Her fur is long and smooth with the abstract pattern of bluish grays, blacks, tans, and whites. Her snout it elongated in the traditional Collie fashion and she is the average height and weight for her breed. Her ears bend into a fold at their tips in the un-cropped way they naturally are. Her form is large with a slim physique and a form built more for relaxation than athletics.

Human Photo:


Rank Requested: Alchemist

Specialization: Shifts into a blue merle Collie

Primal Form Photo:

Height: 5'10'' | 24" to the shoulder

Weight: 112.5 lbs | 65 lbs

Eye Color: Green with a gold ring around her iris

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde | Blue Merle

Identifying Marks: Tattoo of a lion on her right pointer finger & a tattoo on her shoulder blade saying "now I'm a warrior" | One white speck on the tip of her left ear

Face Claim: Cara Delevingne

Personality: First thing to know: There is no filter between her mouth and her brain. Whatever she happens to be thinking is what she is going to say regardless of the consequences. Her OCD gives a very obsessive personality for symmetrical things and organized cleaning. She is one to fix even the slightest error on a friend before they leave the house or refuse to leave if her makeup is uneven. Fortunately the disorder doesn't control every aspect of her life and she is a very laid back person. Her trust and friendliness alone must be earned, but after that you should be fine. If she cares about someone she will be loyal to the very end, regardless of how someone hurts her. Other than that she is quite crafty with her words, dramatic, and expressive beyond compare. Her hand gestures sweep around and she will laugh if she just so happens to hit somebody. Just like everybody else Haedyn is childish though it is rare for her to show it. She's one that's quick to laugh but not to fight for she will not even if she is provoked. Despite it all Haedyn is more stubborn than a mule and will dig her heels in on every decision she makes.

-Sleeping in

-Unsymmetrical things

Habits: When it comes to Haedyn it's all about the eyebrows. Her face is very expressive of what she thinks and feels but she tends to raise an eyebrow if she finds something to be odd. When she is bored she will often restart and studying her nails of primping her hair just to occupy herself. Whenever she feels grief she shows no expression and feels rather numb within herself. If she doesn't already tell you, her anger is obvious by her hand placed on her hip in a suffocating grasp. When she's happy it's all smiles and her tone becomes softer yet still its natural clear sound. Often at random times she will purposefully make random faces to entertain herself. This, of course, doesn't reflect anything in her mood really. In frustration she will find herself cleaning. A lot of the time she reorganizes everything simply because her OCD won't let her rest. You can tell when she is panicking for she sits and does, well, nothing.

History: No matter how many times the story of young love is told, it never seems to grow old. For the lovers this was the case, jumping ahead of their lives as they knew it without a care. Archer loved Elena and Elena loved Archer, that’s all that seemed to matter. Nearly a year had passed when Elena got pregnant, to which the couple was overjoyed and horrified all at once. In the end it had been Elena’s decision to give up the child for they were in no position to provide for it.  When the time came the parents sent their lovely baby boy to a woman who promised that the parents would see their child again. This, of course, was more of a lie than not and something the happy couple would find out later. Both parents would not go quietly, and it was Archer who volunteered himself into the labs in hopes of finding his son; a son of which had no knowledge of him. Fourteen hard years of pain and a new form of himself he had watched his son relentlessly. He had watched him grow, had watched him care for what would be their salvation until the moment arrived. The escape was not without casualties, some much, much worse than others. Many, if not all, spent their lives willing for nothing other than escape from the place of blood and pain. More were shot down than expected while others ran without knowledge of who or what they’d lost. It was a blind mess of death and tragedy for Archer and his beloved, Elena, who he contacted as soon as he was free. The dream of father and son emerging from the dark was crushed by a heart loaded with the lead of a bullet. Though the lovers bonded and connected once again, they were not without the feelings of mourning. Like the rest, Archer had been experimented upon and turned into a creature of the domestic dog. The he was of the husky breed his genes would prove different, especially with the mix of Elena’s human genetics. The couple was married and purchased a cabin in the woods, well hidden from the world that they knew was hunting them. Once they were settled they decided to try again and keep the child the next time. Before long Elena was pregnant again and months later was to provide the couple the happiness of a baby daughter.

Like her father, the baby Haedyn took on the inu genes despite the odds. Regardless of her “mutations”, her parents loved her dearly and watched over her with a careful protectiveness to be sure she was not taken like their first. Haedyn grew up chasing rabbits and admiring elk in the the child sort of ignorance of the world outside the tiny, mountain town her family called home. Though her parents were friendly with the townspeople and working members of the community, they remained to the most remote edges of the population. Haedyn, unfortunately, was kept away from it all. Too young to learn how to control herself, she was kept away in her parent’s fear of their daughter’s lack of acceptance. As she grew her rounded baby face left her entirely and replaced itself with smoother angles and divine features that were quite striking. Eventually she harnessed her tail and ears, tucking them away along with her animal form so they appeared nothing more than human. Haedyn was allowed to attend school and makes friends, though she lacked in the latter. Being homeschooled until she could control her primal form left her lacking in the popularity points, not to mention the missing filter between her mouth and her brain. Highschool came along and the guys suddenly found their way to her long line of dates, though she never stayed with one for more than a month. The girls were nonexistent for they didn’t enjoy her company nor her honest opinions and tendencies to fix every error. Throughout her life she developed a type of OCD, becoming obsessed with cleanliness, symmetry, and organization to the point of perfection. Because of this she excelled in her artistic abilities, finding the amount of dirt involved with sports wasn’t quite her forte. She often doodled the most abstract of designs in the margins of her notebook out of nothing but pure boredom. Eventually she found her way to art classes and excelled brilliantly with the subject. Other than art her teachers would have the most difficult time capturing her eyes, only to quickly lose it once again. Being one of the least to pay attention, it came as a kind of shock when Haedyn came out at the tope of her class senior year. To top it all off, her application to college had been accepted almost as quickly as she had sent it. With the largest smile on her face Haedyn got off the bus, letter in hand, and walked into the house to find her parents dead at the kitchen table.

In a state of horror she froze, staring at the blood pooling beneath their stained clothing to where she had no idea where they’d been murdered. Haedyn almost screamed in anguish and dropped the letter in her hand that now meant nothing to her. The thump of something moving upstairs snapped her back into focus and she whimpered in fear, knowing full well the killer was in the house. She fled almost as quickly as she came, taking her car and driving until she was out of gas and stranded just outside of the city. Like her car Haedyn broke down, tears running down her cheeks as she was blind in mourning and pain. After her grief she felt numb, cleaning out her car and its small amount of items as quickly as possible. It was when she opened the glove box that she found the note and the wad of cash far larger than her fist. Haedyn’s confusion in her parents’ killing was explained on a single piece of paper, starting the story from where it began and finishing with a very emotional love expressed for her. Through it all Haedyn cried but folded the note, taking her purse and her newfound cash to the city where she purchased a cheap apartment and acquired a rather high-paying job at the tattoo parlor downtown. After learning the ropes she found she loved the job and all its perks. It became home to her, the designs she created for her customers soothing mind her along with the other artists. Once she was settled she attended a few classes at the local college, getting her education in medicine and arts among many other things. For a long time Haedyn was happy. Her primal form laid dormant and she found a happy normal life for herself among people that cared. When people noticed her lack of aging she’d skip town and settle in the next, hopping around as she pleased and inking her art onto peoples’ skin for years upon years. The very last town she would inhabit with humans was the one where she found a mora quite like herself. He was a contact to a woman named Willow, telling her another side of the same story she had once read before. Again she left town and, with hope in her heart, started driving to the safe haven she was told of.

But.. She had to make one stop first..

It was a day of gloom when she drove into that mountain town for the second time in her life. In her house she found a new family, happy as can be with four lovely children. Though she did not approach them she smiled before placing the stones she had had made at the edge of the property. For a time she would feel guilty for not giving them a proper burial, but this was all she had. The stones would weather into the ground along with the history of her parents, but she would not be doing the same. Her mind was set, a destination at the ready with some answers to find along the way. After a while of sitting with what was left Haedyn smiled, blowing a kiss to each stone and speaking her last words of mourning. The flowers she had bought were placed above the matching graves and, with one final look at what she was leaving behind, she drove.

Father: Archer Abernathy | Status: Dead

Mother: Elena Abernathy | Status:Dead

Siblings: Grey | Status:Dead

Spouse/Mate: None

Offspring: None

Pets: None at the moment

Other Important People:
Queen Willow| Status: Alive

Joining Keys: ~ This person's joining keys have all been nommed by Ze Tigress Lady Cx

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? I am Queen Willow
What Would You Like To Be Called? Haedyn please
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Haven's Grove, Age of the Wolves, The Lost Ones V2, Lunari Addunt
What Characters Do You Play? Haven's Grove: Elite Ivy, Age of the Wolves: Beta Nyx & Healer Ember, The Lost Ones V2: Alphess Teimhnin, Doctor Evie, Apprentice Rayne, Lunari Addunt: Queen Willow
How Long Have You Been RPing? 3 years
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? Queen Willow
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Sure
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Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
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- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Haedyn - Mora
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