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 Down The Rabbit Hole

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Queen Haedyn

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PostSubject: Down The Rabbit Hole   Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:17 pm

“Alright Joe, I’m out!” she called to her boss, having finished her last customer for the day. The inu looked over her station one more time, the thick lines of inky kohl matching the designs she had on display. Her tools were set in a neat little row from smallest to largest. Once she was satisfied with her station she looked into the mirror to fix her makeup and look herself over. A strip of hot pink tumbled down her her shoulders, lighting the bottom layers of her hair with the vibrant hue. It was a clip-in, but what people didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. Her bangs were pinned back and bumped up in her normal work attire consisting of black leather skinny jeans and a Rolling Stones tank top. With as little as Haedyn smiled she could understand the odd look on Joe’s face as she laughed and did a terrible moonwalk out of the tattoo parlor. When she was out was when she finally laced up her knee-high combat boots, tightening them into neat little knots as well as the huge metal buckles on her ebony arm warmers. Haedyn threw her backpack over her shoulder and set off. Her boots thudded against the concrete with a satisfying sound, making her comfortable though she really wasn’t. The tail of her primal self pressed against her lower back, wishing to be free from its fleshy casing. Her ears, on the other hand, were carefully hidden by the black beanie she wore with the word “bowchickawowow” written on the front in huge white letters. Many she passed laughed at her humorous headwear as she passed, only to be received with Haedyn pulling her fists towards her in a pelvic thrust directed at them. She snickered at their faces each time, thoroughly amused with her shenanigans. No one looked at her as she walked down the street as well as she began to leave the city. It was odd to her how quickly city became rural countryside. It was like stepping from a portal into another time. She had had the address she was given on paper but in this landscape she really didn’t believe she needed one. There were not street numbers and no cars except for the occasional rusted pick-up truck. Here anyone who found the chance to look at her did for she stuck out in her pinkish clothing and bold colors. Eventually the countryside faded into nothing but a road really. It was dark pavement, like any other road, but she had a feeling that no one else really saw the road at all. The last thought she had before heading on was that, most likely, if she was attacked no one would be able to hear her scream.

She was officially lost, this much she at least knew. If the person who had put out a search warrant for her, shouldn’t they be getting lost to find her? There was no sign of the address because there wasn’t any, but then again there wasn’t exactly a sign that said “Welcome Home Mora” either. Haedyn sighed and cracked the knuckles of fingers one by one as she walked, coming upon an old bench after about a half an hour. Her eyebrow raised in question because she was entirely sure that no busses ran out this far or knew of the damn road on a map in the first place. If this wasn’t her big welcome sign then she didn’t anything really would be. Sitting on the bench, she kicked up her feet and messed with the buckles at her arms. If logic had any effect on her she might’ve turned into her primal form for protection, but sadly logic did not. As much as she enjoyed being a mora, she didn’t take kindly to shifting into a big fluffy animal that had to save Timmy from the stupid well. Haedyn began to feel hot nd removed her beanie to clutch it tightly in her hands, her blue merle colors showing on her ears in silky fur. The inu sighed and pinned them back, trying yet again to figure out why she couldn’t have been a pitbull or some badass dog that guarded junk yards and such. Her emerald and gold hues found themselves gazing at a vine of foliage growing from the bench she had placed herself upon. Her eyes slowly began to close as she dozed in her slight exhaustion. Haedyn hoped that whoever was supposed to find her would find her soon.
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Queen Willow

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PostSubject: Re: Down The Rabbit Hole   Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:02 am

Because of personal reasons, Haedyn is accepted as an alchemist and become the Queen's adopted little sister.

Consider this character officially accepted.~
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Down The Rabbit Hole
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