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 Summer Has Ended ~ Absence

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Summer Has Ended ~ Absence Empty
PostSubject: Summer Has Ended ~ Absence   Summer Has Ended ~ Absence Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2014 11:57 pm

I will happily be taking my leave as of now, and make no promises of threads being as special or quantity-filled in the future according to the circumstances this new school year. Mum has given me certain specific reasons as to when I'll be able to use my computer, but that shall be it unless I've worked hard enough to be granted with more access time. I don't know how exactly long this'll last, but again, I will make no promises.

As for posts, they are a must for activity, of course, which leads me to say that I WILL be active among my smaller devices such as iPod, iPad, and cell phone. PM's can be answered and small, reasonably sized posts will be given, however, I will be limited to so much at a time. Timing around when posts will be given out are not known as of now, it all depends on when I can or cannot type something up to please whomever I am RPing with.

For those that are willing to take what they'll get, as it will be my best that I can do during that time, I owe a giant thank you to, as well as an apology.

Summer Has Ended ~ Absence 20jfng0

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Summer Has Ended ~ Absence
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