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PostSubject: September   Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:37 pm

Here are your winners:

Race -

Shifters have really stepped it up this month!
~ 100 Denari has been given to the Shifters ~

Member -

Welcome to Lunari Blake, and thanks for being so active!
~ 100 Denari has been given to Blake ~

Male Character -

Niko, looking handsome as ever being all active and shiz!
~ 50 Denari has been given to Niko ~

Female Character -

Look at Charli, strutting that new beautiful rank!
~ 50 Denari has been given to Charli ~

Relationship -

This will be the last time we see this beautiful couple featured. Even though Diallo is no longer with us, their love will last a lifetime!
~ 50 Denari has been given to Eden, and Diallo's Denari have been donated to Lucian ~

Hottest Thread -

In his final moments, we see the true monster who took Diallo's life. May Rex Diallo rest in peace and the jerk who killed him suffer the consequences!
~ 50 Denari has been given to Wesley, Kenai, and Diallo's Denari has been donated to Lucian ~
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