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 Eden's Inferno

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Octavia Carpathia

PostSubject: Eden's Inferno   Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:30 pm

Name Of Site:
Eden's Inferno

Owner's Character:
Octavia Carpathia & Nicolae Carpathia

Date it Opened:
August 18th, 2014

Type Of Site:
Multi-Species Anthro & Feral

Description Of Site:
Quote :
Come my friends, let me tell you a story... Yes, yes, sit around, in a circle now. Haggle's! Stop running about like a miscreant and sit down! Okay, do we all have a drink? Alright you loafs, how about some food so I'm not interrupted by your growling stomachs!

Ok, now that we're all settled down, we can begin.

It was many years ago when the first bomb dropped, it came down whistling, sirens roared across the city as the screams of humans could be heard, and the sound of thundering footsteps overtook the wailing alarms. Many sought shelter, in burrows built deep beneath the ground, but these bombs they dropped, they were too devastating. The city was decimated, the fallout that engulfed it rendered it uninhabitable by any form of life. Many of our elders thought that such devastation would bring a stop to the humans trivial wars, but they were wrong.

With force, humans from every side began to attack each other. The sky was filled with metal objects that fell towards the ground with hastening speed. Again and again the civilians sought refuge, trying to find anywhere they could that would keep them safe. Again, and again, they did not find a place that would keep them from death's icy grip, and he embraced them within his arms. The world was in chaos, the humans were chaos, and we, we animals, thrived.

We don't know why, or how, we managed to survive. Hell, I can't even tell you why we became bipeds as we are today. Some of our greater minds believe that our bodies adapted quicker to the world around us, due to the radiation speeding evolution along. Others believed that somehow the human DNA was transmitted to the young within the wombs by means of the chemicals and strange happenings from the blasts. As to what I believe, I do not know, what I do know is that we are as we are. We stand on our hind paws, and have grown what appear to be half hands, half paws. Our sensory receptors have dulled, and we are not as strong as we were when we were feral. However, we are more cunning than we used to be, as if freed to think so that we may survive in the harshest of these wastelands...

What of the feral though? Why do they still remain feral? Once again, we do not know for certain, though rumors have spread that their DNA holds some form of antibodies that has managed to fight off the evolution to some extent. They are by all means smarter now, and many of them are free thinkers, no longer bound by natures rules or held to a path set out for them. Be wary though, as some are still wild at heart, and the radiation has made them stronger than they were before.

Yet, do not be disheartened friends, make a toast that we are alive and thriving even when the humans lay dead. Many of our scouts have made sure that the bodies of the humans were removed from our beloved city. We have safe-guarded ourselves with defenses against the feral who are still held to the old ways and because of that are now dangerous to our ways of living. We, those that the humans deemed less than them, we, the ones who were not given a second thought upon our passing, we, have survived.

This is our land, Eden, we call it. Yes, it has it's dangers, but it was the last city to be destroyed, and as time has passed we have adapted to the fallout. We are safer here than anywhere else in this world. Find peace in this, as long as you are here, you will have a chance at life.


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PostSubject: Re: Eden's Inferno   Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:39 pm

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Eden's Inferno
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