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 Oliver Steele - Human

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Airman Oliver
Airman Oliver

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PostSubject: Oliver Steele - Human   Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:52 pm

Name: Oliver Nathanial Steele

Nickname: Ollie

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Previously CEO of Steele Consolidated

Appearance: Standing at 185 cm (that’s about 6ft. 1) Olliver is a little on the tall side. He’s always been a pretty athletic kid, but in his adult years he’s really taken to fitness with gusto. As they say, “muscle weighs more than fat” and in this case that must be true. Oliver weighs in at a whopping 85kg (182lbs) but his physique is by no means unappealing. He has a set of very well defined abdominals, covered in numerous scars, and ridiculous biceps suggesting a lot of upper body strength. But that doesn’t mean he skips leg-week. His face is an interesting one: hard-lined and extremely masculine, but it’s the expressions that get you. He could go from brooding bachelor to grinning godsend in mere seconds. “It’s the eyes” they say. Eyes of a grey-blue that can pierce through lies and steel or melt your heart. He has short, well-styled hair of light brown that looks so soft and near irresistible to touch. All in all, a very attractive human specimen, one with the power to break down your walls: one way or another.

Human Photo:


Race: Human,

Rank Requested: Airman

Specialization: Bow and Arrow (proficient in recurve and compound but prefers recurve).

Height: 185cm (6’1”)

Weight: 85kg (182lbs)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Light Brown

Identifying Marks: General marks and scars on his body, reminiscent of his time on the island.

Face Claim: Stephen Amell

Personality: Oliver’s personality has changed since he returned from the island. He still loves to party and have a good time, but he’s grown up a lot. He’s far more serious and brooding than before. And he’s more committed to his relationships. Oliver just wants to take care of everyone he loves. He doesn’t want them to have to experience anything like he experienced after the accident. He loves his sister Thea and would do absolutely anything to protect her. He still holds a lot of pent up aggression and uses exercise as a controlled outlet. It’s not uncommon to find him beating the crap out of a punching bag or some trainer at the gym.

He does have a nice side though. He can smile and laugh and enjoy the beauty of life just like any other human might. Just as much as he likes partying – in a more sophisticated form of course – he’ll also enjoy the odd night in with a loved one. In all he’s just a guy who want’s the best for the ones he loves.

The odd night in with a loved one.

The island
Werewolves (he doesn’t know why, he just doesn’t like them)
People who think they understand what he went through
People who underestimate him
People who think he’s still the same person he was before the island (He kind of is, but he’s more serious now)

Habits: Oliver often has a bit of a temper and he can lose it quite quickly. He won’t hesitate to put down anyone who tries to harm his friends or family. That said, he can hold onto a lot of his aggression to maintain whatever façade is required of him. This means he can often be found in the gym practicing self-defense and kickboxing as a means of controlling his anger. It’s turned into an unwitting habit that any time situations become too difficult, he will walk away apparently calm, only to retreat to the gym to exercise. It’s become such that the gym is almost considered his sacred space.

Oliver can have a bad habit of being just a little flirtatious with just about every woman he meets. It’s not a good thing when he’s got a prospective girlfriend around. But for some people, the saying “old habits die hard” rings true. But being a billionaire playboy philanthropist has its positives.

Since the island, Oliver has also thought it necessary to keep up his archery skills. Every weekend, like clockwork, he will travel to the archery range for some practice and to discuss any new developments in the sport.

History: Oliver was always a rich kid. His father owned and ran the multinational Steel Consolidated – an umbrella corporation with subsidiaries that worked in numerous industries. Oliver grew up on a large estate in a large mansion attended by butlers, housekeepers, cooks and groundskeepers. Anything he wanted, he got. He went to the finest schools – numerous, considering the large number he was asked to leave – had the finest tutors, the newest technology. Every guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted to be with him.

He was always a bit of a troublemaker, never staying focused on one thing for too long. And that included women. Alongside being expelled from four high schools and almost flunking his final exams, Oliver had a string of love affairs. Every girl knew he was a heartbreaker and yet every girl still wanted to be one of his many conquests.

In his Freshman year in college he met Lauren Lawson and her sister Sara. He immediately felt an attraction to Lauren and they began dating on and off. During one of these off-periods in their second year of college, Oliver was with another woman. He never knew his name nor did he ever call her like he promised. But she fell pregnant and later gave birth to Oliver’s child: a daughter named Kira. He never knew about the girl and so far still doesn’t.

But later that year he started dating Lauren once more, this time with some on-the-side action with her sister Sara (now a freshman in college). While Lauren was his official girlfriend to the public, his affair with Sara went on for almost their entire serious relationship.

One weekend, Olivers father Robert invited Oliver to join him on a boating trip headed for Shanghai. On a whim, Oliver snuck Sara onto the boat, Leaving Lauren behind to await his return. A storm caught them and the boat went down a few hundred miles off the coast of an uncharted island. Robert, Oliver and one of the crewmembers made it to a life raft with minimal provisions. When the water was almost gone, Robert took a gun in his hand and shot the crewman. He then apologized to Oliver, ”I’m Sorry, I thought I’d have more time.” He held the gun to his own head, speaking his last words, ”Survive. Right my wrongs.” And he shot himself.

Oliver screamed himself hoarse that day, letting out all his pain and anguish. Eventually the life raft drifted to the island where a dying Oliver dragged both bodies onto the beach. He buried his father and the crewman, marking their graves with crude crosses made of branches. Then he passed out from exhaustion.

He should have died that day. But he was saved. Another castaway on the island found him and hid him in the caves. Slowly, Oliver recovered his strength. The castaway, a Chinese man called Xiang Wu, taught Oliver how to hunt and fight with a bow and Arrow. But after eight months on the island, a fever took Xiang Wu, leaving Oliver on his own.

For five years he survived on that island, to later be rescued by a passing fishing boat. He was returned home, legally resurrected from the dead and made to tell the world where he had been for five years.

Upon his return, Oliver was introduced to Walter Gerran, an old friend of his fathers. Walter had taken over the position as CEO of Steele Consolidated in Roberts absence, as well as the position of Moira’s Husband. Oliver was not impressed by this development but let the matter rest as his mother was clearly happy with Walter. When he was offered to take over as CEO of the company, Oliver accepted, wishing to abide his fathers last wishes. A year on from then, Oliver feels there is more he could be doing to help in the world. Maintaining his significant shareholdings in the company, Oliver stepped down as CEO in search of a higher calling.

Father: Robert Steele | Status: Dead

Mother: Moira Steele | Status: Alive

Siblings: Thea Steele | Status: Alive

Spouse/Mate: N/A

Offspring: Kira | Status: Unknown

Pets: N/A

Other Important People:
Walter Gerran | Status: Alive
Lauren Lawson | Status: Alive
Sara Lawson | Status: Dead
Xiang Wu | Status: Dead

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

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PostSubject: Re: Oliver Steele - Human   Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:34 pm

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
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Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Oliver Steele - Human
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