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 Alice Carpenter - Vampire

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Alice Carpenter
Alice Carpenter

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Alice Carpenter - Vampire   Sat Oct 18, 2014 6:52 pm

Name: Alice Carpenter

Nickname: Olive, Ali.

Age: 992 years old | looks 27 years old

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Occupation: Professional Singer and Musician

Appearance: Alice is 5 foot 8 inches and weighs 115 lbs. Her figure is slim but shapely, with a defined bust and hips, her long legs and arms nicely toned. She always carries herself well, back straight, head up walking with the sweeping gait of a model. Her style is simple but effective. Leather jackets, skinny jeans and she loves to wear skirts or dresses. She is happy to walk around in either trainers or high heels. Her blonde hair reaches past the middle of her back. Whilst singing she wears it loosely curled, otherwise she puts it in a quiff, high pony or leaving it loose. She can wear it with a middle or side parting as she wishes. Alice's skin has always been pale, even before she had been turned. It remains to this day, unblemished. Her eyes are striking, a keen mixture of emerald with gold around the pupil. She often outlines them in a light hand, to draw more attention to them. Her mouth is often spread wide in a smile, the full lips painted pink or red. She loves to feel elegant and beautiful, possibly a fault to some, but when you are eternally young, who cares?

Human Photo:

Race: Vampire

Rank Requested: Not fussed.

Specialization: Mind Reading

Height: 5 foot, 8 inches

Weight: 115 lbs

Eye Color: A mixture between green and gold.

Hair Color: Blonde

Identifying Marks: None

Face Claim: Actress Anna Torv

Personality: If there was one word to describe Alice with, it would be adaptable. She is never one to get left behind in the ever changing tide that is life. She is charming, always having an easy smile. Back in her day, she had often been tagged as a flirt, but Alice just likes to get what she wants. She can come off as carefree, full of the fragility females are often viewed with. Most would find it irritating but Alice uses it to her advantage, loving the way people react when she turns into the cold, hard-eyed dangerous woman she had been born to be. Being turned only amplified such a trait. Despite her supposedly light nature, Alice is not a stranger to loss and depression. Through this, Alice has a great deal of compassion, loving deeply, but is also able to detatch herself from her emotions long enough to get the difficult things done. She has an obsessive personality, taking up new activies with vigor until she becomes bored with them. If she feels the risk is too much, Alice has no problem with isolating herself from those around her. It is a personal protection of sorts, a mechanism she has created to stop from being emotionally manipulated. Her temper is a sharp one, and she is not above inflicting pain to prove a point.


  • Music. She has a broad taste and plays many instruments as well as sings.
  • Reading. She loves to read, strictly fiction. Her favourite book being Black Beauty, of with she always carries a copy.
  • She is addicted to Les Misérables, both the theatre and film productions.
  • Horse riding. An activity she has not participated in since her human years, but dearly misses.
  • Art. Both admiring others' work and making her own.
  • Storms. Especially if there is lightning.
  • Walks through the countryside/through country parks.


  • Exposing herself emotionally (physically she couldn't care less)
  • People who continually think about none-essential things. They annoy her because their minds are so dull.
  • Set backs. Being held up by silly things.
  • People who don't read, or have any hobbies.
  • Being told she is loved by those she knows are lying.
  • Her stuff being messed with. She can get rather possesive of what is hers.

Habits: Alice sings to herself, frequantly. She does it quietly so that only sensitive ears can hear. She is never without a book, rereading her favourites whenever the mood strikes her. If she has found something she loves to watch (namely films), she will watch them until she knows all the words. She cannot be without her phone, not because she likes to keep in contact with people, but because she hates to be without her music. When she is stressed or agitated, her hands begin to shake and she becomes obsessed with getting her hair right. She paces in a figure-of-eight whilst she's thinking about things and chews her lower lip when she is anxious. Alice doesn't have a great amount of patience, nor does she like her buttons being pushed, even in play. She has a fear of heights, something she has had since being a child and has never left her. Whilst she does like to go to parties, she has never been known to get 'blind drunk'. She prefers to be tispy so she can still have her wits about whilst taking the edge of. Alice can have a bad habit of 'putting her foot in her mouth' otherwise.

History: Alice was born on the 19th of November, 1877. Her parents were Mark and Rosa Carpenter, and she had a brother, Samuel, who was 3 years older than her. Her family lived in a countryhouse just outside of London. They were well off, having their own stables and miles of country park on their property. She would spend hours in the saddle, travelling her home. Alice had a natural grace and charm about her, meaning that she had many suitors and was invited to events all over England. It was at such frivolous gatherings that she first met Thomas Michealson. He was suave and sophisticated and wealthy. He was also a vampire, a fact few people figured out, for long. They courted on and off for 5 years before he finally proposed. So, at the age of 25, Alice found herself married to a vampire. She loved him dearly and 2 years into their union, Thomas decided to turn her in 1904. Alice had had no choice in the matter, but she loved him and began her new life. Alice went into hiding in their manor house in Essex for 2 years, supposedly ill. In actual fact, Thomas had insisted she gain control of her blood lust so that they could continue going to social gatherings. It was during this time in hiding that Alice found two things about herself. The first, that she had a great talent for singing, filling her silent hours with music. The second, that she could read the thoughts of others. It was disturbing at first, to hear her prey cry out in two ways, but it worked in her favor for she quickly adjusted her technique and tamed her thirst.

In 1914 her life changed dramatically, with the start of the First World War. She lost her beloved brother and both of his sons within the first two years. Thomas had gone as well. Many soldiers disappeared from the fray, him being one of them. Alice saw his loss as nothing more than a betrayal, no doubt he had planned to leave her from the beginning. Alice spent the remaining years of the war as a nurse, finding being surrounded by the dead and the dying the perfect way to feed undetected. When the war ended in 1918, Alice returned to her family estate, now a widow. It hardly mattered that she was supposed to be in her forties. Her parents died not long after her return, only months apart, leaving her everything. Alice sold both properties, and bought a small London townhouse. It was pretty, but far from the grandness she was used to. She spent the next two decades travelling, increasing her skills as a vampire and finding more about the new world she now inhabited.

The Second World War began in 1939, but this time Alice had nothing to lose. Whilst England battled and became burned, she continued to thrive. She decided to take her singing to the stage, performing in men's clubs, bars and private parties. She often performed for the poor soldiers who would no doubt die, bedding a lot of them. She liked to send them off with a smile, promising a wedding on their return. None ever did. She stole many a mans heart, her own stilled hardened from the loss of Thomas. She knew it would fawn eventually, so she decided to have fun in the meantime. By the time the war ended in 1945, her townhouse had been destroyed, but she was still very wealthy. Alice bought a villa in France, Paris. The estate was beautiful, and she spent much of her time there, becoming fluent in French. It was her little haven; she had a music room filled with instruments she had mastered, her own art gallery that she would open for a month to the public each year, and a library with first editions of so many books that it took up nearly a whole floor. Alice fit in well with the 21st century, loving the new technologies the humans created. Her favourites were mobile phones and Ipods. Alice continued to sing, mostly low key amongst her human clients but she became well known amongst the vampire community. She performed at many parties hosted at houses in many different countries. For work she traveled the world, but Alice always returned to France.

23rd-29th century is unknown to all but Alice. There are rumors that she had become a spy for hire, but Alice never denies such rumors. Nor does she say they are the truth, she doesn't like anyone to pry into that part of her life. The humans had become more aggressive, introducing more creatures into society. She came across many, including werewolves. She knew a deep-rooted hate stood between her species and theirs. Alice tried to be tolerant in the beginning, but it was a wasted effort. She came to know many of her own kind, often wondering if she should join them in a more permanent way, but she never did.

The year is now 2870 and Alice is closing in on her 993rd birthday. Whilst she still owns the villa in France, it is now inhabited by a lovely couple who believe that it is something they have inherited. The treasures inside are not to be moved or messed with, but maintained by a man Alice has personally employed. She now owns many properties, some rented out, some not. It gives her the freedom to travel, but that life is boring her now. She has been a professional singer and musician for the last three years, a profession she will always return too. Alice has only been in Lunari for a few months, currently living in a flat overlooking the local park. Whilst it is plain on the outside, she has decorated it in her own unique way so that it is beautiful. Alice is still getting settled though, with boxes still to unpack. Her heart finally fawned, Alice has now found she would like company after all. She misses the feel of being held by someone who would still be there following night, to have the company of friends who truly knew her.

Father: Mark | Status: Dead

Mother: Rosa | Status: Dead

Siblings: Samuel | Status: Dead

Spouse: Thomas Michealson | Status: Unknown

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: N/A
Joining Keys: Member posted the keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Dominus Demetri

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Alpha Lucian
What Would You Like To Be Called? Alice or Olive
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Haven's Grove, Incandescance, Age Of The Wolves
What Characters Do You Play? Forbidden, Anoki, Bo, Pavla, Jackson
How Long Have You Been RPing? 7 months.
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here? N/A
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes

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PostSubject: Re: Alice Carpenter - Vampire   Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:34 am

Before you begin your post at the border, please visit the places listed below and add your information:

- Face Claim
- Name Claim
- Relationship

Once you complete that, please continue on to make your border post!
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Alice Carpenter - Vampire
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