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 Grey Eye Mysteries

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Maston Sapphire

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PostSubject: Grey Eye Mysteries   Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:57 pm

If you ever find this, this is the tale of a grey eye mystery~
Oct 12, 2870
I have entered this place, Lunari, quite recently. Everything is new and fresh, my past no longer has a hold on me. I was running from trouble and came across a border of scents that stung my nose. I turned to human form after howling and there by a tree I awaited to see what I could find out about these 'Mora's'. Of course I have heard of them before, but I was highly frightened of meeting another like me. It was there at the border that I met a charming young man. Herald Nikolai, he was the one to accept me and help me find my place among them. He granted me a rank of a fighter, a Maston. I hope that I am not to let him down. The Autumn colors brought me great joy, and many things to sketch and find anew. I have high wishes to meet the Queen of the Mora's, hopefully with time, my wish shall be granted. Perhaps whilst I am here, I shall settle down and fall in love... perhaps.

But in the end, what is love without life?

~Maston Sapphire~

All dogs run

If you ever find this, this is the tale of a grey eye mystery~
Oct 22, 2870
I was off duty this fine day, so I decided to explore the mora terrain in hopes of finding a place where I could be most at peace. I followed some tunnels until I reached one that was under the sea. The way the water flowed against the glass and the fish swam, I was truly amazed. I sat against the wall of part of the tunnel and started sketching from memory the young lad whom accepted me at the border. I soon became frustrated with my work and crumbled up the page, tossing it aside for later I then started on doing a sketch of the fish. To my surprise, Mister Nikolai showed up and took my crumbled page and handed it back to me. Oh how embarrassed I was! But I held my embarrassment to myself, instead I offered him to sit and talk with me. While we sat and spoke, I decided to try another sketch of him. Almost finishing my work another lad came throw the tunnels, quite a charmer he was! He had been singing a song of Disney classics! Quite fitting if I do say so myself. This new stranger seemed quite embarrassed but I offered him a seat and a friendly chat, as did Nikolai.

Strangers, can we get any stranger?

~Maston Sapphire~


Under The Sea~
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Grey Eye Mysteries
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