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 General Liara - Human

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General Liara
General Liara

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PostSubject: General Liara - Human   General Liara - Human Icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 7:53 pm

Name: Liara Abigail Anderson

Nickname: Liara

Age: 45 years old | Appears 25 with help of technology

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Occupation: General Of The Armed Forces

Appearance: Liara would never tell you her actual age, but some believe her to appear 30, possibly late 20's. Her arms are covered in scars from battles and other things the time of war has warranted. She does like to wear make-up from time to time, but it is very rare. When she is working, she is dressed in the uniform provided to her by the military, but in her off time she has vast supply of clothing styles. One day she could be totally "bumming" it on the beach, or wearing a plain black dress to a tie affair. No matter what she is wearing, she will always wear a common chain and two dog tags attached to it. One belongs to her dead husband and the other is her own. Her eyes are hazel, often changing with her moods, which is quite common among hazel eyes. They will also change when she wears different color clothes. Her hair is long and brown, going to about the middle of her back. She stands at 5 feet and 5 inches.

Human Photo:

General Liara - Human Ulq2

General Liara - Human P5fz

General Liara - Human 81ml

General Liara - Human Eiu

Race: Human

Rank Requested: General

Specialization: Knives/Swords

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 142 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brunette

Identifying Marks: A couple scars, but one large one on her right arm.

Face Claim: Jenna Dewan Tatum

Personality: Work comes first before all things. Liara is business before pleasure. At work she is hard and stoic. She barely laughs or makes jokes because her work is very important for the human race. After work, or in private dwellings, Liara is fun loving and happy. Though she sometimes suffers from bouts of depression from the loss of her husband, she bounces back quickly. In her off time, she loves to smile and be happy. She pushes work from her mind as much as she can off duty. She is trustworthy and intelligent. You can tell her your darkest secrets and she will keep them locked away, telling not a single soul. She is not the type to kiss and tell, so if it is a relationship you want with her, she will keep it under wraps as best she can for as long as she can. If you want to make it public, you will have to tell her outright.


  • Ladies.
  • Alcohol.
  • Fighting.
  • Romance.
  • Work.


  • Vampires/Werewolves.
  • Guns.
  • Disrespect.
  • Lima Beans.
  • Lazy People.

Habits: Liara has the worst habit when it comes to asking her opinion. She will tell you exactly what she thinks, not holding back even if it may hurt the other person. She is opinionated and has a strong hatred for other races, which she makes very clear if ever she meets one. She is very political with how she speaks and loves a good confrontation, whether it be vocally or physically. She stands up for humans above all else. When she drinks, she knows her limit, but there are times she allows her self to pass it. It is very rare, but it does happen. When she gets too bored at home, she normally finds herself in her office, working overtime or trying to finish a project. She has a tight barrier wrapped around her heart, but it does not stop her from having fun. When she drinks she is very friendly, touchy-feely as well. But she has not a single regret in her life. She knows that without her past she would not be who she is now, no matter how much she loved Caleb or other family members. Because of the loss of her husband's life, she will not ever try anything serious with a man.

History: From the time Liara was a little girl, she knew the enlisted life, possibly the officer life was directed for her. Her father was a retired General for many years of her life, but treated her and her family as if they were in the corps as well. Her mother was a nurse for the local hospital, mostly helping in the nursery, but once called to action, she helped wounded soldiers and innocent bystanders of the war. Her father was strict, forcing her and her older brother to take everything in life seriously. As they went through high school, Kale finished three years before her, and on the next day of his graduation, he left for the Marine Corps. Having completed his training and become a marksman, he progressed in his career as a sniper. Watching her older brother rank in the three years he had on her, propelled her to enlist as well. Her father would have preferred her to complete college, then rank up to the level of officer. But she could not wait that long. Her brother had been fighting the fight for some years now and she wanted nothing more than to assist Kale in the battlefield.

She graduated with her flight, as the best overall trainee and was awarded a medal, something Kale had failed to complete. Their father showed his pride in his daughter, as well as diminishing the dreams of his son. Kale had taken leave to see his family, when the call of duty occurred late one night. It appeared many werewolves had been spotted close to the human's land. Grabbing his things and leaving with just a note, he set out to help his comrades. As he arrived, they were fighting back enemy forces. Werewolves had seemed to spring from the trees, falling on the troops and dismembering them with ease. Kale took position under a HMMWV. With his eyes in the sights, he waited for a werewolf to stand before him. Soon he would get his chance. Bombs and explosions attacked the dirt floor, causing rocks, shrapnel and other objects to fly through the air. The noises awoke many of the humans from their sleep, even Liara. Peering out her bedroom window, she noticed the flag of her brother's platoon. Quickly becoming worried as she viewed the scene before her. She rushed to Kale's room and flipped on the light. All of his necessary possessions were packed and gone. All that remained were old photos of them as children, his sporting awards lined the dresser top, and a simple folded note rested on the mattress. Liara walked to the bed, sitting on it as she picked up the letter in her hands. Her eyes scanned the terrible and rushed handwriting and tears began to form in her eyes. The note was planned for her father, not for her. Running back to her room, she gathered her gear and set out to help him.

When she finally made it to the scene, she was just in time for the first traumatic event of her life. She spotted a body under an armored vehicle, but it was too blurry. The fog had rolled in over the hills, setting in the landscape and giving the werewolves a slight advantage. Their eyesight was far superior to the humans'. It was not his appearance, but his calls for help which alerted her to her brother's position. Kale had fired a round at the werewolf, barely grazing the leg and causing the beast to be aware of his presence. The beast had dropped to the floor and was digging its claws into his back, ripping and shredding at the meaty flesh. Liara reached for the hilt of her silver knife and ran towards him, "get away from him!" she shouted as she ran. The beast ignored her and made one last slash of it's claws, cutting the jugular and releasing a mass amount of blood from her brother's neck. Liara almost stopped while she ran. The sight was terrible, awful, and one that would haunt her dreams for a lifetime. Coming back to reality, she screamed a loud war-cry, alerting the other humans to the pain she had just suffered. Her brother lie helpless and dead on the ground, while the beast licked it's claws of the fresh blood. His fierce green orbs stared down at her, making his next target. But he would not get a second kill on this night. Without hesitation, she charged and dashed passed the werewolf. Her blade softly cut into his flesh by his ribcage. The beast ignored the pain and pressed on after her. His massive arms reached as he snarled and growled at her. Saliva flung from his opened mouth, but she was not scared. The anger and depression from watching her older brother die was enough to push those thoughts of being scared to the curb. His life flashed before her eyes, all their times they spent together, their fights, the good times, and even the times he was always there for her. Wiping a tear from her cheek, she screamed aloud and rushed again. This time the beast scratched a part of her side, digging in just enough to make it bleed nicely. Looking around her surroundings, she thought of a plan to best him. Soon it all fell into place. The beast charged her, mouth open wide, jaws waiting to take a chunk of her flesh. But as he came she jumped onto a rock formation and was able to jump over him. Holding her blade down as she jumped, it dug into the beast's shoulder. The werewolf howled and tried to scratch at her, but her placement was perfect. This being her first werewolf encounter was perfect. Slicing the blade down, she had expected him to fall to the floor. But she he got up and came after her yet again, she remembered their immunities to silver now. If she was going to kill him, it would have to be a strike to the heart. The werewolf howled to the night sky, filling the area with echoes of other werewolves. Liara screamed as loud as she could and charged straight into him, taking a hit to her back, but pushing through, she plunged the knife into his heart. The beast released a blood-curdling yowl, and slowly fell to the floor. Standing over his dead body, she wiped the sweat and sadness from her brow.

The other humans had fought off the werewolves enough that they either died of dwindled back to the woodland for safety. Liara watched them flee, feeling proud of herself. But when she looked to the gory scene beneath the vehicle, it all came rushing back to her. Kale was dead and nobody was going to save him. Nobody could save him. Moving to his side, she collected his dog tags and ordered the men to retrieve his body. In the early hours of morning, the other humans and her brother, who lost their lives were laid to rest. The families of the dead gathered around the pits, watching as their son, father, daughter, brother, sister, lover, husband, wife, or friend was lowered to their final resting place. Liara awarded her father one of Kale's dog tags, the other she stowed for herself. From that day on, her father blamed her for the death of Kale. "If Liara had been there sooner," became a favorite quote of his. Leaving her home, she never looked back.

Years had passed and she ranked up in the military, taking on the rank of Sergeant, she decided it was time for a change. She offered to deploy numerous times, expanding her wealth of knowledge for blades and learning guns. While in the deployed locations, she came to find the trust of a comrade. One she would in the end, fall madly in love with. Caleb was a striking young man from a family where both of his parents were in the Corps. Like Liara, he grew up living life in the military. He enlisted when he was young, wishing to do more for his race than he had ever imagined. When they met it was nothing special. There was no love at first sight, nor anything of that nature. They were partners on a mission outside the wire, collecting enemy intelligence. But spending weeks away from others and being attracted to one another, caused them to tempt fate in their regards. They soon fell in love and when returning home, they were wed. It was the happiest day of Liara's life. Being joined with Caleb they did many more great things for the human race. They killed numerous packs of werewolves, routed shifters from their lands, and even killed a mighty vampire clan. But in the happiness that surrounded her marriage, sadness slipped through the back to her family. One night while her father was out with his friends, drinking and thinking of the old times, a burglar broke into their house. Her mother was sound asleep. The burglar took nothing, but when the dog started to bark, her mother awoke. Grabbing her husband's shotgun, she walked out of her room and patrolled her house. The barking came from a bedroom, so silently she slipped through her house. Once she opened the door, the dog rushed out, looking for the perpetrator, but it was too late. The villain had discovered a way to mask his scent. Hiding in the shadows, he attacked her with a knife. Her arms flailed around, until she made contact with his tail. She grabbed hold and in her struggle for life, she ripped the hairs from it, clenching them in her palm as he dropped her dead body to the floor. Stealing what he needed and trashing the house, he disappeared, only the hairs she pulled left behind of his presence. When her husband came home, he discovered her dead body, lying in a pool of her own blood. Liara was notified by a postcard. Her father forced himself to insanity, leaving all contact with his last remaining relative, his daughter.

Liara had decided it was time to become an officer. She had taken many missions in the field, but her strategy was required to continue the fight against the different enemies. Trying to convince her husband, Caleb, to do the same, was harder that trying to fly without wings. He loved what he did, and he did what he loved. But she pursued a new aspect in the military and once she completed her studies, she made the rank of Lieutenant. While doing her duties on the installation, her husband was deployed. It was a long deployment, over a year. But when he did not come home, she grew worried. Her husband and his men had been captured by vampires. Without hesitation, she gathered as many men she could find and went after him, doing her last tour in the field. It was dark, the vampires had taken the men to a secret location, but with the aid of their advanced technology, they were able to find the perpetrators. Breaking into the building was easy. The clan was not very large, but planned to feast upon the soldiers. Peeking through a small hole in the wall, Liara saw her husband chained to a wall, along with his comrades. She clasped her hand tightly against her mouth, listening as the vampires spoke Latin to one another. Luckily for her, her studies as trained her in Latin and she learned of their plan from their own lips. They planned to change them, some of them, at least. Others would become a meal, but they wanted the leader. Grabbing the hilt of her knife, she stared at them, ordering her men to blast the wall open, she gave a safe distance. When the order was accomplished, the men blasted the wall down, opening a way to the other room. The men charged and attacked the undead beings. Many of the men died, but vampires were vanquished as well. Liara went straight for the clan leader. It seemed like the male knew almost exactly what she was doing. "Don't take another step mortal..." he said in perfect and clear English. Liara stopped in her place, looking at them both. The vampire opened his cloak, revealing a canteen. Holding it, he slowly opened the top and moved it towards Caleb's lips. Caleb struggled to keep it from his lips, but he was stuck. "Drop your weapons or your lover becomes something you hate." Liara dropped her blade to the floor, but did not go of the other  attached to her leg. "I don't have anymore, now please allow him to go and I shall call off my men." The Vampire stared her down, but he must have known something else about her, she was unsure, but once he knew, it had been too late. Without a word, he forced the red liquid into her husband's mouth, then tilted his head up and forced it down his throat. Caleb began to choke and the color in his face changed, the transformation was something she never thought she would witness. Tears built up in her eyes as he begged for her, holding an arm out to her. Soon he would be a vampire and she would have to kill him. Once the transformation was final, the vampires seemed to disappear without a trace. The humans looked around the room, confused and eagerly started helping the fallen. Caleb called for Liara, he was still partially himself. As she neared him, tears now flowed down her cheeks. Touching his face with her hands, she could feel the change in his temperature drop significantly. "Oh Caleb, I love you so much," she cried as she rested her head to his chest. "Liara, I love you more than words could ever express. But you have to kill me. I cannot live like one of them. Please darling?" Liara kissed his cheek, not wishing to taste the vampire blood and change herself. Once she pulled away, her eyes rested on his face, imagining the day they were married. Her white dress flowed like the water of a bubbling brook. Her hair was perfect, her make-up was perfect. Her husband, Caleb, had become the best thing in her life. Looking over him, she slowly backed away from him and dropped to a crouched position, grabbing her knife from the floor. As she gripped the hilt in her hand, she moved towards him, clenching it tightly. He smiled as he looked down to her, trying to fight the change, "I love you, forever and always Liara." Liara looked to the man she loved more than life itself. Her tears now covered the whole portion of her skin as if her tear ducts unleashed waterfalls from her eyes. "I love you, forever and always Caleb." Taking the knife in both hands she walked slowly forward, plunging it into his heart. The look on his face was happy, glad she was able to save him a life he did not wish to live.

Months passed and Liara had ranked up once again. She was now a Major in the corps. Her career had changed and she became the best tactician the humans had ever seen. With her personal experiences in both werewolves and vampires, she led the humans to massively slaughter more and more races. The humans would win the fight in the end, or so she believed she would. In the summer of 2864 Liara was tasked to lead a group of soldiers deep into the jungle, and route an uprising Shifter clan. In the same time, they had received intelligence of this and killed her father, displaying his corpse for all the world to see at their borders. Liara had planned to invade, but once they discovered they had been outnumbered, they retreated back to the installation. For now, the humans had little against the shifters. Their weapons did work, but to kill a shifter, you have to be very close. What human would wish to be so close to a lion? Liara would. She had faced a werewolf head on and watched her husband as she plunged her own knife into his heart. Coming up with a brilliant plan, she and the humans attacked the Shifters, taking some for capture as well as killing their young. It was ruthless, but the losses Liara had faced, pushed her to the limits. Some said her tactics were horrible and should not pertain on the battlefield, while her superiors praised her. When she returned with another victory under her belt, she was awarded the rank of General and tasked to lead all the forces to wherever the enemy was discovered.

On the night they buried Caleb, Liara was a total wreck. Her gown was long and black, revealing the middle portion of her back. She wore a black veil over her head, hiding the tears which streamed down her flushed face. Her whimpers were silent and almost non-existent. The dark bouquet she held tight in her hands held the dog tags she took from him. They would never leave her side. As the ceremony began, members of the congregation cried aloud, showing their deep loss and wish to see Caleb's smile once again. Just as the picture placed above his casket displayed. The congregation would not witness Caleb's final state, though he took no lacerations to the face or mangled his body. The effects of the vampire blood had still worked even after her knife was plunged into his heart. The knife, she still carried to this day. She listened as people spoke of his life, the man he was, and how determined he was to give his all in all he did. But nobody truly knew Caleb as Liara knew him. They were soul mates, life partners and the best of friends before anyone else. As the ceremony came to a close, Liara was the last to speak on the behalf of her beloved husband.

Walking to the alter, she had no note cards or papers of predetermined words to speak. She lifted her eyes to the crowd, looking over the meshed colors of blacks and greys, the sobbing and the sniffles. Liara wished she could cry as she did the night she killed him, but that was weakness, and weakness was a very deadly thing. "Caleb Luther Anderson, was a devoted husband, a loving friend, a trusting son, and a proud soldier. He has accomplished more for this race, than any man I have ever seen. Int he many years we spent, fighting alongside one another, I learned very much about him. We came from the same worlds almost, although he excelled in combat far more than I could ever imagine to. He loved the field so much, he refused to commission with me. He said, 'my men need me.' Always putting others before himself, that's what Caleb stood for. He was a brave warrior, ready to take on any foe which stood in his path." Her eyes glossed over, tears formed a wall across her eyes, wishing to be released like flood gates. "I loved Caleb more than anything or anyone I have ever loved before. When the times got hard, he was my rock, my foundation, and my support beam. He believed in me, his men, and the future of the human race. Because of Caleb, we do not run and hide when the werewolves attack our gates, we do not flee when the vampires linger in our midst. We fight, because fighting is what we do. We conquer because victory is in our blood." Moving from the podium, she placed a hand on the coffin, looking over the dark wood casing. She rubbed it softly, feeling the finish smooth as could be beneath her hand. "I love you Caleb, forever and always."

Father: Ret. General Nathanial Robin Jameson | Status: Deceased - Died Of Old Age

Mother: Melinda Sophia Jameson | Status: Deceased - Killed By Mora - Kitsune

Siblings: Kale | Status: Deceased - Killed By Werewolf

Spouse/Mate: Caleb Anderson | Status: Deceased - Killed By Vampire (partly her)

Offspring: None

Pets: None

Other Important People: Caleb was her world

Joining Keys: Joining Keys were removed... You know the rest.. - Alpha Lucian

How Did You Find Lunari Addunt? Admin Slave
What Would You Like To Be Called? Liara
What Other Sites Do You Play On? Refer to Demetri's joining
What Characters Do You Play? Refer to Demetri's joining
How Long Have You Been RPing? Years
Do You Have Any Other Characters Here?Demetri
Will You Refer Us To Friends? Yes, why the hell would I not?!
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